Reverend Jerry Falwell Has Died at 73

The Reverend Jerry Falwell has died after being found “unresponsive” in his office at Liberty University this morning. He was rushed to the hospital according to MSNBC:

Falwell“Ron Godwin, Liberty’s executive vice president, said Falwell, 73, had been found unresponsive around 10:45 a.m. and was taken to Lynchburg General Hospital. Godwin said he was not sure what caused the collapse, but noted that Falwell ‘has a history of heart challenges.’…’I had breakfast with him, and he was fine at breakfast,’ Godwin said. ‘He went to his office, I went to mine and they found him unresponsive.’ Falwell, a television evangelist who founded the Moral Majority in 1979, became the face of the religious right in the 1980s. He later founded the conservative Liberty University and served as its chancellor.”

The televangelist had a long history of spewing hate toward the gay community. During the AIDS crisis he declared, “AIDS is the wrath of a just God against homosexuals.” And following 9/11 he appeared on Pat Robertson’s 700 Club and said “I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People For the American Way, all of them who have tried to secularize America. I point the finger in their face and say ‘you helped this happen.'”

Falwell was pronounced dead just after noon after CPR and other efforts to revive him failed.


  1. says

    um, okay, I’ll be the first one to say it: Ding, Dong, the Witch Is Dead, the Witch Is Dead, the Witch Is Dead!

  2. Zeke says

    May God have mercy on his soul.

    I can’t deny that I think the world will be better off without him.

  3. Matt says

    Sad. I know everyone will get mad at me for saying that but it is always sad when someone dies that has not changed from their bigoted viewpoint.

  4. Ken says

    May I just say

  5. JR says

    Yes, sad that someone died, sad that he lived as a hater, not so sad that one less bigot is among us though you just know someone has already stepped in to take his place.

  6. Richard Gawkins says

    Since there is no god, heaven or hell we know Falwell isn’t in heaven (the good news) but he’s not in hell either (the bad news).

  7. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Hmm…the Universe does experience Karmic Re-balancing. And now we can see whom among the GOP and the Dhimmicrats goes crawling to the festivities, …I mean the solemn rites to suck-up to his acolytes.

  8. Jonathon says

    I find no joy in Falwell’s death, but I do find relief. At long last his hateful voice is silenced.

    May Falwell find that his god is as merciless and intolerant as Falwell himself was throughout his life. I can only hope that somehow, somewhere the universe metes out the karmic punishment that Falwell so richly deserves for the many cruel and hateful things he has said and done over his 73 years.

  9. adamblast says

    Choice Quotes from Falwell:

    “AIDS is not just God’s punishment for homosexuals; it is God’s punishment for the society that tolerates homosexuals”

    “The idea that religion and politics don’t mix was invented by the Devil to keep Christians from running their own country”

    “If you’re not a born-again Christian, you’re a failure as a human being”

    “The whole (global warming) thing is created to destroy America’s free enterprise system and our economic stability”

    “I do question the sincerity of People like the Reverend Martin Luther King…”

    “I hope to see the day when, as in the early days of our country, we don’t have public schools. The churches will have taken them over again and Christians will be running them.”

    (Re: 9/11 attacks) “…throwing God out of the public square, out of the schools, the abortionists have got to bear some burden for this because God will not be mocked and when we destroy 40 million little innocent babies, we make God mad…I really believe that the pagans and the abortionists and the feminists and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People for the American Way, all of them who try to secularize America…I point the thing in their face and say you helped this happen.”

    I say fire up the disco tunes, boys. It’s time to dance on a grave.

  10. JohnJohn says

    I like to think that I have compassion for all life, but now that he no longer qualifies for the living I just have to say good riddance, the world is better without that PoS.

    I’m not looking forward to the media retrospective s painting him in a mostly (if not completely…ahem, fox news…cough) positive light. But such is the way we deal with the dead in this overly-sensitive country.

  11. Zeke says

    Happy Birthday Andy!

    And all I got was a tie and dinner at Outback for my birthday!

  12. Leland says

    Thanks, Matt. I win my bet with myself that you would weigh in for the Castrati.

    Many thanks for the list, AdamBlast. It could, of course, be even longer, including his 1987 fund raising letter in which he claimed that gays with AIDS were purposely donating blood because “they know they are going to die—and they are going to take as many people with them as they can.”

    Some might remember that even enough mainstream people were outraged by his and Pat Robertson’s discussion about the causes of 9/11 that they publicly apologized. But few are aware that two weeks later a letter went out over his son’s name asking for donations because liberals and gay activists had “launched a vicious smear campaign to discredit” his father.

    Maybe my own prayers are finally being answered. D. James Kennedy, the Falwell of the Southeast, the rabidly homohating head of the multimillion dollar Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church empire in Ft. Lauderdale had a massive heart attack in December and is still unable to speak—a ruthless liar literally silenced [but you can catch him in reruns]. His Washington lobbying office was recently closed.

    Excuse me: I have candles to light for Robertson and about 100 others.

  13. Keith says

    I just picture him, wide-eyed, standing in front of the Throne as God looks at him. Of course, God is a black, lesbian amputee Democrat… Hope she tells him that the “Village People” room is ready and waiting for him!

  14. Mike_in_Lancaster says

    The defibrillator guy must have had the day of.

    Wonder how he’ll explain himself when he gets to where he’s going.

  15. Matt says


    Grow up. I never said what he said was right. It was totally wrong and hate filled. I’m better than him just like most of the people are better than him. Is it wrong to have compassion for ones enemy? To wish they had changed and seen a better side before he died? What the hell is wrong with you?

  16. dan says

    you know its kind of hypocritical to be all “he was such a hater” and “he showed no compassion” and then to be at the same time saying “i’m glad he’s dead…” say what you will about what he said, but the fact is, that today he died, and at least have the decency to respect the people close to him, like his family, who will be grieving…i know its a cliche, but him being wrong doesn’t give you the right be self-righteously cruel…show some dignity people.

  17. John says

    In America, it’s traditional to speak only good of the dead. However, in this case, I think we’re entitled to an exception.

    Falwell, and his buddy Robertson, has said some pretty horrible things over the years. It’s hard to feel much sympathy for someone who blamed America for 9-11 (in affect, saying NYC deserved it because of the ‘sins’).

  18. W=WIMP says

    Jerry who?????

    I vaguely recall something about this guy at some point, but he wasn’t worthy my attention.

  19. Hermesdc says

    According to Wikipedia, Falwell died “from complications arising from a severe bowel obstruction” (although the article doesn’t cite a source). I hope it’s true though because it will mean that–as we all long suspected–he was, in fact and literally, full of shit.

  20. Nathan says

    well, shoot. slap a bow on his corpse and Andy’s got himself a nice birthday present.

    sorry, that was rude (but funny?). hard to be happy about anyone dying, really. don’t fight hate with hate.

  21. bmac says

    weird to think that at this moment as I sit here, he has learned all the answers to the big questions of life (afterlife, vengeful God or not, etc). I’m just wondering if he’s now learning that he spent his life’s work in vain.

  22. Nikko says

    Yaaaaaaay! This piglet, Jerry Falwell, claimed to have followed in the footsteps of jesus but by the looks of his belly methinks he followed the gluttonous god of food. Hypocrite. His offensive and ridiculously false prophecies slapped him on his way out to the grave…and I have yet to hear christians correct his false teaching against gays. Bastard. All with the face of a goody-two-shoe-ah-gee kind of guy. Good riddance indeed.

  23. Leland says

    Give me a fucking break, Dan. That’s “all things are equal” and blame the victim crap. There’s not a gay person outside of Retard, excuse me, Lynchburg, Virginia, who had ever heard of this guy until he rode into the headlines demonizing gays which he turned into a CAREER that made him fatter and sassier. The only reason he didn’t shit money is because he was so incompetent at managing the millions and MILLIONS he took in with the kind of letter I quoted above in which he claimed gays with AIDS were TRYING TO KILL PEOPLE receiving blood donations, etc, ad infinitum.

    There are good people who sincerely believe that we must forgive our most vicious enemies, turn the other cheek, etc. Well, as much as I respect them, I am proudly NOT one of them and I won’t be bitch slapped by pea brains like you for it. Despite American Taliban propaganada to the contrary, while our enemies have become gazillionaires over our dead rights and sometimes dead bodies, the gay movement has mostly been extremely meek—and, for that, it is not the earth we have inherited but the dirt.

  24. Michael W. says

    My memories will be of a fat bloated bigot who spewed hate or ignorance every time he opened his ample pie hole.

  25. dan says

    wow leland — you’re like the fred phelps of faggotry — planning to protest his funeral are you?

  26. says

    I can say with no regret that I’m very happy that he is dead (high-5s were exchanged). He was an enemy of the state and true-terrorist. Part of me wants to protest his funeral but I’m better than he is (was)… so I won’t.

  27. dan says

    on another note, love the people on here going right to the “fat” place. tell me, you gonna say the same thing about rosie o’donnell when she kicks it? cuz she’s just as “bloated”, just as “piggy” and her pie hole is just as “ample…”

  28. Chad says

    IF he ends up going to the keeper of the pearly gates. I wonder what he’s going to say when he is asked, “What have you done to humanity to make the world a better place to live in?”. I wonder, I really wonder?…

  29. mutterhals says

    Is it too early to gloat? Fuck it, I’m gloating. Times like this make me wish I believed in god. Lies! It’s just as sweet as ever, woohoo! Rot in the ground, you fuck!

