Dutch Arrest 4 for Gay Sex Party HIV Blood Injections

At least five men who claim they were raped at a Dutch gay sex party led authorities to arrest four others, two of whom have confessed to intentionally injecting men with HIV-infected blood. Police also arrested two others, one for his alleged involvement in the rapes, and another for selling a “considerable amount of drugs” including ecstasy and GHB.

GroningenDistrict police chief Ronald Zwarter talked to the Associated Press about the incidents, which took place in the northern city of Groningen. Said Zwarter: “The suspicion is that, at these parties, they had unsafe sex with people they had drugged, and also that these people were injected with infected blood. The motive to do this was the ‘kick,’ and the feeling that unsafe sex is ‘pure’.”

According to the AP, “Prosecution spokesman Paul Heidanus said Thursday that the two who confessed would face charges of rape and “premeditated severe assault, which carries a maximum sentence of 16 years in prison. He said they would not be charged with attempted murder ‘because of a Supreme Court ruling that found AIDS should no longer be seen as an inevitably fatal disease, but rather a chronic illness,’ Heidanus said.”

NeedleReuters reports: “Police began investigating the gay parties after receiving tips, some from AIDS groups. The police confiscated several liters of GHB, sometimes known as a ‘rape drug’ used to make people unconscious, as well as thousands of ecstasy pills, photographs and other evidence. A court in Groningen on Wednesday ordered the suspects to be held in prison for at least 90 days.”

According to a police statement, all the victims said they thought they had been infected with HIV: “The victims said they had had been made helpless or unconscious and then abused. They had … involuntary and unsafe sex with one or more of the suspects.”

Authorities said there may be both further arrests, and more victims out there.

Dutch police arrest 4 men in bizarre sex-crime investigation [ap via iht]


  1. says

    Yes…so pure. And rape is a compliment. Unreal. The logical next step from people who eroticize the RISK of barebacking? Okay, maybe not the next step. But seriously, to be that fixated on taboo sexual release that you’re willing to do something like this, it’s a great argument for abstinence. And there aren’t many great arguments for abstinence.

  2. pacificoceanboy says


    Is Aids cured yet? Is an HIV person quarenteed to live to 80 years old? The death sentence that it is might be stretched out over a longer period of time and with less disc omfort BUT it is still a death sentence till they have a cure. The cocktails do not prolong one’s life to the national average life span.

    It is F’d up to not prosecute these freaks of humanity for attempted murder.

    I would have no moral objections what so ever if the victims in this case resorted to some vigilante justice.

    You know that Pat robertson, focus on the family, and such are going to play this case up big time as an example of what they claim we all are and do.

  3. pacificoceanboy says

    Yes gabriel lets hope


    post-exposure prophyla to be effective, it must be started as soon as possible after exposure and ideally within an hour

    Idealy within 1 hour of exposure. That is not a large window especialy for guys who were drugged up. They probably didn’t even realize what had happened till it was too late to be effective

  4. brian says

    I have no sympathy for the victims, I’m afraid. If you play with matches, you get burned. If you go to parties with drugs and diseased people, don’t be surprised if something bad happens to you. Simple common sense…..

  5. says

    This has got to be one of the most sick and twisted stories I have read in a long time, but to go to a sex party then claim you were raped? I’m sorry, I’m not buying it. Aren’t sex and drugs, and yes, risky sexual behavior common and pretty much expected at a sex party? But to not charge them with some kind of crime for injecting them with HIV infected blood? That is just sick! Sick! Sick! Sick!

  6. says

    I can’t even read comments like Brad’s and Troy’s. They must live in some sort of utopia where they ALWAYS make the right decisions (and people are raped just for attending a sex party).

  7. Luke says

    I’m with you Brian, no sympathy for the alleged “victims.” Anyone that goes to a “sex party” is playing with fire and should be ready to deal with the consequences, this sort of thing makes gay men look like some sort of freaks who can’t control their sexual urges.

  8. Chris says

    I have sympathy for the victims, unlike some here. Yes, risky bareback sex is common (but not ubiquitous) at sex parties, and yes, drug use is common (but not ubiquitous) at sex parties, but really, c’mon. They were (if we are to believe police accounts of the event) drugged into unconsciousness, raped by multiple men (yes, it WAS rape–obviously if they were unconscious or severely intoxicated they couldn’t legally consent to sexual activity), and deliberately injected with HIV-positive blood for no other reason than to infect them. They weren’t “bug chasers” or guys looking to be screwed roughly while in a drugged stupor, because if they were, they wouldn’t have gone to the authorities after the incident. How can anyone NOT feel sympathy for them? Their behavior wasn’t laudable but they didn’t sign up for what happened to them. To shrug one’s shoulders and say “they got what they deserved” or “what did they expect?” or something similar betrays an alarming callousness and deficit of compassion–something I’d expect from our right-wing enemies, not from fellow gay brothers. With gay “brothers” like some of the commenters here, who needs Fred Phelps and his gang? When did we gays become so harsh and cold and judgmental of our own? You might have a problem with sex parties and drug use, but when did those activities become rationalizations for rape and deliberate, nonconsensual infection with HIV? Have we come to hate life and each other that much? This all sounds creepily similar to the old saw that a woman deserved to be raped because she was wearing skimpy clothing…blech.

  9. Joshua says

    Rouquinricain……what do you expect? There are people still to this day who blame the woman for being raped and we already know there are a lot of stupid assholes who think rape is some form of erotic turn on.

    I might go to a sex party…..but no where does that give anyone the right to drug me, have sex with me without MY ok, and to inject me with what can still be a death sentance.

    Maybe the creeps above will crawl back into their slimy hole now.

