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News: Pinkberry, David Gest, Fake Gay Rapper, Peter Pace

road.jpg Bush is expected to nominate General Peter ("homosexuality is immoral") Pace to a second term as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Caushunroad.jpg Gay rapper Caushun exposed as fraud: "Here in New York, Caushun was the first name that came up whenever a conversation about gay rappers began. Best we knew, he was one of us: An effeminate hairdresser with Bed-Stuy credibility and a flow that earned respect among local hetero hip-hop folks."

road.jpg Connecticut high court judge recuses himself from gay marriage case, reasons unknown.

road.jpg Gay porn star Timothy Boham, who is charged in the murder of Denver businessman John Paul Kelso, may use insanity plea in his defense: "Boham, who had worked briefly for Kelso, was arrested near the U.S.-Mexico border after police said he confessed to his mother and sister. Boham decided to rob Kelso, the owner of a debt collection company, because he knew there was a safe in the house, police said. During a preliminary hearing, police said Boham told them he was planning to steal $40,000 he thought was in the safe because his girlfriend was pregnant and he needed cash."

road.jpg The struggle to be a father: one gay man reflects.

Fratroad.jpg Vermont fraternity Phi Gamma Delta, accused last year of gay bashing during hazing, is now threatening to sue the University of Vermont.

road.jpg Has David Gest targeted a new love interest in Amy Winehouse? Gest: "I would kiss the mole on Amy Winehouse's face and every tattoo on her body and I'd stick my tongue in the gap where her tooth is missing. I love her."

road.jpg Army recruiter Marcia Ramode, who was "suspended from recruiting duties" after her racist, homophobic email to a potential recruit was given media attention, has been given a covert reassignment by the military. Said Corey Powell, the potential recruit to whom Ramode's inflammatory email was originally addressed: "Now they're making her whereabouts covert. Some act to prevent us knowing where she is, which they probably invented this morning. I'm really disappointed [in the decision to reassign Ramode]. I wasn't out for blood. But for the 11,000 servicemen who have lost their jobs for nothing besides being themselves, this is an injustice. She should be forced to find a way to take care of herself the same way they had to."

Diana_ross_2road.jpg Miss Ross returns to London.

road.jpg Pinkberry sued for claiming powder + water is actually yogurt.

road.jpg Are you a TOFI? Folks who are thin on the outside may be fat on the inside: "The thinner people are, the bigger the surprise."

road.jpg Rosie O'Donnell claims Ellen DeGeneres has signed a contract forbidding her to talk about being a lesbian and putting the kibosh on gay issues: "Ellen's not allowed to. She signed a contract that said she wouldn't. It was on the heels of my show. Right? So that's why she doesn't! But, you know what? She also paved the way for a lot of gay people, especially on TV. There were no gay shows on TV. She was pre-Will & Grace, remember that. So, you know, I talk about 'gay' because I like to and she doesn't talk about it because she doesn't want to or she can't. But, who cares? It's fine. Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay!"

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  1. Didn't Ellen interview T.R. Knight?

    Maybe we can get Rosie to sign a contract to engage brain before opening mouth.

    Posted by: Tom | May 11, 2007 2:15:22 PM

  2. There is a very good interview with the real "gay" rapper Cashun on

    And you don't have to be a hip-hop fan to appreciate how the deception evolved.

    Posted by: PC | May 11, 2007 2:25:45 PM

  3. As long as they don't kill babies to make that stuff I'll eat it. Pinkberry GOOD!

    Posted by: Mitch | May 11, 2007 2:41:16 PM

  4. Can I just throw up on David Gest? What a sick-ass creep!

    Posted by: Sami | May 11, 2007 2:43:44 PM

  5. The Rosie O'Donnell thing is really weird, because although I am hardly a regular "Ellen" watcher, even I have seen Ellen talk about being a lesbian, her relationship with Portia, and/or other gay issues in interviews with T. R. Knight, Neil Patrick Herris, Sharon Stone, Laura Dern, and Nathan Lane. She may not bring it up constantly, but she certainly talks about her personal life and relationship much more than, say, David Letterman talks about his.

    Posted by: Thomasina | May 11, 2007 3:14:20 PM

  6. Whacko, egocentric Rosy is so yesterday. Maybe she and David Gest can work up a new TV talk show. She can swoon over her Tommy and Gest can........

    Posted by: Jack Scribe | May 11, 2007 3:16:04 PM

  7. swoon over his Tommy....?

    I am SO over Rosie. I guess the warning sign was "Suesicle the Musical"

    Posted by: Rad | May 11, 2007 3:24:35 PM

  8. Ellen doesn't have to "talk about her personal life" to reference being a lesbian, anymore than David Letterman has to "talk about his personal life" to reference being straight. People are hyper-sensitized to anyone making a reference to being gay, simply saying "I'm gay" is taken as talking about what they do in bed. But if a hetero such as Letterman says something from the perspective of a straight man, showing an interest in a sexy female star for instance, people don't count that as "talking about his sexual orientation." When in fact it is. DUH.

