Rosie O’Donnell’s Gay Family Cruise to Bypass Bermuda

Despite the fact that Rosie O’Donnell’s R Family Cruise had the backing of Premier of Bermuda Ewart Brown after protests against it from religious groups there, the charter cruise will not have the wealthy British island territory on its itinerary.

BermudaR Family Vacations is run by Gregg Kaminsky and Kelli O’Donnell, Rosie’s partner. In a statement, the company, which caters to gay and lesbian families, said, “[We are] not 100% confident that some protestors would not meet us upon our arrival. While those groups may be the minority voice, we feel that our cruise would be more enjoyable with an alternate itinerary to ports where we know we are welcome by everyone. Please note that we feel that Bermuda is welcoming to gay and lesbian tourists. However, there is a minority of vocal churches who do not welcome us. Most residents of Bermuda and the government have been extremely respectful to our group, and we do not want our change of plans to be interpreted, as anything, but a response to a few local (but vocal) church groups.”


  1. says

    Rosie’s wife, not partner.

    I adore Rosie and she refers to Kelli as her wife. Just because the state of New York does not recognize their married status does not mean they are not married

  2. Psychedelic Pariah says

    If there is a God in Heaven, we’ll soon no longer be talking about Rosie and will instead be discussing the re-emergence of the Legend of the Bermuda Triangle.

  3. John says

    What a shame, now there’s no chance of her getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle!!! Psychedelic Pariah, I agree with you 100%!

  4. pacificoceanboy says

    PP and john

    If only either of you could do 1/10th of the things that Rossie has then you wouldn’t be the waste of space that you both are.

  5. says

    It wasn’t that long ago (2001?) that I vacationed in Bermuda. My bf and I went to a bar that a local recommended. After being there for a few minutes I noticed that it was a gay bar but wasn’t advertised as such. A DJ began to spin and slowly couples began dancing. All of sudden the lights brightened, the music stopped, and the dancing couples separated to seat themselves as I watched a couple of Bermuda police officers enter to survey the crowd. There was silence and you could hear a pin drop. The officers strolled through the joint and left after ten minutes.

    The lights dimmed, the music resumed, and slowly couples returned to the dancefloor. I’ll never forget it.

    While it has beautiful beaches, so does St. Barth which is where I choose to vacation now.

  6. mark m says

    PP and John are spurred to action more by a lesbian they don’t like than homophobes who hate them for what they are. Says a lot about PP and John doncha think?

    Oh, unless they’re both straight and trolling here. Nevermind.

  7. Psychedelic Pariah says

    I’d like to thank both POboy and Mark M for speaking on my behalf and for relying on their ignorant arrogance to draw erroneous conclusions about myself and about what spurs me to action.

    To be honest, Rosie is a grotesque lesbian (no, I’m not being redundant) who moves me to action, among other things. If her cruise ship, and those of her ilk aboard said ship, is turned away by yet another foreign government who has no desire to suffer her haggish and abhorrent presence and practices, well, who am I.

    As for homophobes. They don’t spur me to action because I don’t give them the power over me that they seek. In other words, I don’t live my life seeking out offense; rather, I live my life on my terms, moved to action when the time and circumstances are right for me.

    Finally, regarding the trolling remark from Mark M. Let’s think about this for a moment. I rarely post on this forum, so “trolling” is (yet another) ignorant characterization. However, those few times that I have posted, my thoughts are always followed up with a series of snips from you, Mark — without exception.

    So tell me, buddy, who’s the real troll?


  8. hoya86 says

    My family has had a vacation home on Bermuda for the last 25 or so years and yes – progress is slow there.

    Gay life (such as it is) is typically conducted behind closed doors of private homes as opposed to the bar/club thing, but that tends to follow traditional social patterns of the locals more than speak to a homophobic environment.

    That being said, Bermuda is a strange and beautiful place. The locals (both black and white) are very educated, understand the service nature of their economy and for the most part embrace it…compare this to Jamacia or Barbados and you’ll see what I mean, but the church -catholic and anglican – has a pretty strong hold over the island, despite billionare mayors living down the block.

    In the end, the w/o holding of gay dollars is the right choice short-term, but I would urge Kelli and Gregg to stay engaged with the locals and show them the impact of the lost $$$ by passing Bermuda will have on them. They understand $$ and it’s value to their economy – they accept dollars on a 1:1 basis as proof of how much they value the currency and the people who spend it.

  9. Gregg says

    So a few vocal churches get their way and keep the gays out. Great example for the kids, Rosie.

    Following that logic, I should leave the USA since there are vocal religious bigots here.

    This action hurts Bermuda locals and merchants who would welcome the ship and could earn some income through sales. It hurts gay and lesbian perception in Bermuda because it shows us as weak and easily scared off. It hurts the guests of the cruise by depriving them of a beautiful destination. It even hurts the protesters, in that they now have no reason to change their perceptions through direct observation.

