Ryan Carnes on Playing Gay, Doctor Who Guest Role

Ryan_carnes_shawn_pyfrom_kiRyan Carnes, who played Andrew van de Kamp’s love interest in Desperate Housewives, recently talked to British tabloid The Sun about portraying a sexually-active gay teen on the show.

Said Carnes: “It was challenging, especially because Shawn (Pyfrom) and I were so young. Especially Shawn, he was only 18 when he started on the show. It’s a tough age to take on that role and it was testing, but it was fun and it’s from that show and that specific role that I’ve had the opportunity to move on. I didn’t worry people would suddenly think I was gay and I wasn’t embarrassed during the kissing scenes, but there is definitely a hurdle you have to conquer to really get into character.”

Carnes was in the UK to shoot a couple of episodes for the science fiction series Doctor Who, a series which created the spin-off vehicle Torchwood for openly gay actor John Barrowman.

Said Carnes of the Doctor Who role: “I play a young guy who’s met the love of his life. The couple are at that stage of the relationship where they can’t get enough of each other – but then suddenly something strange happens. I sort of become a pig. I get caught between the human realm and the swine realm. It kind of throws a wrench into the relationship.”


  1. John C says

    “…but then suddenly something strange happens. I sort of become a pig. I get caught between the human realm and the swine realm.”

    He turns into a Karl Rove?

  2. Zeke says

    Ugh, another ACTOR telling us how hard it is for him to ACT.

    Newsflash: Millions of people, from Hollywood to rural Mississippi, pretend to be sexually attracted to, and kiss, and have sex with people of a gender to which they are not attracted, on a DAILY basis; and they don’t get paid outrageous amounts of money to do it.

    I REALLY get tired of these silly interviews.

    Maybe some day actors will be as unfazed with playing a romantic gay role as they are with playing a torturing mass murderer or a genocidal dictator or a philandering, mysoginistic pig.

  3. tjc says

    The headline is sort of misleading — possibly.

    We can’t tell from the interview, but I don’t think he’s playing a gay Dr Who guest role.

    The interview was about “playing gay” and it was also about the Dr Who guest role.

    But since the interview language was gender-neutral, it’s possible he’s “playing gay” again.

    It’s annoying, confusing when headline writers use commas, poor grammar to string together clauses, ideas to save space, characters.

  4. RJ says

    Zeke, why the bitterness? I thought Carnes’ answers were fine. He was being honest but hardly disrespectful. So those were challenging roles for him and Pyfrom. They’re young actors with limited acting experiencing.

    And Leland, I’ll bet he and Pyfrom have been “outed” numerous times already – whether they’re actually gay or not. From their respective attitudes, neither seems to care.

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