  30. adamblast says

    It’s been said before, Dan, but: Being tolerant of intolerance is a suicide pact. These are real enemies, out to destroy us.

    I buried too many people while he was dancing on *their* graves to ever forgive him. I’m grateful he’s gone.

  31. Ross says

    Thank god…hes gone! He was a total AHOLE! Those comments after sept 11th were the worst…gays lesbians, and feminists…blah blah.. Now i really wish i knew whether there is a heaven or hell. Cause i hope hes far below in HELL.. cause of the SHIT he has said. GOod riddance!

  32. Cory says

    Does this mean we can picket HIS funeral now? I mean, not to be cold, but after all the picketing of passed on soldiers, AIDS victims, etc. I would love to see his clan get a taste of their own medicine.

    “God Kills Ignorance”
    “Falwell died of a Hate Attack”
    “Proof that there is a God”

    horrible, I know, but it would be fitting…

  33. Zeke says

    Dan, if you can give me one example of Jerry Falwell showing respect or compassion to ANY gay person who was sick or who had died, then you will have some credibility.

    I suspect that you are just one of Jerry’s flying monkeys that are sent out from the towers of Liberty U, Thomas Road Baptist Church and the Christian Coalition to stir up the Christian oppressing “faggots” while defending the “honor” of Jerry by changing the subject when people illustrate what an ass this man was by posting HIS OWN WORDS.

    I would never wish him dead but I’ll be damned if I’ll shed one tear for him now that he’s gone.

  34. kansastock says

    I would reconsider religion if Pat Robinson AND Fred Phelps were to to pass on today, too. That bunch has ‘done to’ Christianity what Bush has ‘done to’ America.

  35. Matt says

    It seems on here like the older generation of gays are more happy with his death than the younger ones. No judgements, just an observation.

  36. Jack! says

    As inapporiate as this sounds it needs to be said. Gay people need to take advantage of this. Assert our right to equality.

  37. dan says

    adam — i never said anything about being tolerant of him. i said its hypocritical to blast him for being a hate monger by being equally hateful. saying “wow, its a drag for his family that he’s dead, but it also sucks that he made his life’s work being an intolerant bigot” is a lot different from “may the fat bloated pig rot in hell…” i guarantee you that the people who are posting here with this crap, are the same ones who will develop a giant “why do they hate us” martyrdom complex when someone like Falwell says the same thing about Larry Kramer when he dies. Seriously, you can’t claim the high ground when you’re rolling around in the same shit puddle.

  38. Jon-Marc says

    To paraphrase the late reverend:

    “I really believe that the donuts, and the fried cheese sticks, and the Big Macs, and the McDonald’s and the Burger Kings who are actively trying to make that an obese lifestyle, the restaurant unions, the burger flippers, all of them who have tried to fatten America. I point the finger in their face and say ‘you helped this happen.'”

  39. griffin1573 says

    I won’t mourn his death.

    He was a cruel hearted insensative profiter.
    Who made a fortune capitilzing on other peoples hatred and bigotry by demonizing others.

    Perhaps in his passing.Those he tormented will breath and live a little more peacefully.

  40. Oy says

    In honor of Jerry, I’ll do the far-right Christian thing:

    Jerry, I love you. I just hate everything about who you are.

  41. Zeke says

    Mark G, I had totally forgotten about the Tammy Faye/Falwell connection and how he screwed the Bakkers over for his own personal gain.

    She would never admit it but Tammy must be feeling a certain sense of satisfaction with today’s news.

  42. dan says

    zeke — are you serious? you really think that? wow. your post is so dumb its almost a satire of itself.

  43. David says

    His death is a terrible loss to the gay community!!! No other person did so much to make those that oppose gay rights look like fools!

  44. anon says

    Well, this is a shock. Only 73… And on Andy’s B-Day! The list of very happy people will be long:

    Fred Phelps (will the WBC “attend” the funeral perhaps?)
    Pat Robertson
    Tammy Faye
    New Orleans
    San Francisco
    The Taliban
    Al Qaeda
    The Pope
    Ron Reagan Jr.
    Ted Haggard

    And the people who will be sad:

    The Falwells
    Karl Rove
    Nancy Pelosi? (Gotta think about that one…)
    Sean Hannity
    Nancy Reagan?

    Have I forgotten anyone? Sorry if you weren’t mentioned. He was one always more interested in being feared than loved, as The Prince would say.

  45. MARK says

    NO TEARS HERE… but i’d take a dead Bin Laden over a dead Falwell…ANY DAY.

    WOW! you compassionate liberals do show your “true” colors on days like today…

  46. Karma = Bitch says

    To quote Mojo Nixon:

    “I ain’t sleeping on the wet spot
    And Jerry Falwell can rot!”

    — “Ain’t Gonna Wash No Dishes No More”

  47. Jeff says

    CHUX! LOL @ Tinky Winky attending Falwell’s funeral! And, while I really don’t believe in protesting funerals, I’d love to see lots of people dressed up as Tinky Winkies at his. He made his living (his millions) through slander and hate… The idea of lots of Tinky Winkies there to send him off somehow seems appropriate.

  48. Seann says

    “you compassionate liberals…[bullshit].”

    Why must liberals be held to higher standards than everyone else? The man was basically an ass incarnate.

  49. Zeke says

    Dan, punkin, I don’t think you have any room to complain about dumb posts on the very thread that has about four or five of the dumbest posts ever posted to Towleroad, ALL with YOUR name on them.

    You’re wasting your breath here.

    Why don’t you consider going to the Christian Coalition site and telling them what all of us evil “faggots” are saying over here at Towleroad. You’ll be the featured guest on the 700 Club by morning.

    Doesn’t that sound better than being a martyr here?

  50. 000000 says

    We’ll see what beig spared from his rhetoric means in the long run. But, as I’ve always believed, things aren’t going to change until people with his beliefs die out. And that’ll take a while.

  51. pacificoceanboy says

    Mark then ask Bush why he said “Bin laden just isn’t that important”

    Why oh why did bush let him get away at tora Bora per THE PENTAGON!!!+ bush outsorcing to afgan warlords enabled Osama to get away at tora Bora.

    Play your wailing bushophile shenanagins somewhere else.

    Today is a say of celebration.

    About damn time falwell exited the stage he so despised.

  52. Carm says

    Ding Dong! Falwell’s dead. Old Falwell. He’s gone to hell

    Ding Dong! That old Falwell is dead.

    Rise up, and mark the date, pop the cork, and celebrate.

    Rise up, that old Falwell is dead. He’s gone where the a-holes go,

    Below, below, below. Yo-ho, let’s open up and sing and ring the bells out.

    Ding Dong the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low.

    Let them know that old Falwell is dead!

    (He’s not only merely dead. He’s really most sincerely dead.)

    Yes, let the joyous news be spread: Jerry Falwell at last is dead!

  53. Marco says

    Hey Mark,

    I guess you heard liberals like myself are tolerant and compassionate. You’re wrong. I don’t tolerate hateful bigots and I have no compassion for hateful bigots.

    Sorry to rain on your right wing fantasies of what liberals are supposed to be. I guess Rush taught you wrong.

  54. Brian says

    Someone must have forgotten to send in that “free will offering” check. And if the younger generations are less offended by Jerry Falwell it’s simply because they haven’t paid much attention.

    Jerry Falwell represented the worst possible face of Christianity. His wildly successful efforts to enshrine discrimination into the fabric of our society will serve as a living testimony to a life spent trying to rationalize and institutionalize his own pervasive bigotry through the misinterpretation and misapplication of the basic redemptive and loving message of the Christian faith. May America someday heal itself from the spiritual and social damage that Falwell and his followers have wrought.

  55. adamblast says

    Those of us who are old enough remember life in the AIDS trenches.

    We cared for our dying lovers, best friends, brothers and sisters, and watched helpless as nearly everyone in our lives was taken.

    As often as not, they died without any support from family or the world around them.

    Jerry Falwell was there, too: preaching against the dying, saying it was their own fault, helping to create and maintain that pariah status.

    He spit on the corpse of my one true love. How can I not be glad he’s dead?

  56. dan says

    um…zeke…i’m wondering what slime covered rock you crawled out from under where compassion and dignity are considered “dumb?” just because falwell showed neither doesn’t mean its appropriate to toss those qualities on the scrap heap. as for your tired “you are a spy for the christian coalition,” dude, let it go. its a sad argument used by weak minds to say that if you disagree with me, you must be the enemy.

  57. Fabiola Thing says

    Where is the fucker gonna be buried, cause I’d like to dance on his grave.

  58. pacificoceanboy says

    Here is a quote from slimey falwell himself.

    “AIDS is not just God’s punishment for homosexuals; it is God’s punishment for the society that tolerates homosexuals.”

    Mark sympathize with that?

    NO sympathy for that slimey evil bastard. May he not even find the peace of rotting in hell.

  59. pacificoceanboy says


    I repeat the quote from Falwell’s own lips in refference to why innocent babies are born suffering from HIV

    “AIDS is not just God’s punishment for homosexuals; it is God’s punishment for the society that tolerates homosexuals.”

    Compasion for that? Hah! The man was a threat to the entire human species and he has been removed. Thank you DEATH oh mighty and wonderful death for cleaning up the trash. A little too slow on getting the job done but in the end thank you DEATH. May all those innocent babies who died of aids piss upon falwell’s head for all eternity.

  60. Dita3000 says

    Good Riddance!!! He hated the gays, backstabbed Jim and Tammy Baker and was just a smugg fuckin DICK! ROCK-A-BYE BITCH!