    The only winners here are the bigots. Again, Rosie, bravo.

  10. Gregg says

    Just wanted to add – I was on a gay cruise a couple of years ago that encountered protests in the Caribbean. But more than the protesters, what I remember is the beautiful woman who welcomed me to her island with a huge smile and a hug as I stepped out of the port.

    The protesters seemed small and petty compared to the love and acceptance shown by supporters.

  11. Gary says


    Was that the Yellowbird Bar you are talking about? I know of these bars from when I lived there, and if you want a true feel for pre-Stonewall go to Bermuda. It really does still hold true.

  12. Bob says

    The families that go on these cruises deal with people telling them how they are different all the time. They go on this cruise so they can feel normal for 3 seconds of their lives! Is it that big of a deal if they want to stay in this fantasy world of normalcy by avoiding people that would ruin all of that for them!?

  13. zabadak says

    Are the people who plan these excursions living in a cave, or not reading Towleroad?
    Why even think of Bermuda as a destination when it’s been quite evident that the place is not deserving of their cash.
    What next for this reality-challenged Labris? Rosies Rasta boat-trip?

  14. mark m says

    Why PP…what an emotive response. Guess I hit a nerve… wait, now aren’t we liberals supposed to be the ones prone to hyperbole and victimization? Not clear minded conservatives like yourself.

    So I can add myself to the list of gays who piss you off.

    GLADLY lol.

  15. Toto says

    I can totally understand not wanting to be involved in any kind of protest when all you want to do is vacation and spend time with your family.

  16. Brian says

    As a gay man born and living in Bermuda,I am actually glad they decided to bypass Bermuda. For weeks now our newspaper has published articles of hatred towards homosexuals and our “way of life” and how disgusting an ide it is to welcome a cruise ship full of degenorates etc. YES the govermnent EVENTUALLY decided to welcome the cruise but only because of the $$$$ involved. Until a few years ago it was ILLEGAL to practice homosexuality here and last year a bill through parliament to give us some civil rights couldn’t even make it to the table. You can still be fired for being gay and landlords can refuse to rent to you. Nice huh?
    Good for them for going elsewhere to spend their money. Why spend your money somewhere that most people are disgusted by you behind your back? This island needs to realise it’s 2007 NOT 1907. Unfortunately $$$ talks and if enough people stop coming here because of the bigotry,maybe things will change. then again,on this island,probably not.

  17. Psychedelic Pariah says

    Mark: When did hitting a nerve become the reward of discourse? Apparently I’ve incorrectly assumed a level intellectual playing field

    Emotive response? Are you kidding me, or simply trotting out a new phrase you just learned on The View? I’m always emotive, it’s part of my writing style. I gotta hand it to you though, as you’ve still got a vice-grip on your penchant for stating the obvious — and little more.

    Always thinking, you.

    Regarding the intent of your remark, I must say you’ve stumped this clear-thinking conservative. Hyperbole? No, I nailed it the first time around. Victimization? Go back and re-read my comment.

    For this I waited an entire afternoon? Maybe you’re not the same troll I remember lurking beneath my last romp over this bridge.

    Still, props for giving it a go. LOL (as it were).

  18. mark m says

    PP I’m so proud of you for not giving the homophobes any power over you. It’s so honorable and noble of you to see them for what they are and just shrug.

    But a loud mouthed lesbian… now,there’s cause for outrage and sneering. That’s someone who really gets your goat. What hold does Rosie have over your sensibilities that hateful bigots do not?

    It’s futile to ask if you see the logic in that. There is no “clear thinking” to your position. Just emotion. Anger, hate… hey, you have more in common with the homophobes after all….

    I guess that’s where the term SELF loathing comes from.

  19. Psychedelic Pariah says

    Mark: Forgive me for being obtuse. Let me make one (hopefully) final attempt at making this real simple for you.

    I do not like Rosie.

    There. Do you get it now. Simple as that. It doesn’t have to have all the ills and evils of the world wrapped up in it, does it?

    And at the risk of complicating things any further, let me add: homophobes don’t bother me, so I don’t give them a second thought.

    And there it is, Mark. Is there anything or anyone (like, say, me?) in this world that you do not like? Well, there you go. Now what kind of pretentious idiot would I be if I tried to tell you how wrong you were for not liking X or Y?

    Let me answer that for you, Mark. I’d be a mouth-breathing troglodyte (not unlike your Rosie) for ranting about your opinion.

    Now I don’t want you to feel bad or stupid or anything like that. Sometimes simple reasoning eludes us because we get lost in our emotions. And for those of us prone to hyperbole and victimization, it’s an easy leap to lashing out,albeit futilely.

    Think you can go another round with me? Bring it.

  20. says

    Psychedelic Pariah is still just as loveable as ever. And to think it was me who used to be called a troglodyte by him (long before Rosie earned that title)! I’m almost jealous!