  10. Joshua says

    Rouquinricain……what do you expect? There are people still to this day who blame the woman for being raped and we already know there are a lot of stupid assholes who think rape is some form of erotic turn on.

    I might go to a sex party…..but no where does that give anyone the right to drug me, have sex with me without MY ok, and to inject me with what can still be a death sentance.

    Maybe the creeps above will crawl back into their slimy hole now.

  11. Gary says

    Unfortunately there is not a cure. The current generation of cocktails are losing their effectiveness. This is a very foolish action and I really do not get it.

  12. action jackson says

    This all sounds very fishy to me also. I hope the defendants get a fair trial because I can imagine someone putting themselves in this situation and then feeling some remorse and blaming others for their predicament. It seems VERY outlandish to me even for the Netherlands (and my sister lives in the Netherlands…I spend a lot of time there) that an entire group of guys would try pulling this off. I speak Dutch so I am going to check out the local Dutch papers for more details. I’ll post what I find out on this site. There may be two sides to this story. But if these guys really were victims I am sure the culprits will get their time. Sixteen years seems way too short.

  13. peterparker says

    I’m HIV positive and I hope those guys get the absolute maximum sentence…and I hope someone rapes their ass every day that they are in prison. Their actions make the gay community and the HIV community look completely insane.

  14. Jack! says

    I very concerned about what is happening in The Netherlands with this and rising attacks on LGBT people. It’s alarming. Their immigration policies need to be overhauled.

  15. Chris says

    Hey, Jack!

    What does the Netherlands’ immigration policy have to do with this story? I seriously doubt that these guys were drugged, raped, and injected with HIV-positive blood by a bunch of Muslim immigrants at the party. Let’s stay on-topic, please! The cruel nastiness in this story was inflicted solely by Dutch gay men, on other Dutch gay men. No need to blame the Muslims for this one…

  16. pacificoceanboy says


    Thank you for sharing.

    Do you utilize any alternative therapies / herbals?

    There are a few that show some promise while also not interfering with the med regiment.

    prunella “All heal” (spell check) has shown great results in boosting the imune system.

    Reishi mushrooms are great.

    Of interest to you, there are scientists working with “phages” which are basicaly a viruses virus. microscopic organisms that attack viruses and do to viruses what viruses do to cells. they inject their DNA into a virus cell and the virus cell become an incubator for more phages and when they burst forth the virus cell dies. So far there are no known phages that naturaly attack HIv cells….BUT they are trying to geneticaly enginere some. This is super promising and could be the holy grail but it currently is underfunded due to Pharmaco treatments not cure people getting all the research money.

    Anyway; My best friend was HIV positive so I did tons and tons of research so if you ever need info on alternative therapies just drop me an e-mail.

  17. Geoff says

    I don’t think anyone here is saying that rape is wrong, its just that this is one odd ball story, and one I find hard to pardon the pun, swallow. And, there are ads online with men and women who want to be “raped” for whatever sick reason, so, who really knows? Until a final investigation is done by the police, who knows what happened? Sex clubs from what I have heard are filled with all sorts of weird things, and who knows what they were into?

  18. peterparker says


    Thanks so much for the offer regarding alternative therapies. I also think the holy grail will be in genetically engineered treatments. Unlike you, however, I think Bigpharma will be producing the genetically engineered drugs and making even more $$$ from curing HIV poz people. At least I hope so.


  19. pacificoceanboy says


    my fear is that HIV positive people will have to travel outside the US to get a cure when it comes. “Phages” really look the best with their actualy attacking viruses.
    Scientific America and discover mag both did great articles on phages.

    keep plowing on. Take your meds, get your rest, and always smile :-)

  20. action jackson says

    UPDATE ON THIS STORY: I asked my sister who lives and works in a small town near the city mentioned in the article and she told me that the story got a lot of press but what SHE remembers is that the men attended a sex party and were voluntarily injected with the drugs and engaged in sexual activities but were not informed that the other participants were HIV positive (which DOESNT make it acceptable, and the guys should be subject to criminal sanctions for not informing them, but is MUCH more credible than the story reported by the English language papers). She told me (she is a doctor) that Netherlands common law does impose criminal sanctions for not informing your partner of your status and then engaging in unsafe sex if you know your status (same as New York).

  21. Pushkin says

    Fishy? I think not, two of the arrested men have already made confessions, one of them a nurse who had easy access to siringes etc. This looks like a case of criminal intent. However, the Groningen health authorities have been warning since last year May against attending sexparties where inhibitionreducing drugs and unsafe sex made for a very dangerous mix. They noticed the effects of this risky behaviour from the rising numbers in HIV infections. This does suggest a growing tendency of putting oneself in harm’s way, to put it mildly.


  22. chrisinSDCA says

    I have sympathy for the victims. I also have sympathy for Fred, Brian and the others who blame the victims for their plight.

    People want to believe that the victim has something to do with what happened to him. Because if that’s true, then we can assure ourselves that it won’t happen to us, because we’re smarter/more observant/more moral than the stupid, clueless slut who was victimized. The truth is scary: that this really could happen to any of us. We can reduce the chances of it happening, but not eliminate the chances.

    Follow the advice that is given to young women: don’t go out by yourself and don’t accept drinks from strangers.

  23. Davey says

    The guys knowingly went to a sex party and voluntarily took drugs. It sounds like they even bought the drugs there. When the guys say they were raped, they are merely trying to absolve themselves of responsibility for consequences wrought by foolish choices. They put themselves in a dangerous position and willingly suspended their free will. There’s no rape here, just unknowing infection of partners. Let’s get over the culture of victimhood and expanded definitions of rape.

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