John Waters and Kathleen Turner Host Serial Mom Drive-In


TwThe Provincetown International Film Festival is underway on Cape Cod and last night John Waters and Kathleen Turner hosted a screening of Serial Mom at the Wellfleet Drive-in Cinemas.

Said Turner, who is receiving the festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award: “I’ve never been to the drive-in before. And I haven’t seen ‘Serial Mom’ for some time, so I was looking forward to this.” Of Ptown, she said: “It’s beautiful here. But I wish it would warm up. I had to buy a sweater.”

And always remember, no white shoes after Labor Day!


p.s. – Baltimore Magazine has a big new profile on John Waters.


  1. Tread says

    I love Serial Mom. Probably one of the best movies of the ’90s:

    Dottie Hinkle: Hello?
    Beverly Sutphin: Is this the Cocksucker residence?
    Dottie Hinkle: God damn you! Stop calling here!
    Beverly Sutphin: Is this 4215 Pussy Way?
    Dottie Hinkle: You bitch!
    Beverly Sutphin: Now let me check the zip code. Two-one-two-fuck-you?
    Dottie Hinkle: The police are tracing this call this very minute.
    Beverly Sutphin: Well, Dottie Hinkle, then why aren’t they here, huh, fuckface?
    Dottie Hinkle: FUCK YOU!
    [hangs up]
    Beverly Sutphin: Bwaahahahaha!
    [immediately calls her back]
    Dottie Hinkle: DIDN’T I JUST SAY FUCK YOU?
    Beverly Sutphin: [in a different voice] I beg your pardon?
    Dottie Hinkle: Who is this?
    Beverly Sutphin: Mrs. Wilson from the telephone company. We understand you’re having some trouble with an obscene phone caller?
    Dottie Hinkle: Oh Mrs. Wilson, I’m so sorry. These calls are driving me crazy! I’ve had my number changed twice already. I’m a divorced woman, please help me.
    Beverly Sutphin: Well what exactly does this sick individual say to you?
    Dottie Hinkle: I can’t say the words out loud, I don’t use bad language.
    Beverly Sutphin: Oh yes I know it’s difficult but we need to know the exact words.
    Dottie Hinkle: I’ll try. COCKSUCKER, that’s what she calls me.
    Beverly Sutphin: [reverting to the original voice] LISTEN TO YOUR FILTHY MOUTH, YA FUCKIN WHORE!
    Dottie Hinkle: GODDAMN YOU!
    Beverly Sutphin: MOTHERFUCKER!
    Dottie Hinkle: COCKSUCKER!

  2. sam says

    One of my favorite movies and my favorite actress. I always said Kathleen Turner was the only woman I could go straight for. I still stand by that. She may have aged a bit and had more than her share of health problems, but I bet she’s still got it.

  3. basis4insanity says

    What does a grandma look like? Goldie Hawn is a grandma…

    “When I was 20, I had so many more insecurities and looked for approbation from everyone. But by the time I was 40 and now at 50, you wake up and think, fuck you, I don’t have to prove myself any more, and that makes you sexy.” Kathleen Turner

  4. John C says

    I read an interview with Kathleen Turner last year where she was talking about the way she gradually moved herself from screen to stage. She wanted to keep acting but she was very conscious early on that, as a woman, she had a limited shelf-life in movies. She wouldn’t have had to do that if it wasn’t for the people in Hollywood (and elsewhere) who look at a woman in her fifties and say “She looks like a grandmother.”

  5. says

    Wear your seatbelt! It’s the law! … I am so upset that I missed this. Seeing Serial Mom at a drive in with Turner and Waters would rock. One of my favorite flicks.

  6. tom says

    Remember when she folded laundry to Barry Manilow’s “Daybreak” in that movie? Priceless!
    The whole cast was perfect in that film. Sam Waterston, Ricki Lake, etc.
    I still think her best role was the lead in “Peggy Sue Got Married.”

  7. Bea Taylor says

    This is your taste in movies.

    : – )

    This is your taste in movies on drugs.

