Chad White Acts Out a Few Equine Fantasies

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Or perhaps they’re photographer Francois Rousseau‘s fantasies. Rousseau takes model of the moment Chad White bareback in the next issue of Out.

Chad_white_2 Chad_white_3

Let’s just hope he puts that riding crop to good use.

Chad_white_4 Chad_white_5

As White moves toward complete print domination, he’s also featured in new ads from Diesel and American Eagle. And yes, that may be the first time we’ve ever seen a smile.

Chad_white_6 Chad_white_7

Daniel Radcliffe is currently starring in Equus on the London stage. He will reportedly be replaced by Billy Elliot actor Jamie Bell. Radcliffe is set to reprise his role on Broadway. As of yet, Mr. White has not been recruited.

If you’ll remember, Francois Rousseau shot the first Dieux du Stade calendar. Check out his website here.