    Posted by: Johnny | May 11, 2007 3:42:02 PM

  9. re: The struggle to be a father.

    "But I learned that I had more courage than I thought and could stand up for something I believed in," he said.

    If only more of us took this to heart and practiced this in our daily lives. Good on him and his family.

    Posted by: hoya86 | May 11, 2007 3:45:42 PM

  10. The Rosie comment is out of context, she talked about it because people kept asking her why she talks about the gay issue a lot on the View and in her blog, and she replied to a blog comment, it's in her video blog from yesterday if you go to her site and watch it, she didn't just bring it up to rant, she is constantly being asked and compared to Ellen.

    Posted by: Sam | May 11, 2007 3:46:03 PM

  11. OMG I want to send a security team to airlift Amy Winehouse out of wherever she is before Gesticles gets to her. So whack - he and former Gov. McCreepy must be separated at birth.

    Posted by: Rick | May 11, 2007 3:46:53 PM

  12. And this week was, I believe, the anniversary of Ellen's courageous coming out show, so all the more reason for the contrast now. And, yes, exceptions to the contrary, contrasted with other talk show hosts' constant references to their straight lives, Ellen has pretty much become the female equivalent of a eunuch.

    Rosie does make lots of mistakes in judgment, but fuck all her critics and not in the good way. You can cum in your pants over a TV celebrity coward like Anderson Yes I Take It Up the Ass While Screaming Like A Woman But I Don't Discuss My Personal Life Unless You'd Like Me To Autograph My Book Blah Blah Cooper. Compared to him, I'd rather have Rosie anyday.

    Posted by: Leland | May 11, 2007 3:53:35 PM

  13. Rosie is mistaking on this. Ellen had Oprah on her show and they talked about her coming out show and how much flack that people got for being on it. Rosie so much wants to stir trouble that she gets things wrong. I wish Barbara had never brought her out of her cave. Somebody please shove her back in and cover the opening with a rock.

    Posted by: PleaseThink | May 11, 2007 4:08:15 PM

  14. I would divorce my husband if I had a chance with Amy Winehouse.

    Posted by: dave | May 11, 2007 4:14:27 PM

  15. The Rosie quote is out of context. She didnt say she's not allowed to mention being gay..The question is why Rosie always talks about "gay issues", and Ellen doesnt. The obvious answer is, that Ellens show is all about interviewing celebrities, while Rosies is about the cohosts "views" on hot topics like gay issues, but Ellen did also have a stipulation in her contract for the first year that she wouldnt talk about it on a normal basis.

    Posted by: Chris in Seattle | May 11, 2007 5:07:02 PM

  16. I think the terrorist plot against Fort Dix is an important story. Why is it being ignored on this blog?

    Posted by: Joe T. | May 11, 2007 5:11:28 PM

  17. Taken out of context?

    Rosie: "Ellen's not allowed to [talk about gay issues]. She signed a contract that said she wouldn't. It was on the heels of my show. Right? So that's why she doesn't!"

    TMZ contacted a rep for Telepictures, producers of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," who jokingly said "She's gay? Who knew?" The rep then added that this is completely untrue, and that they have no such contracts with any of their hosts, saying,"Ellen is free to talk about whatever she wants and we encourage her to do so."

    On an episode this week, Ellen joked about being able to stand upright following her recent back injury, saying, "I'm not quite straight. Well, you know that."

    Rosie needs to STFU about things she knows nothing about.

    Posted by: Tom | May 11, 2007 5:43:03 PM

  18. oh leland

    Posted by: Eric | May 11, 2007 7:44:29 PM

  19. Ellen talks about her personal life, she relates stories about things that happen between her and Portia all of the time. This is just another example of Rosie speaking out of her ass. All she had to say is "I don't know why Ellen don't know why everything that Ellen does doesn't revolve around her sexuality like it does for me, why don't you ask her," and leave it at that.

    Posted by: Cadence | May 11, 2007 7:58:16 PM

  20. It is a struggle to become, and to be, a gay father; especially if you're unwilling to pretend to be straight to do it; but, for me, it was DEFINITELY worth it!

    Posted by: Zeke | May 11, 2007 8:52:39 PM

  21. From Rosie's website:

    According to Jim
    and hilary em
    and kelly bush
    no contract - ever did or would
    prevent ellen from saying anything
    in any way shape or form

    they have e mailed me to say so

    a correction
    4 all
    my apologies

    Posted by: Chris | May 11, 2007 10:49:56 PM

  22. Well I was shocked to learn yesterday that "Seuss" should actually rhyme with "voice" not "juice". Thus, "Seussical the Musical" no longer rhymes :(

    Posted by: anon | May 12, 2007 12:59:19 AM

  23. >>>Compared to him, I'd rather have Rosie anyday.<<<

    You can have her. Give me Anderson, any day.

    Posted by: Ron | May 12, 2007 4:37:30 AM

  24. x

    Posted by: Nbkvqpt | Jun 2, 2007 3:00:57 AM

  25. x

    Posted by: Zmajrhm | Jun 2, 2007 10:18:45 AM

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