  61. Zeke says

    Oooooh, Mark. You’ve made me feel so ashamed. I’m a hypocritical, hateful and intolerant liberal.

    I guess I have two choices:

    1) I could go through years of therapy and reorientation to become a good, all love, all the time, intolerance tolerating Liberal or;

    2) I could go downtown and, with one stroke of the pen, change my political affiliation to match my hypocrisy, hatefulness and intolerance.

  62. Richard says

    Wouldn’t it be great if Fred Phelps and his band of crazies protested at his funeral!!!!!

  63. dan says

    PO BOY — what i said was show compassion for the people he left behind, and show some dignity for yourself by not wallowing in the same verbal trough as Falwell. You don’t need to quote the man to me…I know what he was about. What I’m saying is don’t become the same thing. Just because its gay people spewing bile doesn’t make it anything but bile.

  64. Landis says

    Don’t celebrate just yet. Just because the person died, it does not mean the ideology that he emobodied did. There will surely be others to come along and replace him.

    I respectfully disagree with Dan and Mark ‘s comments. I don’t live in America, but I understand this – Americans only respect brute force. Mercy, sensitivity, higher ground are not attributes that work in American politics.

    If you, Dan and Mark, believe your LGBT world to be under attack (which it is), then you should toss all those higher ground bullshit aside and fight. And btw, stop collaborating with your enemies (i.e. the Republican religious right). Unless, of course, you want to be dragged out of your homes like the Jews in WWII and sent merrily along to the gas chambers.

    Then again, maybe you don’t give a damn about that sort of things.

  65. Rey says

    MATT makes an astute observation. Those of us over a certain age (say, 35?) are more happy to see this disgusting man pass because we lived with the oppression he perpetuated. His hateful comments were commonplace as I was growing up.

    It’s important to note that the world is changing slightly. Those of you who are younger are lucky to experience a world that has more access to information, facts, and the truth than the generations before you who had to rely on those who seized (or stole in Falwell’s case) the power to get their message across.

    As a side, I had a college roommate from Virginia who sported a lovely bumper sticker: THE MORAL MAJORITY IS NEITHER

  66. pacificoceanboy says


    point taken.

    But none the less, I am not a god. I am human and being human is being full of passion, bile, vitriol, wrath, and coo coo for cooco puffs.

    Thank you glorious wonderful death for cleaning out the trash.

    PS Dan, just be grateful we aren’t like our ancestors of old who would have roasted him on a spit and nibbled on his bones laughing all the way. Verbal vitriol is way btter than he gave, better than he deserves, and better than humanity would have given him minus a thousand years or so.

  67. Brian says

    Dan I agree with you in principle, but the man’s effect on our society was so toxic that it’s hard to comment on his life and “work” without speaking ill of the dead. It’s a good example of how true evil brings out the worst in otherwise good people.

  68. Jeff says

    I think people are entitled to let a little steam off on such occasions and to say good riddance. I’ll feel the same way when Fred Phelps croaks. And I felt the same when John Paul II bought it. Though it won’t change much, the world is a better place with them not in it.

  69. dan says

    landis — thats a really perverse viewpoint. as a pacifist who believes in the methods of ghandi, king, and others, i don’t buy into it. i don’t view my efforts at being a person of dignity, and compassion, and respect for humanity to be an act of collaboration with the enemy. and come one man…gay people are not exactly under attack like the jews in germany. what kind of effect are you hoping to generate with an unrealistic hyperbolic comparison like that. its irresponsible. i don’t share your world view, and in the words of one of the great songs of the civil rights movement…”ain’t gonna let nobody turn me around…”

  70. Zeke says

    Dan, dude, come down off the cross, we’re gonna need the wood.

    You play compassionate and self-righteous and then call someone the “Fred Phelps of FAGGOTRY”. And then you have the audacity to preach to people here about being kind and compassionate?

    How old were you during the 80’s, at the height of the AIDS epidemic? Were you around when Falwell started the Christian Coalition? Were you around when he berated people dying of AIDS AND those who cared for them? Were you there when he told their families that their loved one was suffering because of God’s judgment and that their loved one would forever burn in hell?

    Do you know something that we don’t know?

    Are members of Jerry Falwell’s family regular visitors to Towleroad? Do you have evidence that anyone here has sent any hateful messages to his family?

    If you have information that you’re not sharing about how people here are assaulting Jerry’s family directly, the way he assaulted AIDS patients’ families directly, then you should give it up. Otherwise stop whining and go away.

  71. dan says

    PO BOY — your PS was brilliant and hilarious. Totally. You’re right, I am glad. Evolution on every level, physical and spiritual is a good thing.

  72. Mike_in_Lancaster says

    I’m apparently of the ripe old age, enough to feel a significant measure of joy at the passing, of what I’ve long know to be the personification of a truly awful person.

    I’m glad that I have the experience and perspective to know what it means to so many people to be rid of such a hateful person.

    At the same time, having VERY recently found myself frighteningly less separated by degrees (one very small degree) from the Reverend Doctor, I have the burden of knowing he was capable of small kindness to people who have been very kind to me.

    So for what it’s worth, he’s dead, mourn or celebrate, just be glad it’s over.

  73. Zeke says

    Dan and Mark, did you call for compassion and thoughtfulness when Sadam died?

    Honest question.

  74. Anon says

    I’m converting to Christianity for a day just so I can believe that he’ll burn in hell.

  75. gryphon773 says


    gay people are not exactly under attack like the jews in germany

    Uh, look into your history – gays were in the concentration camps also

  76. dan says

    actually zeke, yeah, i was. i’ve worked for AIDS organizations as a volunteer since the ’80’s right up until last weekend. I’ve been an ESV volunteer, delivered meals, organized walks, and led support groups for over 20 years. I’ve lost friends to the disease just like most people on this board. And I use none of it as an excuse to set my humanity aside, for any reason. Some people came out of that era loaded down with hate and anger. Some didn’t. I didn’t. Sorry you did. Now fuck off.

  77. Iko says

    Does it make me a bad person if I email Phelps and encourage him to protest at Fslwell’s funeral? How would the Christian Right react to a group even more to the Right than themselves? It seems almost too perfect.

  78. dan says

    zeke — um, not sure why the saddam question, but yeah, i did. I was horrified by the invasion of Iraq and marched against it. I was disgusted by the way his execution played out publicly. The whole thing made me sick to my stomach, and continues to make me sick to my stomach. I definitely felt for his family. No one deserves to see the people they love treated with so little dignity.

  79. adamblast says

    One suspects that Ghandi probably wouldn’t be as much of a rude & name-calling troll as you love to be, Dan.

  80. dan says

    gryphon — yes i’m aware of history. i’m also aware that the word “are” indicates that we are talking about the present, while the word “were” indicates the past.

  81. Watusi says

    Dying alone, in a cold empty office, without the comfort of his family at his side, couldn’t be a better way for a biggot like him to leave this Earth.

    Now if only the rest of the leaders of the American-Christian Taliban would follow his example……

  82. Landis says

    Dan: Pacifism is great, but I dont think its a concept that works in America.
    1) Re: Zeke’s god-son bullying
    2) Re: Gay senior killed in Detriot, with no law enforcement follow up
    3) Bush to veto Matthew Sheppard bill
    4) 4 attacks on americans based on orientation (

    Yes, please do go on and tell me how pacifism lead to better world in America.

    Like I said, the under current of American politics is driven by force and not by reasons, dialogues, or even common interest.

  83. sac reader says

    Just something else for you to know about Rev. Falwell. Rev Jerry Sloan won $5000 from Rev Falwell in a law suit (details can be found on wikipedia or with Google). Jerry Sloan used that money to found the Sacramento Gay and Lesbian center. The center has successfully helped thousands of GLBTQI people in California. I’m sure he is turning over in his grave that it was founded by his money, but there is one legacy from Rev. Falwell that is good and continues to teach people to love and not hate.

  84. nycredneck says

    I love how conservatives think tolerance means tolerating intolerance…do you honestly not see the insanity in that thought proces???

    He was a bad person. You don’t have to be nice to them when they die. Are we nice to Hitler? I’m not comparing him to Hitler (though i’m certain his hate caused the deaths and/or suicides of many).

    I grew up in VA and know the true level of his hatred, lies, and misuse of the Bible. I’m fairly certain it wasn’t God who called him home.

  85. dan says

    landis — like i said, i disagree with your world view. i believe in what i believe in, you believe in what you believe in. go ahead, man the barricades. i won’t stop you.

  86. Mike_in_Lancaster says


    It might have been God that called him home, for a VERY long over due talking to.

  87. Will says

    Yeah, I’d like to be a better person and have compassion for those he left behind, but, nahhh. I want to piss on that bastard’s grave. Thank God he is dead!!!!! Fucking miserable money-grubbing, power mad asshat. I only wish I believed in a hell for him to rot in.

    As for his relatives and friends, fuck ’em. They believe just like he does. If not, then I’m sure they’re glad he’s gone too.

  88. Landis says

    Dan: I have no problem with your world view.

    What I do have a problem is using that world view – which happen to not work in America – and preach others based on that. If you want to preach, please preach from a rationally, logically sensible position. I just feel otherwise you are encouraging us getting gay bashed.

  89. Zeke says

    Dan is a pacifist right up until the moment that he’s provoked, then he tells people to “f*ck off” or calls them the “Phelps of faggotry”.

