Towleroad Guide to the Tube #121

CHELSEA BOYS: Players on the British football team including Michael Ballack, Joe Cole, Frank Lampard, and Ashley Cole are asked who they think is the team’s best-looking player.

GUARDS GONE WILD: A tape of the Queen’s Scottish guards in a drunken dance recently surfaced on the internets. The Sun has made sure it’s most likely SFW. All four have been identified and come from Glasgow.

KATHY GRIFFIN: Attempts to give away money.

PE-NUS POWER: This one has been around for a few weeks, but haven’t posted it here.

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  1. Becks07 says

    Oooo, I love Lampsy’s voice but Chelsea are crap. And they are right, it is Carlo Cudicini who’s best looking.

  2. Mike says

    LOL Wow – someone gave it to Alexis good (REAL good) and then obviously took it away. She is jonesing major. Hope that bunny keeps her busy.

  3. patrick nyc says

    I too am a Kathy fan and it made me feel sorry for the poor women, who most likely are illegals. What was her point. It was not, as she said, doing a good thing she does every year. She was trying to do a bit, while portraying it as chaity just to cover her ass.

    She came off very crude and very condescending.

  4. Becks07 says

    This video was cool. She was trying to give money to them, and when they took money, she HUGGED them. She TOUCHED the homeless. She TOUCHED illegals. I doubt any of you little Chelsea boys or gargantuan Web-surfers would ever sully yourselves like Kathy has done. God bless Kathy and her kindness.