1. titus says

    i miss living at the beach. tho i wish no harm as the result of any storm, i do miss the weather. i lived on the north shore of florida (the panhandle)during the mid-90’s at the end of a cul-de-sac on a small bluff. some of my favorite days were when the gulf was in a great frenzy, with heavy roller rolling in over a great expanse of open beach.
    i count myself lucky having acess to the florida coast wer i would stand o the beach and look up and down and i’d been the only soul.
    thanks for the shots.

  2. says

    The beach in Cherry Grove also took a hit. Steps are gone at Main and Doctors walks. There was flooding on the bay side of the island. The ferry parking lot flooded as usual, although this time the ferry company warned people to move their vehicles in advance.

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