Towleroad Guide to the Tube #124

JOHN EDWARDS: “We the People” ad urges Americans and Congress to stand firm against Bush’s Iraq policies.

ROSIE O’DONNELL: On Iraq, oil, troops, and terrorists.

DINA MATOS MCGREEVEY: Talks about how Jim McGreevey failed her and hawks her book on Oprah.

PET SHOP BOYS: A promo clip for their upcoming release Cubism Live. (source: chartrigger)

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  1. Sam Springer says

    The Rosie clip is very edited I watched it, and whoever put that vid up really chopped it up, lots of good points being made and I agree with Rosie on this one, try to find the full clip.

  2. Luke says

    I say good for Dina Matos, I saw the interview, and thought she handled herself every well. He’s a jerk for how he treated her. Sorry, I don’t buy into the “I loved her” thing he claims, he loved power and penis, not her or women, and if he were any good as a politician, in a liberal state like New Jersey, he probably could have made it without the lies and deceit. Sorry, I don’t like it when someone uses being gay as a lie and cover, and ends up hurting people who didn’t ask for it. Being a “gay American” does not make it right to lie and hurt others.

  3. Chesnut says

    I have to agree with Luke. I truly feel sorry for Dina Matos…you can see it in her face and feel it in her lack of energy that this was a truly devastating experience for her. I don’t think she necessarily needed to write a book and then hawk it on Oprah’s show, but if that’s what it takes to make her feel a little better…

  4. Gabriel says

    I saw parts of the interview and she seemed very credible. She might have felt the need to write the book after he wrote his and I don’t blame her for it.

  5. gabriel says

    the View clip is good but cuts up a bit too much

    the matos mcgreevey thing just bugs me too much… i dont like either of them much, at this point its all vengeful and neither of them are thinking of their daughter

  6. Mike says

    Why oh why do people like Elisabeth pollute the airwaves and televisions of this country but people like Rosie get crap for her views. Bush disapproval rate 73%!

  7. Matt says

    I agree with Gabriel. Too chopped up. Let’s put up a whole clip and not chop it up like fox news. I hate Rosie but she makes some good points. She would be so much more credible if she didn’t make ching chong jokes.

  8. resurrect says

    PSB clip – looks fab! Thought last years show was excellent – true pop artists who’ve made a consistent gay sensibility threaded through their sophisticated pop. The ending image of Neil w/ the mic seemed oh so Querelle.

  9. Mike says

    Rosie is a comic. She meant no harm by her Asian slang. Did you even watch it? And hate is such a strong word for someone who is out, open and honest and fights for our rights.

  10. says


    Just because someone is out and fights for rights doesn’t mean they can’t hate. I’m not saying this applies to Rosie, but it’s time we stopped assuming that gay folk, or any other minority, can’t have screwy views about “the other.”

  11. RB says

    I have been a long standing critic here of McGreevey and taken some punches for it having once been married myself. However, I simply do not believe her any more than I believe him. Either she was vague in her interview or she was drugged.

    The truth lies somewhere in the middle because I simply cannot believe either of them!

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