Tom Ford to Open Butler-Staffed NYC Men’s Luxury Bachelor Pad


New York magazine reports on the run-up to the opening of Tom Ford’s new 8,680-square-foot Madison Avenue (@ 70th) store on Thursday, which apparently contains a preponderance of beaver and butler throughout:

Tomford2“Early this afternoon, Ford, dressed in a three-piece suit and pocket square, gave a private tour to select reporters. Cathy Horyn and Eric Wilson from the Times were both there; so was Time Style & Design editor Kate Betts, a former Harper’s Bazaar chief. The place is quintessential Ford, dripping with sex. There are beaver rugs throughout — wink, wink — and a giant metalwork sculpture in the foyer that’s also very beaverlike. The place is designed to look like and feel like a fancy residence — there are butlers and housekeepers (dressed in traditional uniform) who circulate. There’s a hidden elevator with upholstered walls, fireplaces, a bar and, you guessed it, smoking jackets.”

Tomford3Ford told Women’s Wear Daily he asked himself where Cary Grant might shop if he were alive today: “This is the new incarnation of [my brand], and the official incarnation. I gave a big part of myself to what I did at Gucci and Saint Laurent, and then, when I left, I took that with me. You would walk in here and be able to see certain similarities…The downstairs room is a copy of our house in London. Richard [Buckley, his partner] is not going to be very happy when he sees it. I even took some pieces out of it. I just shipped them over. You have to really look into yourself and think, ‘What is it that I like? What am I am about?’ and then try to make it mean something.”

Ford adds that for him it’s all about service (though it’s unlikely you’ll find him there buffing the Karshner triplets — see photo): “I want someone to say, ‘Hello’ when you walk in. I want someone to call you sir, or, if they know your name, Mr., or Ms., or Mrs. I want them to get you a Diet Coke if that is what you want. I want them to be nice to you with a smile, and I want them to be knowledgeable about the product and to be able to tell you about it, or if you don’t want to listen to them, to not tell you about it. I like it when someone calls me sir, or Mr. Ford. Maybe I’ve been living in England too long.”

The new shop is to be open by appointment from 7-11 am and again from 5-7 pm. Between those hours, it’s open to all.

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  1. ggreen says

    I wonder if Tommy took a bath or wore underwear on the day he met with reporters? He says he hates bathing and loves going commando. You can take the girl out of the trailer park but.…….

  2. Butterpantz says

    Wow…imagine the possibilities. Bel-Ami twink turn down service and Colt videos on demand. Smells like Palm Springs. What’s going on with Tom’s store in NYC? Windows have been papered forever, no work going on etc.

  3. Martin says

    If you’ve ever met and spent time with Mr. Ford you would come to realize that he is a vapid as his PR would have you believe. It’s fun watching him get older. He’s one of those men who is going to have a truly hard time with it. In fact, he already does.

  4. Martin says


    Yeah, because he’s such a sex machine. Please. Your projection of what he’s like in bed is so far off from the reality. Self-absorbed men have no mojo in the sack. They are too focused on pleasing themselves or maintaining an illusion.


  5. says

    i’ll go there to buy a pair of black socks… those are the ultimate Ford item.
    as for his vapidness or not… please, he’s “fashion” so don’t expect too much substance.

  6. Dan says

    I thought he was supposed to have conquered Hollywood by now… at least that was what he claimed was his next goal after leaving Gucci. What a blowhard.

  7. ARMANI says

    Tom is one hot babe, i’ve seen him naked, hard & bent over. They should have these kind of pictures of him hanging on the walls of the store, and, serve Tom Ford cock. I mean cocktails.

  8. Christian says

    Tom Ford is Great! I believe he should get Italin actor Raoul Bova to represent his line. Bova is handsome, smart and talented! Could you imagine a photo with both of them in it? Now that would be both classic and sexy….just like TOM!

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