News: Val Kilmer, Subtropical Storm, Paris Hilton, Touch iPod

road.jpg Vote on proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in Massachusetts has been postponed until at least June 14th: “Before it can reach the 2008 ballot, the proposed amendment needs the backing of 25 percent — or at least 50 lawmakers — in two successive sittings of the Legislature. It won approval in the previous Legislature in January. Those opposed and in support of gay marriage agree that based on past votes and the stated positions of incoming lawmakers, about 57 support the amendment. There are 200 lawmakers in the House and Senate.”

Andrearoad.jpg Subtropical storm Andrea, the first named storm of the season even though the season doesn’t officially start until June 1, is dissipating off the Atlantic coast.

road.jpg Tim Russert describes meeting of Republican congressmen with Bush, Gates, Rice, Rove, and Snow: “[O]ne said ‘My district is prepared for defeat. We need candor, we need honesty, Mr. President.’ The president responded, ‘I don’t want to pass this off to another president. I don’t want to pass this off, particularly, to a Democratic president,’ underscoring he understood how serious the situation was.”

road.jpg Idle Idol gossip: Former American Idol contestant Jim Verraros claims Mario (I’m not gay) Vazquez was recently seen “wasted” at a gay bar in Syracuse, New York.

Valroad.jpg Val Kilmer has turned into a daddy bear.

road.jpg NYC gay millionaire Steven Green, jailed for being one of the city’s worst landlords and sentenced in February to 33 months for tax evasion and real estate fraud, was recently hit by a car.

road.jpg Apple patent filing shows multi-sided iPod with touch screen interface.

road.jpg The world’s self-proclaimed first supermodel Janice Dickinson on gays, George W. Bush, and her ongoing sex appeal: “He’s out of control. I’m going to go out and start breaking things because I’m so angry. The most important thing I’ve done with my kids is that I’ve raised them in an environment that is gay-friendly, so they’re not homophobic. It’s important to pass the torch on. But I embarrass them. If I wear a slutty dress my son cringes. Basically, all of his friends want to fuck me. 53 and 19-year-old men want to fuck me!”

Hiltonroad.jpg Paris Hilton drives again, proving arrogance has no speed limit.

road.jpg David Beckham, like George and Laura Bush, wants to help fight malaria.

road.jpg Helsinki, Finland is hosting this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, the gayest pop show on the planet: “If you took the talent portion from the Miss America pageant and crossed it with American Idol, the end result would look a lot like Eurovision (or ESC, as fans like to call it). It’s all about being big, bombastic and noticeable.”


  1. FizziekruntNT says

    OH JEEBUS CHRIST! PLEASE DON’T EVER SHOW ANY MORE PHOTOS OF VAL KILMER! I just finished my lunch of palak paneer and I almost lost it on my keyboard. AGH!

  2. David says

    Mario could have just gone out one night to party but on his way home from the straight bar decided to to stop by the gay bar to use the phone and call a cab. geez

  3. Rad says

    Val still gets my vote! Honey, bear or beefy, come on over to my house! I like to think I looked like him in the 80’s, and I hate to say it, I pretty much look like him today. Yup. Age has it’s… virtues…?

  4. soulbrotha says

    Mark M & RAD,

    why don’t you guys post your pictures so we can have a “Val-Off” to see who gets the vote for the most Kilmer-ness?

  5. John says

    When will we ever get the Eurovision song contest on American television? Can’t some channel pick it up? How about Bravo? VH-1? The Travel Channel? Logo?

  6. soulbrotha says

    Mark M,

    You are one sexy bear, but I had to stare at your pics long and hard to come up with even a trace of a resemblance to Val. Sorry.

    OK RAD, you’re up. Care to take the challenge?

  7. soulbrotha says

    Mark M.

    You know what? I take that back. Looking at your “gunning” shot, I can see it in your profile.

    And I guess if RAD doesn’t respond, you win by default! 😉

  8. Zeke says

    I think Val Kilmer looks just fine, just the way he is.

    As for Mark M; holy crap!

    Is it not enough that your mind and spirit are so attractive; do you have to be hot, talented and Southern too?

    Bubba, if I weren’t happily married, and you weren’t the same, I’d be on you like a duck on a june bug! :)

    Actually, my husband is hot, talented and Southern with a beautiful mind and spirit too.

    I am a VERY blessed man.

  9. mark m says

    Zeke and Soulbrotha, you made my Friday!! Hugs all around!!

    As for the Val Kilmer thing.. I don’t see it but so many others have, although it’s been a few years since anyone’s made that comparison (maybe no one knows who Kilmer is anymore LOL).

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