    How kind, how compassionate.

    Gandhi would be so proud.

  90. gryphon773 says

    So using your logic, 6 million gays and lesbians have to be killed in the here and now before something is done about the kind of hate that Falwell spewed?

  91. dan says

    landis — what i said, and what i have been saying is nothing like you are interpreting. i read the post and the comments and i was a little turned off by the vitriol, so i posted a comment that said, in effect, show some compassion for the people he left behind, and some dignity for yourself by not engaging in the same crap he did. how is that encouraging someone to be gay bashed? if a basher comes at you, defend yourself. if someone is saying shit about you, defend yourself. speak out, march, protest, all of those things are in line with non-violent change. even the posts on this board are. all i’m saying is that to do it now, after he’s dead, is sort of like a gang kicking a corpse. its gross. it won’t affect him, because he’s dead, but its kind of the same shit fred phelps does at funerals. that is the whole extent of what i’m saying.

  92. Leland says

    There IS reason to expect things to improve slightly for those Falwell made a living out of demonizing by his passing. No movement, for good or ill, achieves much without exceptional, dynamic leaders. The Black civil rights movement existed for decades, with several outstanding players, before Martin Luther King, Jr., came along [in the middle of an already existing bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama] as the right man at the right time to become the symbol to the rest of the world. And while many good men and women survived his assassination, none have yet replaced him.

    On the opposite end of the moral spectrum, millions of people hate gays in the name of Jesus just as much as they did the day before Ted Haggard confessed to homo sex. But no one has yet replaced him as “Mr. Evangelical” on the TV talk shows and the factory for self-righteous hatred, excuse me, mega church has lost enough of their revenue stream that they’ve had to lay off people, just as mentioned above D. James Kennedy’s empire is shrinking after his disabling.

    But there are dinosaurs still out there, and probably the only people happier about Falwell’s death than me are Lou Sheldon, head troll of the Traditional Coalition, Donald Wildmon, head troll of the American Family Association, James Dobson, head troll of Focus on the Family, and a couple of others who can’t wait for the opportunity to take Falwell’s seat in front of the TV cameras of the news departments who continued to welcome him no matter how vile and vicious and dishonest his remarks.

    His funeral? Place your bets on whether John McCain and Romney will make appearances.

  93. dan says

    zeke — go back and read your posts, then get back to me about name calling. actually don’t get back to me. your’re lame.

  94. Landis says

    Btw Dan and Mark, I think you should review this hilarious clip from Robot Chicken on J3sus.

  95. Pugzz says

    I loooove GM’s comment!

    It’s not sad that he died. Everyone dies. Good riddance indeed! Evil old fool!

  96. dan says

    gryphon — um, not sure how to respond. what i was saying is that the problems faced by gay people right now don’t compare to the holocaust. not even a little bit. thats all. i don’t think we’re in that kind of danger.

  97. Will says

    Hey Dan, knock yourself out with your outlook. Follow your own course, but get out of my way. I believe in fighting fire with more fire, not by kindly asking the fire if it would put itself out. I always call out bigotry when I hear it, no matter who says it. You have to talk back to the right-wing scum. They must be made aware that there are repercussions to their speech/actions. I don’t hit first, but I will hit back. I don’t turn the other cheek.

  98. Landis says


    Ok, I think we can agree to disagree.

    I think their family will get on just fine. If anything, someone from that family is going to inherit that *throne* of his and make him/herself be a real pain in the a$$ for the community. We really should save our sympathy for someone else who really needs it.

  99. soulbrotha says

    Dan, let me ask you this: Do you know anything about his family? Do you know what his wife feels? How do you know that they even HAD a genuinely loving marriage? How do you know that she isn’t secretly jumping for joy because now she can stop having a secret affair with one of the congregant and love him freely? How do you know that she isn’t HAPPIER than the rest of us, because he was probably just as much of a prick at home that he was in public?
    You don’t. You don’t know whether his family loved him or hated his guts. And if his wife was to rave that he berated and belittled her in the same fashion as he did gays, Blacks and “non-Christians” and that she is glad to be free of him, would you call her out as being disrespectful to her in-laws? I doubt it.
    You have a right to react to his death any way you choose. But so does everyone else.

    Only my momma had the right to tell me how to act. And you ain’t my momma!

  100. dan says

    soulbrotha — no, i don’t. you’re absolutely right. but i’ve lost family members, so i know how it feels. and i like to show others the same regard that i was shown when people i loved left this world. thats all. and i’m not telling you what to do. do whatever you want, just don’t call it justified.

  101. Mark says

    Personally I love his spokesperson’s line about Falwell having “heart challenges.” The challenge was, of course, that he didn’t have one. I so hope he rots in hell and that Pat Robertson isn’t far behind.

  102. Paul says


    I’m watching MSNBC right now and it’s so frustrating to watch the softball coverage…I hate TUCKER!

  103. says

    I remember when Reagan died and alot of the “older” gays around me were almost elated to see him go. I didn’t understand. I remember thinking, “that’s so cruel to be happy someone’s dead…”

    But then I heard their experiences. I respect the dead, but I also respect the experiences of others. While I won’t celebrate Falwell’s passing, I won’t hush those who do. Same as if Bin Laden himself were to have keeled over today instead.

    I think, for me anyways, by the time I was old enough to know/care about Falwell, there was so much more information available. With the internet, a population a bit more open-minded and the beginnings of a national discourse on homosexuality, Falwell’s words weren’t as powerful. I think that’s the difference between “older” gays and younger. Anyone with a functioning brain (and a non-religious zombie) knows AIDS isn’t “God’s wrath,” NOW, but back in the ’80s not so much. Altho, someone did say today that Robertson and Falwell were partly responsible for Reagan’s ignorance to gays in the ’80s. So, hopefully for some of us gays, a chapter is partially closing.

    Finally, what a terrible thing to hear on your birthday! Whether good news or not. BUT, happy birthday Andy! Mine was last Tuesday! Yay for fellow Taureans! With company like moi, Cher, Janet Jackson and Streisand, May apparently is the ‘mo friendly month to be born in.

  104. Zeke says

    Dan, I’m not the one claiming to be a pacifist and calling for compassion so my posts aren’t what’s in question here.

    By the way, where did you make these alleged calls for compassion when Saddam was hanged? According to the archives it wasn’t here at Towleroad.

    You have no cred bubba.

  105. hoya86 says

    Dan –

    at the end of the day, good luck to you if you think gay men and women are not under circumstances similar to those of jews in 1930’s Germany.

    I read each of your posts and I can understand the “pacificist” position and perhaps it does have a place in the response to the hate directed at gay people everyday, however, if others choose a different method (particularly one that may have benefited you in the past – think ACT UP!) then don’t hate. You don’t have to love it, just don’t shit on it.

  106. FizziekruntNT says

    Wheeeeeeeee! I’m so happy I just pee’d a little in my underpants. Now who’s gonna organize this Tinky Winky march on his grave? Disgusting troglodyte filth! I’d pull a parade float across town by a rope with my teeth just to march a handful of the victims of that evil bastard’s bile in front of his own funeral procession.


  107. dan says

    zeke — i love that you cared enough to research me. i hadn’t even heard of towleroad when saddam was executed. but thanks for checking.

  108. Gregg says

    My only regret about his death is that he didn’t have a chance to change his views before he died.

    Maybe now that he’s passed on he can see how foolish his life was, and he’ll make an appearance on “The Ghost Whisperer” to apologize.

  109. woodroad34 says


    While I’m sure you’re well-meaning…don’t forget an eye for an eye. That evil shit’s attitude to people with AIDS was as deadly to them as if he had a knife in his hand stabbing each and everyone of them. There will be no peace for the wicked and he was one of the worst. His body’s rotting now and his soul rotted long ago. Allow US to be happy that the one more shard of evil is gone. If his family is sorrowful about his death, they deserve to be shunned as well for being insensitive to his evil effects on innocent people in this country. This is no loss for the world, just for the mean-spirited people he represented. Would you say the same thing about Hitler or Stalin?

  110. dan says

    hoya — there are no parallels between gay people’s life today and those of nazi germany and to suggest there is in insulting to the victims of the holocaust.

    i was actually a member of ACT-UP in its short lived Baltimore incarnation, before it imploded over its tactics and ineffectiveness. The organization was actually founded on the tenants of non-violent protest, and mostly followed them, understanding that the surest way to draw attention to the crisis was to create visceral picture in people’s minds that would create sympathy and awareness. the street protests, die-ins, infiltrating meetings, all of it were very much in line with non-violent movements around the world and throughout history. while i disagreed with some of the things that were done, mostly i would agree with you that they did good work. but corpse kicking was never one of the tactics we used.

  111. dan says

    woodroad — first, i don’t believe in an eye for an eye, but secondly no, i’m not saying have compassion for falwell. if you can, great, if not, whatever. i don’t. but yeah, public excoriations of someone on the day they died, pretty horrible. i would be pretty grossed out by it no matter the circumstances.

  112. phil says

    In his honor, let’s all think of some way to exploit this sad event to advance our causes and line our pockets.

  113. JCW says

    Damn! I’m too late for the “Ding-Dong” jokes! Instead I’ll just say NASTY – just NASTY! Not a nice person – exploited public fears and predjudice to gain power and wealth – NASTY!

    I find it a little ironic that Mr. “Let me point out everyone else’s sins” died from a disease that the “sin” of gluttony contributed to – guess he liked to pick and choose exactly which “sins” counted, and which ones didn’t.

