News: Easter Parade, Spandau Ballet, Spray-On Computer, Ohio

road.jpg Bush vs. Clinton – whose economy is stronger? Each claims his own. Economist Larry Kudlow: “Every expansion has a little different coloration. The Clinton years were colored by the technology boom and the dot-com boom, which ultimately produced a bubble that burst. The Bush years were colored by the tremendous housing boom from the Greenspan interest rates, and we’re undergoing some kind of a bubble bursting right now.”

Easterroad.jpg Is Easter the new Gay Pride?

road.jpg True: 80’s power ballad group Spandau Ballet set to reform.

road.jpg Pop singer Mika seems intent on attempting to control his image. The singer, whose album Life in Cartoon Motion entered the Billboard 200 chart at #29, continues to be annoyed by those wondering about his sexuality. Says Mika: “Sexuality in pop is genderless. If you look at icons such as Bowie or Prince, has it got to do with actual sexual orientation? No. Has it got to do with style, beauty and class, irrelevant to whether you want to f**k them? Yes.”

road.jpg Queer Eye‘s Thom Filicia getting his own show on the Style Network. [Dress my Nest…lets him riff on an individual client’s favorite outfit as the basis for making over an important room. If you like khakis and topsiders, that will be reflected in Filicia’s design. If you’re more into pearls and cashmere, the makeover will reflect that elegance. Primary vendors are Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn and West Elm.”

road.jpg Justin Timberlake mocks Britney with GQ clip?

road.jpg Gays at black colleges struggling to find community: “It’s a tug-of-war that’s emerging at other black schools, where students say outdated rules and homophobia block them from forming the gay campus voice common at majority white institutions. At Hampton [University], where rules govern everything from overnight guests to student dress, officials insist they don’t discriminate against gays. They say they’re simply enforcing the regulations on student groups, and there just isn’t space for another one.”

Pagingroad.jpg <---Paging Lance Bass?

road.jpg Anti-gay Catholic leader William Donohue thought a South Park parody targeting him was hilarious: “Maybe I do come across too tough on TV. I thought it was hilarious and our staff thought it was hilarious. I said, listen, I said I have no defense except I’m gonna go with it.”

road.jpg Scientists unveil “spray-on” computer.

road.jpg John McCain on lying about conditions in Iraq: “Of course I’m gonna misspeak. I’ve done it on numerous occasions. And I probably will in the future. I regret that when I divert attention to something that I’ve said from my message. But that’s just life. And I’m happy, frankly, with the way I operate. Otherwise it’d be a lot less fun.”

road.jpg First gay health clinic in Ohio opens in Cleveland.


  1. soulbrotha says

    Something is wrong with the links for the black colleges story.
    The first link goes to the Justin Timberlake story and the 2nd other link is not found.

  2. 000000 says

    If Mika wants to hold back information Bowie and Prince were never evasive about, why don’t gays STOP giving him free press??? Screw him, screw the fascination with him too.

  3. Philip says

    It’s so sad that boy’s like Mika are still so riddled with internalized homophobia today in 2007 that they think there’s something wrong with being gay. I used to get angry (well, still do) but mostly it just makes me sad. I take my queue from straight men. I’ve never heard one say he wouldn’t tell you his sexual orientation for fear that it might alienate someone. End of story.

  4. el polacko says

    i really wanted to like mika at first, but these comments of his have turned me off him so badly that i can’t even stand the sight of his cuteness. fine, enjoy your teeny-bopper-girls-who-think-they-have-a-chance-with-you-fan-base and shut the fuck up already.

  5. says

    Mika isn’t proud enough to be gay… it’s going to be difficult continuing to hype and position a coward.

  6. Mika rules says

    Too bad if you don’t approve. Mika’s going to continue doing what he’s doing and the trolls are going to continue hatin’. Sucks, doesn’t it?

  7. says

    I guess any vapid whore will sleep with Lance Bass because he’s mildly famous, eh? I wish I had that problem! 😉

  8. el camino says

    What’s wrong with keeping people guessing? It doesn’t mean you hate yourself. Not every gay person wants to be an activist or role model or anything and that’s exactly what people will make him.

  9. Jack! says

    Why do gay men continue to make fools of themselves? A few guys that where apart of the parade do not represent gay men. Men, you have great bodies, we all know that but please cover up for the parades. You can show it off on the beach, boardwalk, gym, jogging or any place else that it’s appropriate. How about showing how good dressers you are at a parade?

    Leave Mika alone. He will come out when he is ready.

    I’ll be watching Thom’s new show. If you enjoy home improvement shows then you should check out Color Splash on HGTV every Monday. The host is hot.

    It’s unfortunate the situation that gay kids have to go through in HBCU institutions.

    I continue to be impressed by the men Lance dates.

  10. John C says

    I spent my twenties trying to escape Spandau Ballet *and* power ballads! I’d be happy for both to stay in the Eighties, thank you.

  11. Merlin the Merkin says

    Mika may not be OUT to own parents yet–
    so let him have some time as a pop star before he has to play poster-boy for a bunch of White Party bores.

  12. Desperate Wingnuts says

    How long till the wingnuts unleash a John Paulus for Mika as Clay Aiken had to deal with?

    I predict there’ll be a leak soon and a “lover” will get outed with some kind of preposterous story.

  13. MUSTARD says

    Are you guys kidding? Mika is already out… Perez outed him on his site like three months ago.

    It doesn’t even matter anymore, his album tanked.

  14. Toto says

    Who the hell cares!? His album wasnt the awe inspiring breakthrough that countless promoters were pushing. His “gay opus”, “Billy Brown” is a fucking cop out anyway since the character is bi and there is zero resolution and the rest of his songs do nothing for me other than make me tap my foot. Damn you people when will you learn that being glued to a piano and weeping “I wanna be original and do my own music” does not make new or godly songs. This whole “solo piano-man sensitive rebel against the record industry” crap is a tired and cliche formula thats probably been crafted and patented by the record labels to make people think they have taste!

    Sorry for the rant I dont think Im going to speak of Mika again.

  15. Themistocle says

    Larry Kudlow is an ex Reagan administration official an a raging neo-con. The Clinton expansion finished in excedent budget and diminishing Federal debt whereas Bush is running an all time high for both (about all kind of debts doubled since 2000) hence Bush expansion is 100% debt financed = it’s not a sane expansion, it’s only a debt binge.