1. Charles says

    I have never seen the OVERWHELMING appeal of Jesse by the gay community but he does look good here in this pic for once.

    I am sure now there will be a flood of rumors he is tanning with his “friend” or “lover”. So sad so very sad.


  2. Charles says

    I have never seen the OVERWHELMING appeal of Jesse by the gay community but he does look good here in this pic for once.

    I am sure now there will be a flood of rumors he is tanning with his “friend” or “lover”. So sad so very sad.


  3. Wayne says

    I knew I’d seen stubble on his chest before! Stop shaving Jesse! Much better with the hair! WOOF!

  4. Rad says


    But straight. Just look at those HORRENDOUSLY banal and unflattering “Board Shorts” both are wearing. No self-respecting gay male would be caught DEAD in something as… plain… as those.

    If he or his friend were even remorely gay, we’d be seeing, minimally, a Speedo (ala Ricky Martin), or less…

  5. Tom says

    Wayne, I so agree. I am so tired of these shaved, plucked skinny pretty boys and anyone who calls himself a “boi”. Jesse is developing into a real man. He’s actually improving with age. Yes, please stop the shaving, waxing or whatever it is you do.

  6. Charles says

    Shaving and waxing is a big part of the Hollywood machine and mandated by men and women alike.

  7. Andrew says

    I mean, he is sort of appealing, but his chest looks a bit gelatinous in that shot.

    And his friend has total gay-face by the way. Like a skinnier Andy-dick.

  8. Gay Leland says

    It’s obvious he’s gay and should be outted. In fact all men are probably gay.

  9. otto says

    (small print) don’t wanna be sued. I spent an evening in an Atlanta hotel (Wyndham Midtown) last year with said person-and his ‘handler’ at the time. Let’s just say I ‘believe’ (hear me lawyers), that the said person carries two sets of luggage. One for day, and one for evening. He do love him some vodka tho ūüėČ

  10. otto says

    BTW-I have studied this…scientific reasons only of course. I think he may have had chest implants. One looks askew. Just saying.

  11. Charles says

    With the emergence of blogs comes the “I saw someone with someone story”…it seems that everyone knows that someone else is gay, bi, binge eater etc..or better yet I saw someone with someone so they must be gay…so many lies get told on these sites because someone wants to feel important and/or powerful in their lives…so sad and pathetic. Gay men especially need to get a handle on this because for many of them it is nothing but wishful thinking and projection.

  12. Juan-Pablo says

    I guess that old rule still applies and Jesse figured it out, find someone not so “hot” to sit next to you, and you look better!

    And, its odd how some of these gay men swoon over guys like him, its not as if he is all that to begin with, more like a groomed to be “pretty” boy for women than anything else.

  13. Xavier says

    I’d hit it. He looks nice here. And he may be straight. Or maybe my gaydar is broken. His ‘friend’, though….

  14. Eric says

    The pimples on his chest say steroids to me! And no straight man allows his pool chair to touch his buddies chair, with overlapping towels. Its not that crowded poolside!

  15. Brian says

    I don’t know, I don’t mind the board shorts. Not everyone looks good in a speedo… and some guys do look good in board shorts otherwise they would never have become popular.

  16. anon ( says

    This is fairly tame stuff here. Hardly proof of anything. Past stuff though…

  17. otto says

    Charles, I didn’t say ‘someone saw this, or someone saw that’, I said I saw it. I have no need to feel important. I already am. Maybe you need to look withen yourself regarding this issue. Does posting and attempting to degrade other people make you feel important?

  18. Dan says

    Those aren’t pimples, those are drops of water. That I’d like to lick off… *swoon*

  19. Mike says

    Are you joking? The number of times I’ve pulled down a pair of board shorts on an alleged “straight guy” are too numerous to count. Yes, I’m a slut.

  20. otto says

    NP Charles, first one is free. To Mike-really! I too have been in the predicament. I need an abacus to keep up.

  21. ShawnSF says

    If you ever take a trip on an all gay Atlantis/RSVP cruise there are THOUSANDS of self respecting HOT gay men wearing board shorts and they look AMAZING!

  22. sam says

    Wow, those are some great big peck slabs. Love the chest hair and stubble. I’d love to see him move away from the pretty boy look.

  23. peterparker says


    I’ve never worn a Speedo and I suck cock with the best of ’em. And I think board shorts are way hotter than any other bathing ensemble…besides nudity of course.


  24. lwoolf says

    Wow…I read these comments and I remember why so many gay men have so many insecurities. Why can’t we just live and let live and leave the bitchiness, and the pettiness, and the superficialities. …? Why are we so hung up on which swimming trunks we are wearing or how big or symmetrical our tits are? This is depressing. Get a life, guys. Read a book or think or something; stop worrying about who is hotter or better than who; that is a pretty quick way to self-hatred and self-abuse.

  25. tc says

    he’s a nice looking guy but from the moment I saw him shirtless on DH I said there’s something not right about his chest.and the more I look at it….I’ll swear if he’s had implants done…let me know to back up my theory

  26. cal says

    Gotta say those do look like implants.

    Too weird if he really had that done. Kinda sad, really.

  27. Giovanni says

    From the ice-age to the dole-age
    There is but one concern
    I have just discovered :
    Some girls are bigger than others


    ( not all pecs are equal – personally I think he looks great)

  28. A.J. says

    don’t know who the guy is… but he definitely has his chair way close to his “bud’s” considering he’s a straight guy…
    and that chest looks odd.

    …and for the record, board shorts hanging off a hunk are red hot ‚Äďtho you gotta love a speedo tanline.

  29. E says

    I think Jesse looks great in these pics. Although i’ve heard the stories about his “suspect” sexuality, i really could care less who he sleeps with…as long as he’s happy. Life’s too short to point fingers at each other and the way we each choose to live our lives. If it makes you happy and isn’t hurting anyone else, go for it. Jesse’s an adult. He can do what he wants with whoever he wants whenever he wants. Jealousy is such a horrible human emotion, and it destroys all those who harbor it. Live and let live. The world needs so much more love…than hatred.

  30. Fred says

    I get so sick and tired of gay men trying to make every good looking or famous man gay. And how close or far one has their chair to another does not make one gay or straight. I know pleanty of straight men that are comfortable enough with who they are that they would not be uncomfortable one bit sitting close to another straight man. And I also know pleanty of gay men who have no taste in clothes or furniture. It is important to just be yourself and get rid of all those labels. I certainly dont see straight people walking around saying,”Are they straight?” I only see gay men doing this and personally, it’s sad. I am gay and I just love to look at beautiful men reguardless if their straight or gay.