    Be assured that Mr. Fartwell is now in the Hell that he made for himself while he was on this earth. He now knows exactly how much hatred he contributed to the world while he was alive, and will now spend eternity with nothing to do but regret it.

    I actually pity the man – but that doesn’t stop me from feeling glad he’s gone.

    One down…..

  114. ReasonBased says


    At least fundamentalists like Falwell are more intellectually honest than “liberal” , salad-bar christians who pick and chose passages from the bible that suits them and ignore the really embarrassing ones. That hateful concoction of ancient parables written by goat herders 2,000 years ago CLEARLY condems you for who you are. The new testament calls gays “worthy of death” and the old testament prescribes the punishment required (hint: it involves stones)

    Why do so many of you so desperately want to belong to a cult that is based on a text which considers you worthy of death?

  115. says

    Almost everyone is being so kind and charitable, so I’ll chime in. Falwell was a low down bigoted bastard from hell who lived a life of luxury preaching hate for decades. My only regret is that he did not lay in bed paralyzed for an extended period of time completely aware of his surroundings. As for respecting his friends and family, who cares. Anyone who bought into his ideology is just as worthless.

  116. Leland says

    “there are no parallels between gay people’s life today and those of nazi germany”??? — WHAT drives you to type some definitive nonsense, Dan. Much of what you’ve written can be filed under “difference of OPINION,” but this is invincible ignorance. Are they “as bad” as they were in Nazi Germany? Absolutely not. FAR from it, in fact. But when gays and lesbians and transgenders are still DYING in America in the 21st Century, sometimes at the hands of others, sometimes by their own hands, because of homohatred, then by god those ARE parallels to what happened in Germany and are “bad enough” for me AND, most importantly, are the result, in part, of Falwell’s 30 years of demonization. Just because there is no parallel to “the State” rounding us up as was done in Germany [though there is some small comparison in DADT] is only a difference of degree. Matthew Shepard wouldn’t be any more dead nor his parents and brother miss him more had he been bludgeoned to death by members of the SS in 1938 Germany than by two local crackers in 1998 Wyoming. His murder and those of Brandon Tina and Scotty Joe Weaver and Gwen Araujo and Billy Jack Gaither et al., and the suicides of Jim Wheeler and Marcus Wyman and Joshua Melo et al., and the daily terror of countless others are all moral equal.

    Strange how you can spend your whole day ranting and raving about the insensitivity to the death of one monster but yet stoop to playing numbers games in your defense. Now who’s insulting whom?

  117. JCW says

    Damn! I’m too late for the “Ding-Dong” jokes! Instead I’ll just say NASTY – just NASTY! Not a nice person – exploited public fears and predjudice to gain power and wealth – NASTY!

    I find it a little ironic that Mr. “Let me point out everyone else’s sins” died from a disease that the “sin” of gluttony contributed to – guess he liked to pick and choose exactly which “sins” counted, and which ones didn’t.

    Be assured that Mr. Fartwell is now in the Hell that he made for himself while he was on this earth. He now knows exactly how much hatred he contributed to the world while he was alive, and will now spend eternity with nothing to do but regret it.

    I actually pity the man – but that doesn’t stop me from feeling glad he’s gone.

    One down…..

  118. Ted says

    Satan speed you fat, grotesque, shit spitting, jowl jiggling, apartheid supporting, money grubbing, jew hating, hate spewing tub of scum.
    That there’s a whole lot of worm-feed.
    Eat up, boys!
    And while you do, Tinky and I’ll be sucking each other off like there’s no tomorrow.

  119. soulbrotha says


    Outside of religion & the law, what is considered “justified” is a personal decision.
    And since are neither god nor king, you cannot tell anyone what is justified and what is not.

  120. soulbrotha says


    Outside of religion & the law, what is considered “justified” is a personal decision.
    And since you are neither god nor king, you cannot tell anyone what is justified and what is not.

  121. JCW says


    “there are no parallels between gay people’s life today and those of nazi germany”

    Geez, buddy! What do you think the pink triangle stands for?

  122. Mike says

    Wow what a relief, I was having a slow and tired day and this news really put a pep in my step so to speak. It’s odd that I feel this way but he was truly an evil man. He did not care about us and our lives and the lives of many others. Words can turn into misunderstanding and violence. Do you think he would really care if a Dr. who performs abortion was killed?
    The smiles and laughter and energy in my department at work this afternoon, gay and str8 alike really showed that this man will not be missed by the real moral majority of this country.

  123. Leland says

    Another homo-exploiting huckster who came in his pants the moment he heard Fartwell croaked is Newtron Bomb Gingrich whom Fartwell had invited to be the commencement speaker at this Saturday’s “‘Liberty’ ‘University'” graduation [his second]. Talk about timing! His topic was to be “Rediscovering God in America” and y’all can be sure his priceless hour in the spotlight will be heavily seeded with fake humble efforts to associate himself with the Moral Majority mythology that Fartwell patented in an effort to leap frog over the other ruthless Repugs who want to move into the White House. Can’t remember what the Chinese recently observed, but I think that politically we can proclaim 2007 The Year of the Reptile.

  124. Tom says

    Looks like Larry Flynt and Jerry were good buddies:


    Like two old friends, evangelist Jerry Falwell and Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt sat side by side Saturday, bantering and joking about their free speech case that wound up before the U.S. Supreme Court.

    “I’m his pastor but he’s one of my rebellious sheep,” joked Falwell, who sued Hustler in the 1980s for running a parody advertisement that suggested Falwell had lost his virginity to his mother in an outhouse.

    “We’re good friends. We just have strong disagreements,” Falwell, 64, said during a panel discussion at the University of Virginia.

    Flynt, who turned 55 on Saturday, said that he gets on well with the fundamentalist preacher and anti-pornography crusader.

    “In recent months, Jerry and I have established a relationship. I like him very much,” Flynt said. “Regardless of how much you disagree with someone, when you meet them in person you always find something to agree about.”

    The two men had precious little to agree about a decade ago. Flynt’s sex magazine ran the ad parody in its November 1983 issue and Falwell sued Flynt and Hustler for $45 million, accusing the magazine of libel, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

    The Baptist minister won on the emotional-distress charge and a federal jury in Roanoke awarded him $200,000 in damages.

    But in 1988, the Supreme Court unanimously overturned the award by ruling that even pornographic spoofs enjoy First Amendment protection.

    The story was made into an Academy Award-nominated movie, “The People vs. Larry Flynt.”

    While stressing his support for the First Amendment, Falwell said that the court’s decision removed all barriers of taste.

    “Television has certainly taken advantage of this case,” Falwell said. “There has been a general denigration of the quality of viewing.”

    But Flynt praised the ruling, saying there should be no limits to what is published or broadcast.

    “The price you pay for living in a free society is toleration,” said Flynt, who is wheelchair-bound since a 1978 assassination attempt left him paralyzed from the waist down.

    The two men’s appearance attracted an audience of several hundred to the University of Virginia Law School, many of whom asked Falwell and Flynt to autograph books about the case.

  125. Stephen says

    Andy- Happy Birthday thank heavens you were born so that Towleroad could exist. It is my lifeline to the real world, living in Virginia that I do.

    By cruel coincidence, I met Dr. Falwell when I had a job with a local Baptist church years ago. He was in imposing man in many ways. Was he profundly misguided? Yes, definitely, and in his delusion he gave fuel to the fires of bigotry and homophobia. His legacy is one of hatred and ignorance and as the good book says “what ye sow, ye shall reap”. It can only be hoped his absence will allow for a better understanding among self-avowed Christians and the rest of us. My hope is that there will now be room for honest dialogue between the GLBT community and people of faith now that a significant impediment to that happening has been removed.

  126. caveman says

    good riddance fatass, you made the world a better place just by leaving it.
    relax & enjoy the warm weather, you deserve it.

  127. Dan B says

    Turns out that obesity causes heart disease, and not feminism, abortion, and tolerance of the homosexual agenda.

  128. JT says

    Dan, Dan, Dan… you’re glib

    (Sorry, but I couldn’t resist).

    The people who are passionately pleased about the passing of this pusilanimous, smug, pug of a man have a right to their feelings. The scorn leveled against him is the scorn he earned through deliberate effort on his part. It would be disingenuous to worry about his family when his family likely believed as he did. You may turn the other cheek, and feel good about it. I’d be a hypocrite if I did.

    Maybe, someday, we will have a society that feels genuine sorrow and compassion for all human beings. But you’ll just have to excuse me if I can’t feel compassion for someone who inspired so much ignorance and hate, and did so willfully, mindfully, righteously, and deliberately.

  129. dan says

    i have to get on with my life, but re: gays and nazi germany, here is a history lesson for you. in nazi germany, the acting government stripped people of their property, rounded up people, put them in trains, shipped them into the countryside, imprisoned them in camps, and murdered them. that was then. the gays that are remembered by the pink triangle are those people. gay people murdered today are not rounded up, shipped away, and shot or gassed by their own military. the people who kill them are arrested, tried, and sent to prison, or sentenced to death, as was almost the case in the matthew shepard case, however dennis shepard intervened and asked for clemency for his son’s killers.

    to imply that somehow these few people who commit these acts are the same as an entire government doing it as an act of policy is a facile and immature argument, that again, is insulting to the victims of the nazis.

    please stop with the holocaust comparisons. they are putrid.

