Enrique Iglesias Defends His Endowment

Enrique Iglesias, who last week made a gay fan’s dream come true by bringing him up on stage and serenading him at London’s G-A-Y nightclub, wants his fans (gay and straight) to know that he’s not underendowed.

Enrique“The Latino hunk, 32, says he’s ‘huge’ down below and that his jokes about needing his tackle sorting out had been misinterpreted. ‘I meant I needed a penis reduction, not an enlargement!’ he insists. ‘The people who wrote I had a small willy misunderstood.’ Enrique, who says he was nicknamed tripod at school because of his impressive manhood, will keep confusing the issue, though. ‘I said perhaps I could do my own condom range – but the condoms have to be small,’ he admits.”

Recently Brit tabloid The Sun quoted Iglesias as saying “I’d change my penis if I could. It’s way, way, way too small.”

Whatever, the case, Iglesias’ display of confidence in front of a gay audience shows he’s man enough for pretty much any occasion.

Enrique Iglesias Serenades Male Fan at G-A-Y in London [tr]


  1. Wayne says

    Well, Anna Kournikova didn’t think much of it now did she! Maybe he asked for a Penis Reduction and they removed that mole by mistake 😉

  2. yum says

    I was backstage at an Enrique Eglesias concert in 2002 and he is not only pretty tall at about 6’3″, but was in tight brown jeans. And his package looked extremely large and thick. He was so friggin’ hot up close, just coming off stage all sweaty and handsome. Yummy, yummy!

  3. CharlesRoland says

    Steven is right. How many loyal readers of this site would push Enrique out of bed if his dong was actually more of a ding?


    P.S.: He probably stuffs his pants before a show anyway – like in the movie ‘Spinal Tap’.

  4. FunMe says

    Enrique definitely is not small.

    I have a friend who gave him a BJ during the “Sad Eyes” video that David LaChapelle video. He said Enrique definitely had a very nice one.

    Oh, and at minimum, he’s “bi”.

  5. yum says

    Well I was standing right in front of him having a conversation with him right after he came off stage. And it did not in any way look stuffed with anything but his large cock. And he was also a really nice person, who knew he was talking to a gay man. He could not have been more friendly, even if I didn’t get the chance to blow him!

  6. JNYC says

    Whether he’s endowed or not, Enrique deserves plaudits for being so open and embracing of the gay community with this concern clip in London. Bravo to you, Enrique.

  7. Richard says

    Didn’t he have a weird mole removed on his face? Am I confusing him with someone else? Never understood why he hesitated. He looks sensational now, and who cares about his cock size — he’s adorable.

    BTW, why does Aaron Neville sport that big honker on his forehead and not have it removed? Is it a religious thing?

  8. k says

    He could be very very small and he still would be sexy as hell. Anyone who displays that much confidence is HOT. And the face and body are bonuses… big ones.

  9. juliana says

    Towleroad, Why not actually post the Best Gay Week ever clip… why do so scummy low like this with your stories??? I WANT TO SEE ENRIQUE SERENADE THAT FAN AT G-A-Y!!!! I’m thinking of changing my blog priorities… i think this one’s jumped the shark.

  10. juliana says

    Ok, now i see you did post it…sorry. I’m getting vicious on this blog. But Andy, you still didn’t post that Barbara Walters transgender special!!! You know this blog is not just read by gay men… transgender women come here too… Give more for us!

  11. jojo says

    Well, let’s see … I’m not the most in-tune gay media consumer by a long shot, but I know that Harvey Kietel, Mark Wahlberg, Ewan McGregor, and all the old-school guys that once posed for PlayGirl, such as Peter Lupus (from the original “Mission: Impossible” TV show — he’s HUGE!), football player James Brown, Lyle Wagner (Carroll Burnett Show), even Arnold, have all shown their members in public and it didn’t ruin any of their careers … so if Enrique wants to talk about it instead of showing it, I’d say he’s being coy and trying to stir up lots of media talk and speculation. If he’s not ashamed of it then he should whip it out. Or post a pic online — there are dozens of websites where that would be considered routine.

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