Poland Censors Little Britain over Gay Kiss


Poland’s state broadcaster TVP cut about one minute out of a broadcast of the Matt Lucas comedy Little Britain because of a kiss between a vicar and a leather-clad David Walliams.

Said their spokeswoman, “British viewers are more open and indulgent than their Polish counterparts. It’s a different sense of humour, and one which is sometimes incomprehensible for the Polish public. We decided to cut a scene which could cause controversy among Polish viewers and which isn’t exactly in line with our mission as a public television channel.”

Apparently Polish audiences have no problem with butt plugs or dildos.

No doubt Jaroslaw thoroughly enjoyed it.

I’ve added the clip below. Definitely NSFW.

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  1. Evil European says

    This is great. First tell-tubbies and now this. Just makes the Polish government look more and more stupid!

  2. pacificoceanboy says

    Poland , irelnd, and slovenia just 3 out of the 9 retrograde EU nations (out of 25)

    common denominator = religion, they happen to be more religous than the majority of EU nations.

  3. zabadak says

    Andy, where were you a week ago, when this Teletuby item was breaking, about the Jaroslav item?

  4. Wolfi says

    First off, I agree it’s stupid. But I don’t think Poland will be taking criticism on this censorship to seriously from a country where all hell breaks lose if you see a nipple for a fraction of a second ;-)!

  5. anon says

    I guess the “hidden” joke of the piece is that because his booth is LGBT only and he is the only gay in town, he won’t have any sales. Every clip I see though is this same joke of him getting upset there is another gay in the village.

  6. pacificoceanboy says

    Wolf true

    The common denominator there is again religion. With 40% of americans attending church where as only 3% of european attend church. though if one only considers poland, ireland, slovenia etc the percentage is closer to america’s high church atending percentage.

  7. James says

    That one scene is gay? How about all the other skits of Daffyd in the villiage? How about the skits about the Victorian transvestites? Or Ting-Tong the mail order (male order) bride?? Not to mention the gay aide to the British Prime Minister who’s infatuated with him, the adult guy who nurses, Bubbles and Desiree, or Ann… My God the entire show is gay gay gay gay gay gay GAY. Like a hologram, cut a bit out and every other piece is still the same 100% GAY.

    Of course it being the funniest thing from the UK this millennium so far, like marmite you will either love it or think it’s vile.

    So it’s OK to let the smooching et al happen with the others including the British PM… but not with a vicar and his boyfriend. And they think that’ll keep the Gay out of Poland, and they’ll not look like horse’s asses??? I think the computer would say “No.”

    I LOVE LITTLE BRITAIN. Somebody’s pulling a huge joke on those censors by letting any of it into that country! The only thing wrong with the show is it’s not broadcast on a regular schedule here in Florida via Comcast on BBC America. Damn. There is much Little Britain on YouTube though. THANK YOU ANDY for posting that link. Awesome.

    And the actor who plays Daffyd is pretty hung too! (Seen in an episode as Andy in the wheelchair when he takes a swim.) Sorry to scar folk with that image, just saying…