  130. Brandon says

    I guess I kind of agree with Dan here. While I understand the elation at the death of someone who was so hurtful– especially while invoking G_d– I think that putting out that negative, hateful energy invites bad karma into YOUR life. I guess I’d ask, for our own sakes, that we just be glad that there’s one less voice out there preaching intolerance/hate. Let’s not “dance” on his grave. Have a good day guyz & gals!

  131. Chapeau says

    Ditto .. on the sentiment expressed by many more before me. Good Riddance to bad rubbish!

    1 down … and Robertson, Dobson, Phelps, Kennedy, and several others to go !

  132. Michael says

    I give up, Dan. You win. The Mental Retardation Award, that is. And I nominate you to replace Fartwell, for you have so much in common in your insistence in twisting others’ words and dishonesty and/or blindness to your own self-contradictions just to attempt to prove you’re right, intellectually and morally superior, and better informed. None of which, I need point out, is true. May others forgive an encore, but you are “a part of the problem not the solution.”

  133. dan says

    michael — the mental retardation award? is that the best you can do little man? is that really your interpretation of a coherent argument? can you point out any holes in anything i’ve said, any inaccuracies, anything incorrect? seriously, i’m curious?

  134. says

    Task Force leader responds to death of the Rev. Jerry Falwell
    The Rev. Jerry Falwell, founder of the Moral Majority, died today at the age of 73.

    “The death of a family member or friend is always a sad occasion and we express our condolences to all those who were close to the Rev. Jerry Falwell. Unfortunately, we will always remember him as a founder and leader of America’s anti-gay industry, someone who exacerbated the nation’s appalling response to the onslaught of the AIDS epidemic, someone who demonized and vilified us for political gain and someone who used religion to divide rather than unite our nation.”
    — Task Force Executive Director Matt Foreman

  135. Gregoire says

    “Some people came out of that era loaded down with hate and anger. Some didn’t. I didn’t. Sorry you did. Now fuck off.”

    See Dan, contradict yourself much?

  136. dan says

    gregoire — good point. i thought it was funny and “ironic” but whatever, you’re right, it wasn’t. apologies all around.

  137. alice says

    Thank god he is gone. Not all peoplw who kill gays get caught or go to jail though DAN….us gays still have a loooooong way to go.

    Oh and screw Jerry Fallwell may he do just that… FALLWELL into hell.

  138. Jason Young says

    I must admit that I am happy to see him go. Just as I will be happy to see Pat Robertson and James Dobson go one day. I grew up Southern Baptist and they taught me to hate myself even if only through their proxies. I nearly killed myself because I hated myself so much and its because of douche bags like him.

    So no I won’t forgive him and his underlings for what he has done. In fact I plan to spread secular thought as much as possible now in order to counter the evil that he and his religion brings to the world. Maybe not all Christianity is evil but the Bible contains so much evil and if you don’t believe just read Deuteronomy and later on the Story of Job. The guy doesn’t deserve any respect. In fact I was talking shit about him and Robertson two days ago and so my opinion on him hasn’t changed at all.

    The world is a better place without him. He was evil for what he has done to kids who grew up gay and Southern Baptist. What makes him worse though than say Fred Phelps, who I pity more than I hate, is the huge amounts of money that he made from his hate. I know one thing just sitting back and being quite isn’t getting us anywhere and I am full of hate now but it’s because they taught me to hate myself and now I’ve redirected it toward them. Maybe one day I will stop and I must because otherwise it will consume me but that probably won’t happen until I deal with the pain that is bound to happen from my coming out to my Southern Baptist parents/family who will likely disown me due at least in part to the work of this evil vile man. The world is a better place today without him and his hate. By the way I’m only 23 but most of the gay kids in the South hated him as soon as they found out who he was. His legacy is one of hate and I hope that there is a hell and he is burning there because there are few who are more deserving.

  139. anon says

    The problem with hatred, of course, it not just that it hurts the hated, but scars the hater even more, and blocks compassion, which is exactly what JF lacked. His vile contempt of modernity was a shell that blocked compassion for anyone or anything he deemed modern; and yet he was more harmed by his own hatred in many ways than anyone he railed against. It poisoned his soul, so to speak. He gave into temptations of all sorts, which while neither wine nor women, had the baneful effects of common excesses nevertheless. Live by hate, die by hate. Reap as ye have sown.

  140. Oscar says

    Hurrah, hurrah.
    There is a party in Hell to welcome Satan’s right hand on Earth. Finally his Evil Master called him to his side. Even better he died alone and in the floor, exactly as he deserved. Now it is his evil legacy what has to be destroy.
    Hurrah, hurrah.

  141. Leland says

    Those slithering sounds you hear?

    First, the reliable fellow snakes:

    “Jerry’s passions and convictions changed the course of our country for the better over the last 20 years.” – James Dobson, Focus on the White Heterosexual Homohating Family

    “[He] was a tower of strength on many of the moral issues which have confronted our nation.” – Pat Yep It Was the Sodomites & Lezzies That Caused 911 Robertson.

    Now the Snakes Who Would Be King:

    “We all have great respect for him.” – Republican presidential candidate Rudy I Will Say ANYTHING To Get Elected Giuliani

    “An American who built and led a movement based on strong principles and strong faith has left us. He will be greatly missed, but the legacy of his important work will continue through his many ministries where he put his faith into action.” – Mitt Jesus Makes My Underpants And I Too Will Say Anything To Get Elected Romney

    “Dr. Falwell was a man of distinguished accomplishment who devoted his life to serving his faith and country.” – Sen. John Cancer of the Integrity McCain. DOCTOR Falwell!!!!

    “His life is a testament not only to the power of faith to move hearts, but to the strength of the American ethos that stresses the importance of citizenship … He was a great leader, a person totally sustained by his faith but able to work with many people from many different backgrounds without imposing rigidity on anyone else.” – Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Sweetheart I Know You Have Cancer But My Mistress Wants Me To Get A Divorce Gingrich.

  142. mark m says

    You reap what you sow is truly appropriate here.

    Liberals aren’t celebrating because Falwell was a conservative.

    When a conservative evangelist like Billy Graham passes away, there may not be many tears shed by liberals who never approved of what he believed in or his vocation. But I seriously doubt you will see the kind of revelling that is happening here.

    Because you reap what you sow. As much as I might disagree with Billy Graham on a multitude of issues, I respect him for his integrity. I will be sad when Billy Graham passes away, because he was an opponent (of sorts) who I can admire.

    No, liberals here aren’t celebrating the passing of a conservative. They’re celebrating the passing of a monster.

    There’s a huge difference.

  143. hoya86 says

    Dan –

    re: giving someone a history lesson.

    Let me just say that the govt of 1930’s-40’s Germany was able to do what it did to Jews because they first started with the lies and propaganda. (page 1 in Karl Rove’s playbook)

    One of the first things they said/lied about was that it was the Jews who were responsible for the onerous treatment of Germany after WWI as embodied by the Treaty of Versailles. A lie and everyone who heard it, knew but because Jews were Jews who cared. The same thing happens today when, for instance, an evangelical equates homosexuality with child molestation as the reason to deny gay men and women teaching jobs in public schools, adoption rights (hello, Florida!) etc..etc.. Everyone who hears that nonsenses KNOWS it’s not true but no one bothers to correct the record and soon it becomes part of the reason that gay men and women can be marginalized, and/or denied basic civil and human rights afforded to everyone else.

    I could go on and provide many other examples of the similarities between what is happening now and what happened before but I fear that you’ve dug such a deep hole in your defense of the ridiculous you’d never hear me.

    In an earlier post you said you wanted to get on with you I said before, good luck to you.

  144. Leland says

    Proving the whole world is made up of size queens of one type or another, most of the mainstream media obits I’ve read so far are outrageously soft-pedaling what a documented lying monster he was to concentrate on his political power and influence. Kinda like writing, “Hitler was Chancellor of Germany, idolized by his people, rebuilt their military, one of the most important people in History, and, oh yeah, a few Jews, Gypsies, gays, and handicapped people died.”

    I just sent the following to a writer at the “Washington Post,” and I respecfully urge each of you to use your justified anger and passion seen here today to similarly ping the sources of other national and local obits you encounter:

    In subsequent versions of your Falwell obit, you might want to mention, as the Post eventually reported, that barely two weeks AFTER he publicly apologized for blaming 9/11 on “abortion rights activists, gay people, civil liberties activists.” et al., a fund-raising letter on “Jerry Falwell Ministries” stationery signed by his son went out that claimed that “liberals, and especially gay activists, have launched a vicious smear campaign to discredit him. … [He is] being roundly vilified by the news media for remarks he made in a TV interview while calling for spiritual revival in America. …Liberals of all stripes, especially in the media, have seized on this opportunity to trash dad’s deeply held Christian beliefs and to literally attack him day and night. …we have lost more than $500,000 in income since the terrorist attacks. … It seems that Satan has launched a hail of fiery darts at dad recently. He needs to know you still support him. Please return the enclosed Vote of Confidence Reply Card right away in the envelope I have provided within the next 5 days…. And with your card, please remember to include a special Vote of Confidence gift for Jerry Falwell of at least $50 or even $100 along with your signed card. Please let Jerry Falwell know you don’t believe the media distortions being spread about him.”

    And was his 9/11 “finger pointing” really any worse morally than his claim in a 1987 fund-raising letter that gays with AIDS were purposely donating blood because “they know they are going to die—and they are going to take as many people with them as they can”?

  145. patrick nyc says

    My cousin died last night in his sleep from a heart attack, at the age of 37, now that is sad.

