Breaking: Isaiah Washington Fired from Grey’s Anatomy

TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello broke the story a few hours ago on the website,  "An ABC Studios spokesperson confirms that the actor’s
contract option has not been picked up, but declined further comment."

WashingtonHis sources said it was, "likely due only in part to the T.R. Knight homophobic slur scandal and the subsequent fallout. "There was a pattern of problematic behavior going back before he used the F-word," says my spy. "I imagine [his dismissal] was the result of all of that.

Washington’s spokesperson Howard Bragman further confirmed it later this  evening.

Somewhat inappropriately, Washington’s only comment has been  to quote the movie Network, saying, "I’m mad as hell and am not going to take it any more." And while I didn’t hear him speak, it seems to fit with his inauthentic renditions a quick demi-apology and a psa with GLAAD last week.

Andy’s traveling and is in a later time zone, but i’m sure will have more in the morning.


  1. gabriel says

    Wow, I came online to grab a link about another story and saw this.

    While I’m glad it finally happened, I still say shame on ABC and the producers for it taking so long to happen.

  2. Steve says

    Finally, justice is served!

    What really bothered me about this whole situation was Washington’s denial that he’d ever said it. As if attacking a coworker weren’t bad enough, the least he should have done was own up to his bad behavior. Grey’s is one of my favorite shows and I’m thrilled that I no longer have to watch Washington on it.

  3. otto says

    TR is around for another season-with a nice raise I might add. As far as Mr. Washington, don’t let the closet door hit you in the ass. See ya.

  4. Rey says

    Wow – Washington is repped by Bragman? Bragman of the largest gay-owned PR firm in the world? Has he always worked for him or was this a cynical move based on the ‘faggot’ fallout?

  5. Sparty says

    Quoting a famous line from the film Network as your “comment” from your publicist?? Yeah Isaiah, you’re so profound. Still doesn’t make you a good human being. How tacky.

  6. Joe T. says

    Good. Now ditch the rest of that dimwit show. The whole show’s idea was stolen from “Scrubs”, just with an added multi-ethnic cast (still no Jew or Indian or Japanese on the staff- how believable is that?) with a lot of hip songs and talkity-talk at the end(“..why do we want to become doctors…why do we do it..?” blah blah). And that Asian lady with the dumb-looking sad-sack face! Ugh.

  7. says

    Hopefully this will make a lot of you race-baiters happy. No flames please: I realize for a lot of folk their disgust at Washington’s language and behavior was genuine and had had nothing to do with race. HOWEVER, when this whole mess started a whole lot of people couldn’t wait to show their true colors.

  8. paul h. says

    I’m sorry he was fired. I always thought, and still believe, that the most fitting way to deal with Washington’s behavior was to have his character become bisexual … and let him feel the sting of being beaten up because he’s gay; trying to get health benefits for his partner; lose the love and support of family members after coming out. If they had let him (and his character) experience this he MIGHT have gotten a better lesson than blathering a few insincere apologies, and the viewing audience would have gotten an interesting twist in the Grey’s story.

  9. Jeremy says

    Actually, Joe T., the “Asian lady with the dumb-looking sad-sack face” (played by the always spot-on Sandrah Oh) is Jewish on the show. Sure, it’s no Scrubs, but it’s not that bad.

  10. don says

    It’s good and everything…I guess. But sometimes I get the feeling that I *really* need to watch what I say *everywhere* I go or else my life could be *destroyed.* Memo to self: no more drinking in public places and definitely no drinking with co-workers.

  11. Becks07 says

    JOE T — Maybe they don’t put ethic minorities on the show because people like you will make ridiculous, uninformed remarks about their intelligence because you don’t like the way they look.

    I was with you on the “Why no Japanese or Indian” thing until you showed us all that no angle you espouse could ever be born of any mature consideration.

  12. Andy says

    Hey kids, let’s all start our stopwatches now and see how long it takes Mr. Washington to decry “racism” as the reason for his firing–if he hasn’t already. You’re so right to be mad as hell, Isaiah, the world owes you a living! (That’s sarcasm, for the uninitiated.)

  13. says

    This decision on the part of ABC was not right. Mr. Washington apologized, did public service announcements and attended a anger managment class. He did his time and rectified his error. What type of message does this send?

    I have to see this from two sides, while I am gay, I am also a person of color. What I see is another POC out of a job and in the end…he’s learned that all this was for nothing because he lost his job anyway.

  14. Derrick from Philly says

    Isaiah will find work in the theater or movies(and made for Cable TV movies)–he may have to leave network television alone for a while.

    After all this, I still believe that a substantial number of white gay people are NOT racists, recognize when they’re thinking racist and work against it. I’ve meant too many decent white gay folks not to believe that. But I’ve also learned that many white gays are racists, and practice racism and bigotry whenever they get the opportunity. Still, I’d feel safer at a Gay Pride Festival than I would at a St. Patrick’s Day Parade, or Columbus Day Parade, or that frickin’ Mummer’s Parade foolishness we have every New Year’s Day here in Philly.

    When I’m around white people I am black and gay; when I’m around black people I am gay and black. I didn’t decide that, it just is.

