USMC: Gay Porn Marine Matt Sanchez Scammed Deployment Funds

A surprising twist in the Matt Sanchez story surfaced on Friday when it was learned that the USMC was investigating Sanchez not only for his gay porn past, but also for allegedly soliciting funds from two organizations, New York City United War Veterans Council, and U-Haul, in the amounts of $300 and $12,000, respectively. Sanchez allegedly claimed the funds were needed for a deployment to Iraq at his commandant’s request. Sanchez’ claims were false, according to the Marines.

SanchezSanchez was notified of the new allegations via email on March 22, and told the Military Times last week that they were “demonstrably false”.

MobCom commander Brigadier General Darrell Moore, who will reportedly decide where the investigation goes from here, received a letter from Sanchez in March, according to the Marine Times:

“Sanchez said he’s never done anything to bring dishonor on the Corps since enlisting and that ‘my past is behind me…The Marine Corps is a conversion experience, what men were before they joined is not as important as what they become,’ Sanchez wrote.”

Sanchez was exposed for his gay porn past in early March after being lauded by conservatives on numerous political talk shows and at the CPAC conference for standing up to students at Columbia University who were protesting the military’s recruiting policies.

Sanchez also did a brief interview with Radar Online today, in which he declares, “Gay men are like fundamentalist Muslims. If you leave their religion they have to send out a fatwa and demand your execution.”

Sanchez investigation wraps up today [marine corp times]

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