    Falwell? Fair well, one less asshole breathing my air. And from the size of him we can now feed a family of five every day.

  146. JT says

    Leland: Thanks for calling a spade, ” A spade”.

    Those presidential wannabes sucking at the teat and licking the jackboots of the fundamentalist right are why Dan needs to wake up from dreamland. Religion is politics and vice-versa in this country; while we aren’t yet in concentration camps and hopefully never will be, there are way too many out there who wish we were, and have the political clout to at least try to make it so. I just hope that it is wishful thinking on their part, and not the wishful thinking of those of us who think it couldn’t happen here that history bares out.

  147. degan says

    John Donne wrote; “any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind.” His life was at odds with ours but I cannot find glee in his passing.

  148. Leland says

    John Donne never met Jerry Falwell. If he had, he might have retracted the above.

  149. Kelly says

    The world is a a little bit nicer today. Good riddance. Falwell was the embodiment of evil and I trust that history will reflect that at some point. He was mean spirited and without compassion. Despite many years to learn differently, he never took the opportunity to change. Much too much attention was provided him over the years and while his “legacy” still lives, we are all better that he is no longer here. I am utterly amazed that people that spout this religious nonesense are given such attention and continue to have multitudes of followers. I hope that someday we will become a world where people can think for themselves and not be guided by nuts like Falwell and all the other so called religious leaders.

  150. otto says

    please be wary. Over 200 attorneys/historians/english majors/ass pokers have been hired by the bush admin. in all types of jobs. Satan-the death that keeps on giving.

  151. otto says

    Please be wary. Over 200 attorneys/historians/english majors/ass pokers have been hired by the Bush admin. in all types of jobs. Satan-the death that keeps on giving.

  152. yoshi says

    I’ve read a lot of opinions about Falwell … most biased bullshit. He is a bigot, he is a bad businessman, he is many negative things.

    One thing that Falwell did was to build an institution that will outlive him and carry out his wishes.

    My question to you all – how many of you are building institutions that will outlive yourself?

    It could be mentoring, it could be a company that is diverse, it could be a raising children, it could be being a good uncle or aunt, or living your lives openly? Honestly … how many are you really doing that?

    Leland doesn’t count since he is completely clueless what freedom is. But the rest of your – please what are you doing?

  153. anon says

    Well, the NY Times describes blogs like this today as “divisive” and “vitriolic”. Well, golly, isn’t always nice to get a pat on the head from the all-knowing NY Times!

    It has already been confirmed that Jerry’s kids will be running the family store now.

  154. Matt says

    Watch out, cause if he was ever right about anything, he’s now in a position to do something about it

  155. yoshi says

    NY Time is outmoded … old … not useful anymore … Like I said in my prior post – its planning for the future … the NY Times have failed at that. Falwell has planned well and its up to us to plan to counter the new assualt.

  156. Otto says


    I have given over a 100 (hundred) scholarships in my life. The difference between me and Mr. Falwell is that I never asked the candidates what their religious affiliation is, or what they think about ‘gay’ marriage. He did.

    Mr. Fallwell did do good things-only to benefit him and his checkbooks that he called ‘followers’.

    Otherwise, he was nothing more than a snake-selling, homophobic, bigoted, money stealing ass.

    I only hope that the 3 seconds it took him to hit the floor in his death quell, he was able to pray.

    If not-it’s gettin hot in here.


  157. John C says

    Yoshi: the KKK is still going after its founders are long dead as well. It’s what an institution does that counts, not the fact that it exists.

    Us Europeans continually look in disbelief at the way religion in America is filled with so much hate. Falwell exemplified that Bible-fuelled hatred; the last thing the world–and Christians–need is more people like him.

  158. Mark says

    Absolutely NO. I refuse to feel “sad” for this bigoted, two-faced, slimy, money-grubbing bastard. Jerry Falwell has done more to harm, hinder, and hurt us than any other. And after sooo many years of being pissed on by him and his kind….well, PISS ON THEM!

    And you can bet I’ll be singing the same happy song when the other assholes like Dobson, Reed, and Robertson follow him right on down to just a pile of dust.

    My only regret is that there is insufficient verbiage to fully express my disdain for Falwell. I can spew for all to read….but inside…well, I know exactly how it feels to “rejoice”!

  159. Amanda says

    Well, what a bunch of genuises you all are on this moronic site. The truth is Reverand Jerry Falwell stood up for what is right and true- whehter you want to admit it or not. But, no matter what you believe, it is heartless and cruel to write some of the things you did. But, you will all answer for it someday whether you believe it or not. God will prevail. My condolances go out to the Falwell family in this tragic loss. Reverand Falwell’s legacy will live on- Praise the Lord! He will be missed by many.

  160. Dean says

    A dispicable, hate-filled man? Undoubtedly. Am I glad I’ll never hear a new “Falwell quote”? Absolutely. Do I take joy in his death? No. Reveling in the pain of others is something Falwell would have done. I am better than that.

  161. Dean says

    Amanda, dear, Falwell caused pain and heartache to millions. He carries the blood of those who have been beaten to death, shot, hung and generally abused as well as those who have suicided for his version of “what is right and true”.

    You are right about one thing… God will prevail. I, for one, am glad that He is a kinder God than Falwell was a man. Falwell will need His mercy.

  162. Adam says

    Hey Amanda!
    You sure are right! Anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic, misogynistic Fally-wells was a real saint, god darn it!!
    But don’t you have a church meeting to be at right now? Or a KKK rally?

  163. Nikki says

    All of this high-minded crap is irritating.

    He was a hate-filled human being. Let’s not pretend to be sad that he bit the dust.

    The world is a better place without him.

    Don’t say stupid things like “It’s sad he died, BUT …” He chose his own path; having regret for an enemy’s chosen path is pointless. Know your enemy, but don’t feel sorry for him.

  164. cogster says

    I hate to admit that today I felt sociopathic when I leapt with joy when I read this. Is that sick or P.C.? God rest his poor miserable homosexual soul.

  165. Louie says

    If only he died like the coward he was in life. He died far too peacefully.

    It’s times like this I wish there really was a hell.

  166. anon says

    As a technical note for those here hoping for the worst, I believe Falwell was a Millennialist (of which you can be one of many flavors of course), but this essentially means that he did not believe in an everlasting Hell or punishment. Rather the dead remain dead until they are raised up at the end of Christ’s 1000 year reign for the final judgment and the wicked and non-believers are “burned” until there is nothing left–they are essentially erased and suffer no future damnation. The blessed remain with Christ forever in bliss (though this point is vague). There is also a tradition where this burning is a purification process that cleanses the soul and the damnation ends with sufficient purity. Baptists are generally Millennialists.

  167. JT says

    Amanda, Amanda, Amanda … You’re misguided.

    And I mean that.

    Jerry Falwell stood up for what HE believed in, NOT for what was right OR true. The hate, hurt, and injustice he promoted in the name of a religious point of view with all of its, to many, unquestioned validity, is unconscionable.

    I’d suggest you get an education. FYI – don’t choose “LIberty” University as your source. And consider that we are a diverse people in actuality as well as ideology. One size has never fit all. The flesh betrays the fables. Allow a bit of ambiguity into your life. It is a wondeful thing.

  168. says

    The day it becomes alright for us to say bad things about this man is the day that he shows the slightest amount of human emotion other than hate for something who is gay, who has had an abortion, knows someone who is gay or had an abortion, is a feminist or isn’t a christian.

    Considering the old bastard as bitten the dust, I don’t think he’s going to be showing anything close to a positive attitude towards any of them, so I think it’s all fair for us to bid good riddance to him.

    Most gay people aren’t against Christians the way he was against gay people (some of my very best friends are church-going christians and catholics). We don’t hate simply because someone’s beliefs are different from our own. We’ve lived long enough to be mature and know that. But he didn’t even attempt to be a bigger man. He blamed all the worlds problems on people who didn’t have the same belief as him and he, literally, labeled us terrorists. We have every right to dance on the grave of this terrible worthless man.

    If there is a god, I’m sure Falwell will be in for a wake-up call when he gets to Heaven. He brought more pain upon this Earth than I or most other gay people have. And if there’s no god then he’ll just continue to rot in the ground and for the first time in his life he will be on the same ground as all the evil terrorist gay people that he was against.

  169. Mark says

    Dear Amanda,

    Under normal circumstances I am pretty sure just about everyone here would welcome you.

    I beg you to walk in our shoes. You say he stood up for what is “right and true”. What exactly is “right and true”? Right and true – because he said so?? Right and true even though he brought years and years of pain, hurt, humiliation, legal discrimination, and unwarranted hatred to people he never even met?

    Bashing homosexuals proved to be a real money-maker for Falwell…and he did it repeatedly. He literally used scare tactics to get folks to send money. And once those folks “paid” their obligation – they too felt they had the right to hate.

    Sorry, Amanda. But he has been so cruel for so long that his death brings hope to many.

    Free at last, free at last. Thank God. We are free at last.

  170. Patrick says

    At last his venom spewing and hatred has come to an end. No doubt Anne Coulter will pick up where he has left off.

  171. JL says

    I, for one, hope that Falwell does make it to heaven, and is mighty shocked at who also made it there.

  172. vince says

    The way to change the world is to change people’s minds. As more and more people openly discuss the fact that “God” and “Allah” are completely imaginary, the world becomes a better place. The people who believe in “religion” look sillier and sillier. Eventually, religion becomes a fringe activity that is meaningless.

  173. Zeke says

    Anon, that is a fascinating account of the beliefs of Millenianists. I must admit, I am the son of a Southern Baptist preacher and I spent over twenty years in the Southern Baptist church and I NEVER heard any such accounting of hell. I talked to my father this morning and he had never heard of any Baptist teaching that hell was not eternal either.

    I think it is quite an over statement to say that most Baptist believe in Millenialism, as it pertains to hell. I would suggest that MOST Baptist believe in a hell of everlasting burning, torture, torment and gnashing of teeth.

    Thank god, I am no longer Baptist and I no longer believe in hell so the Millenialism concept is of no consequence to me, just as Falwell’s fate is of no consequence to me, but I feel compelled to correct the record on what most Baptist believe.

    As far as Amanda the troll princess is concerned; she does her occasional drive by homophobic flame bombing and then disappears. Please don’t waste your time and energy trying to reason with her.

  174. Gianpiero says

    The things that F. achieved–the money he raised, the political influence, the media presence–were all at our expense. He built an empire on our backs. Consistently and deliberately.

    The grief of his family, as someone alluded to above, is nothing compared to the grief of the families of those who died of AIDS-related illnesses in the early years, when the government barely acknowledged it (and when Reagan wouldn’t, partly out of fear of disturbing the far-right support that F. had drummed up for him). Nor does it compare to the sorrow/frustration/anguish of of the glbt children growing up over the past three decades in homes (mis)guided by F’s principles, or to those servicemembers who have been discharged because of their orientation under an insupportable policy, or to those people in states–like F’s Virginia–who have seen their hopes for recognition of their civil rights consistently blocked.

    There is always room for voices (even here) that try to call us to consider a “greater humanity.” But in the case of F., whose hate-filled manipulation was so strong and long-lasting, it simply doesn’t fly with me.

    I’m glad he’s gone.

  175. mark m says

    Did anyone else get taken to the Liberty University web site when they clicked on the link to this thread?

    Do we have evangelical hackers playing with Towleroad?

    How funny. If my personal experience with computer geeks is any indication, it makes sense that some of them would be born-again fundamentalists since they usually don’t get to have a lot of sex anyway.

  176. Daniel says

    I can’t shed a tear for a man who worked his whole life to deprive me of my liberty and often succeeded. I also can’t shed a tear for the family and friends who supported him in this.

  177. Dean says

    Sorry, Anon, but I’m going to have to second Zeke. I grew up in the Baptist church and- BY FAR- they believe that hell is hot and ETERNAL.

    And while Amanda may be a troll and “flame-bomber” and it’s probably a waste of time to respond to the ignorant things she(?) says… I think it’s always important to refute such things. Too many time avoidance is seen as condoning or fearful.

  178. anon says


    I’m finding this a very difficult topic to get to the bottom of. Here is a simple description to start with:

    On Premillennialism:

    with the important quote:

    “…that is the belief of a visible reign of Christ in glory on earth with the risen saints for a thousand years, before the general resurrection and judgement.” The term “general ressurrection” is of the dead that had remained dead until that time.

    Also “…He maintains a premillennial distinctive, namely that there would be two resurrections, one of believers before Christ’s reign and then a general resurrection afterwards. …”

    “More recently dispensationalism has been popularized through Hal Lindsey’s 1970s bestseller, The Late, Great Planet Earth and through the Left Behind Series by Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins.Popular proponents of dispensational premillennialism are Dwight Pentecost, John Walvoord (d. 2002), Tim Lahaye, Charles Ryrie (in the notes for the Ryrie Study Bible) and Charles Feinberg. It should be noted that Craig Blaising and Darrell Bock have developed a form of dispensationalism that is growing in popularity known as progressive dispensationalism. This view understands that an aspect of the eschatological kingdom presently exists, but must wait for the millennium to be realized fully.[56]…”

    Here is the key quote so far:

    “For this we declare to you by the word of the Lord, that we who are alive, who are left until the coming of the Lord, will by no means precede those who have died. For the Lord himself, with a cry of command, with the archangel’s call and the sound of God’s trumpet, will descend from heaven, and the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive, who are left, will be caught up in the clouds together with them to meet the Lord in the air; and so we will be with the Lord for ever.” (1 Thessalonians 4:15–17)

    Here is Pat Robertson at least:

    The other main view is termed the post-Tribulation rapture (or “Post-Trib”). This view admits the concept of “rapture” from 1 Thessalonians, and sees the rapture occurring at the end of the seven-year tribulation period. This viewpoint is that Christian believers will be on earth as witnesses to Christ during the entire seven years, until the last day of this age. Post-Tribulation advocates question the “Yo-Yo Theory” which describes the coming of Christ in the clouds for the rapture and then coming back again for the second coming. The Post-Tribulation view represents one all encompassing, grand event. Also, the Bible describes The Tribulation Period as Satan’s reign. God’s Wrath is described as what comes during the latter half of the seven years, The Battle of Armageddon. The post-Tribulation view is supported by Matthew 24:29–31 “Immediately after the tribulation of those days…they shall gather together his elect…”. This is how the end times are described by Pat Robertson in his 1995 novel The End of the Age. Another account which lends support to the idea of a post-Tribulation rapture is in the specific prayer of Jesus that the Father not take us from the earth, but that he (the Father) would nevertheless “keep them from the evil one.” This precludes a pre-Trib or a mid-Trib Rapture to heaven at any time. [20]

  179. anon says

    Part II:

    Notes that JF was a dispensationalist:

    Some dispensationalists, such as Jerry Falwell, have asserted that the Antichrist will be a Jew, based on a belief that the Antichrist will falsely seem to some Jews to fulfill prophesies of the Messiah more accurately than Jesus did[citation needed]. This assertion could not stem from the dispensational belief that “he” who confirms “the covenant with many for one week” (Dan 9:27) refers back to “the prince that shall come” in verse 26. This “prince” will be of the same people that destroyed the city, i.e. Roman, therefore not Jewish.

    “Early church fathers defended the resurrection of the dead against the pagan belief that the immortal soul went to heaven immediately after death [1]. Currently, however, the popular belief among some Christians is much more in line with what the pagans taught: that the souls of the righteous do go straight to heaven [2][3], and the resurrection of the dead is downplayed[4].”

    Here’s where I might have gone wrong:

    “Several churches, such as the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Christadelphians, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and theologians of different traditions such as N. T. Wright or L. Ray Smith, dismiss the idea of the immortality of a non-physical soul as a vestige of Neoplatonism, and other pagan traditions of spirit/body dualism. In this school of thought, the dead remain dead (and do not immediately progress to a Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory) until a spiritual or physical resurrection of the dead occurs at the end of time. Some groups, Christadelphians in particular consider that it is at this time of resurrection that the judgement will take place.”

    “This is not to say that a belief in eternal life in heaven is contradictory to belief in the resurrection of the body. Most evangelicals believe that those who die in Christ go to be with Christ in heaven (as disembodied souls). But then at the second coming of Christ, there will be a rapture of all believers, including those in Christ who have already died. (‘For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.’ 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17) It is at the point of ‘rapture’ that the souls of dead believers become reunited with their bodies. Then all believers will continue to live with Christ in their glorified, yet physical bodies. They will be both body and soul, as humans were originally created.”

    Well, it’s a muddle, but Baptists currently seem to support the idea of an immediate afterlife. Other denominations do not, so perhaps it was a Seventh-Day Evangelical I was thinking of. The idea of an eternal Hell does not seem consistant with the idea of a Rapture though.

  180. rob adams says

    Falwell’s mass-media-smart generation was merely the first attempt at a “Christ-Revolution”, seeking to “imbue” (read: inject) partisan morality into our secular State. What will follow him will be politically worse and more media savvy. A physically appealing, alpha male christened, non-pudgy Falwell is waiting in the wings to save America from the increasing threat from the radical Islamic states.

  181. Zeke says

    Anon, you are correct that most all of that is Baptist doctrine, even if there is some disagreement in details between some individuals. What I didn’t see anywhere in that explanation was anything that said that hell would last a thousand years and then those condemned to it would burn up and be released. That is where you went off the track as to what Baptist belief.

    It’s all so hocus pocus and confusing. I don’t do hocus pocus spirituality any more. That’s why I’m so glad that I’m no longer Baptist. I don’t believe in any of this anymore and am totally unconcerned with trying to figure out the details of a man made afterlife myth that I believe was invented to scare people into submission.

    When you read Baptist doctrine it becomes clear just how fragile their faith is. EVERYTHING is spelled out for them. There is NO room for error, compromise or opinion. Fundamentalism is the security blanket of the weak, fragile and fearful. That’s why they must believe that EVERY WORD of the Bible is true and literal and why they need rules, regulations, shame and condemnation to make them feel righteous.

    No thanks!

  182. anon says

    I don’t know how the average, non-Ph.D. Baptist can ever get through all the loop-t-loops of their doctrine, particularly when there is so much disagreement! I now think that the sermon I saw on TV with the no-afterlife clause was by a Seventh-Day evangelical, not a Baptist. However, it is only when you do comparative religion that the real issues of faith stand out. I doubt the vast majority of congregants have anything more than the simplest of superstitions to hold on to. The Bible itself is borderline incomprehensible. Are you familiar with philosopher Joseph Campbell? He cut through the crap in many ways.


    Because he said it better than I can:
    “If the concept of God has any validity or any use, it can only be to make us larger, freer, and more loving.
    If God cannot do this,then it is time we got rid of Him.” – James Baldwin