Breaking: Isaiah Washington Fired from Grey’s Anatomy

TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello broke the story a few hours ago on the website,  "An ABC Studios spokesperson confirms that the actor’s
contract option has not been picked up, but declined further comment."

WashingtonHis sources said it was, "likely due only in part to the T.R. Knight homophobic slur scandal and the subsequent fallout. "There was a pattern of problematic behavior going back before he used the F-word," says my spy. "I imagine [his dismissal] was the result of all of that.

Washington’s spokesperson Howard Bragman further confirmed it later this  evening.

Somewhat inappropriately, Washington’s only comment has been  to quote the movie Network, saying, "I’m mad as hell and am not going to take it any more." And while I didn’t hear him speak, it seems to fit with his inauthentic renditions a quick demi-apology and a psa with GLAAD last week.

Andy’s traveling and is in a later time zone, but i’m sure will have more in the morning.