Britney Spears Has a Mini-Me


She’s cute as hell and doesn’t come with all that Federline baggage. According to blog ‘Allie is Wired’, “Mini Britney performs across the U.S. as the pop princess. She is such a big fan of Spears that she has had her own costumes made up that are carbon copies of the pop princess’ outfits in a smaller size. This picture shows the singer in her version of Britney’s red vinyl cat suit from the video for ‘Oops! I did it again.'”


  1. Br!on says

    You should have seen Mini Kiss about four years ago…

    Maybe some fresh ideas are needed?

  2. David says

    She is really actually awesome! Open minds! She’s better than the actual Britney Spears!

  3. says

    I don’t think that red suit is from the Oops video. I think she was still sweet and innocent in that one – track pants, catholic uniform, etc. I think the rubber clothes came somewhere between normal clothes and no panties.

  4. Jordan says

    Omigod, little people scare the hell outta me for some reason. And one dressed like Britney? Even more horrifying!

    Even the munchkins from “The Wizard of Oz” disturbed me as a kid, but interestingly enough, the Wicked Witch was my hero…guess that’s when the shrink should’ve been called…since I hated Dorothy.

  5. Jason says

    This chick used to play Paul Stanley in the MiniKiss band. She’s a little hottie who rocks whatever she does!