  15. JR says

    Isaiah’s difficulty as an actor may or may not be true. The fact is there is quite a bit of speculation regarding his contract not being renewed. Anyone stop to think that maybe his character on the show had run his course? Sure they could have written some new twist (loved the bisexual idea), but the truth is his character was getting a little boring. Maybe they were just done with it. Just a thought.

  16. 00000 says

    No, Andy, lets see how long it takes for the white posters to use this occasion as an excuse to spew racism, and a certain somebody subsequently moaning about no time to inspect 6,000 posts to remove the evidence.

  17. peterparker says

    Rey…Washington hired Howard Bragman as his publicist after the incident where he was called on the carpet for saying “I want to be gay!” at the Emmys. Bragman was quoted as saying that he had a substantive conversation with Washington and truly believed that Washington wanted to atone for his sins and become more tolerant.

  18. John says

    Kudos to ABC for actually doing the right thing. I’m sure this is overly altruistic of me, but hopefully this will set a standard for ethics in business. A boy can dream.

    Meanwhile, let the countdown to Washington vs. ABC Television begin. It’s only a matter of time before our tax dollars go to work trying to get this asshat some kind of wrongful termination settlement.

  19. Patrick says

    All of this discussion is fine and everything, but what on earth does it have to do with Paris Hilton?

    THAT’S the most pressing topic of the day, as everyone in the world knows!

  20. Patrick says

    All of this discussion is fine and everything, but what on earth does it have to do with Paris Hilton?

    THAT’S the most pressing topic of the day, as everyone in the world knows!

  21. Patrick says

    All of this discussion is fine and everything, but what on earth does it have to do with Paris Hilton?

    THAT’S the most pressing topic of the day, as everyone in the world knows!

  22. Oscar says

    Great. Finally a network is treating everyone the same. If Don Imus was kicked for his remarks, Isaac Washington should be kicked out also. Lets wait and see what the “Hollier-than-Thou” Rev. Sharpton has to say about this. Oh, I forgot he’s in LA in the Paris Hilton garbage. Can anybody that is close to the Rev. come out with his comments about this situation?.

  23. James C says

    Osvaldo, as another gay person of color, I totally disagree with your reasoning. The NAACP made the same mistake. Washington’s race does not entitle him to having his previous work history be ignored.

    From an HR perspective ingoring Washington’s race, he should have been fired or at least suspended and docked pay after the initial incident. He assaulted a co-worker and used hate speech against a member of a protected class covered by CA law. In any other worplace in that state, that would be more than enough cause for immdediate dismissal. The employers, ABC and the producers, dropped the ball on that count in favor of protecting their creative and financial interests. That opened the door for Washington’s other public actions. In any workplace environment, this would poison the atmosphere for all employees. Eventually, the employer has to make an evaluation of what is in the best interest of the show.

    Despite the rehab, PSA, etc., his actions and comments should not have been wiped from his record and forgotten. They still count toward any evaluation of his performance. Plus, public questions about the impact of his actions continued to circulate and actually increased since contracts were being renegotiated. There was really no other choice left but to give the show a fresh start by eliminating the cause of all the tension and bad publicity. This was the right decision, only about 8 months too late.

  24. drlee says

    I am delighted to see we have so many perfect people that we have to assume have NEVER used the “N” word. Personally I have to think I.W. did try to make amends and supporting this kind of solution with such glee seems to preclude winning people over to understanding the issues and getting things in perspective. Sometimes its better not to be so vindictive and see what you can accomplish.

  25. Joe T. says

    Okay, Becks and other defenders of Grey’s anatomy: Next time you need an operation: do you really want to look up and see something that looks like Sandra Oh (rolls eyes) or anybody else on that show standing over you with a scalpel?

  26. Juan Pablo says

    @DerrickPhilly, you my good man have more faith in your fellow gays who are white than I do. Only a handful of them decried the racist sentiments that were thrown out at IW here and on other sites, and even today, when they should be happy that he got what they wanted, canned, some are still using that tired old race card.

    If anyone thinks that by getting him fired its going to change the face of homophobia, think again, people will now walk on egg shells and say that we are weak and not real men. And, its sure as heck not going to make tolerance work, forcing someone to beg for a job and then get them axed and banned from working again, as anyone knows, his career is now over.

    Instead of going after a two bit actor,and not the ilk of a Mel Gibson who spews, or why haven’t all these enraged posters went after all these states who have banned gay marriage and partner benefits? Too busy going after a boob on a lame televison show, amazing logic.

  27. John says


    I appreciate and respect your faith in others. And, ultimately, I hope you’re right. But the racially charged reaction to IW should surprise no one. A person’s sexual orientation doesn’t change their appearance, nor does it the way they were raised.

    And I think some LGBT people of color are suckered into believing the hype of ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ within the gay community. But the reality is far more complicated that slogans, and whether this inclusiveness goes beyond a tolerance for sexual fetishes is debatable.

    In other words…

    Just because a white boy wants to have sex with you, doesn’t mean he isn’t a racist. It means he’s horny. Nothing more.

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