1. says

    This was not the the first international GLBT swimming tournament as that would be IGLA, International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics. Gruppo Pesce Roma hosted “it’s first international GLBT swimming tournament”. Check out IGLA online at

  2. Richard says

    This is a MAJOR step forward for such a parochial culture. Most unmarried men still live with their mothers in Italy! Nice to see some cultural evolution — some growth in Italy beyond paralyzing, guilt driven and deprecating Catholic dogma. I’m impressed — we should understand that these guys are taking a courageous stand in a very hostile cultural environment.

  3. fabio says

    Foro Italico is a wonderful place. In its entrance, there are great Fascist sculptures of male athletes, done by different Italian provinces in the 1930’s, when it house some of the ’36 Olympic competitions. It’s well worth visiting, and getting access to its pool.

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