British Presenter Has His Way with Jake Shears

Shears1 Shears2

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British presenter Steve Jones of Transmission with T-Mobile wanted a little taste of Jake Shears much to Shears’ surprise (and pleasure) during a show last Friday night. The Scissor Sisters appeared with The Gossip’s Beth Ditto and Yoko Ono.

(screencap source


  1. alan says

    I love the backhanded “compliment” that Yoko Ono is “the most underrated and most misunderstood musician on the planet”

  2. CK says

    OMG… Jake and Steve… where is the full length movie? Why do only Pamela and Tommy Lee make them? lol! Phew… what a hottie Jake is!!!

  3. Adam says

    What’s funnier is that there were multiple takes of that “spontaneous” kiss… well the first one was spontaneous, the supsequent ones were clearly known. I didn’t see the show air, so I’m wondering which take they used.