    +-O +-{ +-O +-O

  8. sam says

    I saw her on stage in Tallulah. She had bronchitis, but she used it in her performance. Tallulah was constantly chain smoking and drinking, so an occasional cough worked perfectly. The bronchitis made Kathleens’ voice was even huskier. She was fantastic.

  9. MARC says

    Boy, I have watched this movie into the ground. I was 10 years old when I first saw Serial Mom, and I laughed then, and I still laugh now.

    “You can’t wear white shoes after Labor Day.”

    “That’s not true anymore.”

    “Yes it is! Didn’t your mother ever tell you?”


    “Now you know.”

    “Please! Fashion has changed.”

    “No, it hasn’t.”


    LOL LOL!!!

  10. says

    Tread: “Looks like a grandma?” I know it’s a very 1999 thing to say, but seriously, what’s up with that? That’s not on.

  11. Ron says

    Don’t forget, Kathleen Turner has rheumatoid arthritis. It’s nasty (my mother has it) and I’m amazed she looks as good as she does.

    As for John Waters, I’m amazed he’s showing his face in public. The new Hairspray was everything he fought against. What happened?

  12. rick baye says

    Yes, Kathleen does look terrific. She has battled rheumatoid arthritis for many years and, despite the excrutiating pain, has managed to keep on working. She and her husband were my neighbors for many years and they are both truly gracious, kind and generous people.

  13. Flo says

    Let me tell you something. Kathleen Turner is a very nice woman and a great actor. I’ve met her twice and talked to her extensively. She is generous with her time and smart.

    As for John Waters…he’s not a nice man. I know, it’s obvious, I mean, look how mean his movies are, but I was shocked. I have talked and/or met him on many occasions (I won’t say how or where as that would give me away) and he’s never gracious, he’s short and rude, and only nice to people who can do something for him or give him things. He could be kinder and give more effort — he’s not THAT busy people. He has the time. He’s just a faggy snot. Sorry, but it’s the truth. Like lots of gay men who make it big, he becomes a snot and a dick. Why is that? And really, do you think he gave a big shit about the movie musical Hairspray? The man took the money and ran. He really doesn’t care. And let’s be TRULY honest. He is NOT a great filmmaker, I don’t care what anyone says. If you have money, if you can give him something, if you’re famous, he’ll ADORE you and be absolutely HILARIOUS. But for the rest of us? We do not even register on his radar. That’s pathetic.

  14. Tread says

    Sandy, that would be RAD making that comment.

    I <3 Kathleen Turner. Romancing the Stone? Love it.

  15. jmg says

    I met John Waters at The Bar in the East Village in the late 90s. He was very gracious and answered all my questions about Kathleen Turner and whether she had seen any of his earlier films before signing on to do “Serial Mom”. He told me that she originally turned the role down, only to call him in the middle of the night saying “I’ve got to do it!”

    –“Chip, you know I don’t like the brown word.”

  16. says

    Flo: if John Waters will pause a moment from jerking off over the young studs featured on Towle Road and reads your commentary about him, he will laugh his ass off JW doesn’t care what anybody thinks is “good taste” or “good manners”: that is his whole existence and point. And if he took the cash for the musical version of his original “Hairspray”, he has every right to do that too. The older the queen, the lower the bank account. Waters is getting up there, honeys, and probably doesn’t have an HMO, unless there is a TIAA-Cref for exploitation directors.

  17. Flo says

    Oh PL Savant, you are such a silly girl. That’s the most wonderfully absurd line of reasoning. I didn’t say anything about JW’s love for pushing social buttons and fighting for the right of the outsider…you can do all that and still be a nice guy. He’s a gay snot. It’s that simple, dear. The irony is he tries to send up the kind of person he has become. Don’t you see? It’s a double standard. You/he and other can hide behind this line of rhetoric, but it’s all just bull crap in the end. I didn’t write he didn’t have a right to take the money and run via Hairspray…he can do what he wants. He’s still a jerk to commmon folk. And don’t believe for one second that boy doesn’t have money. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee