Nadal, Banderas, Moya: Spanish Threesome at the French Open


Spain’s Rafael Nadal put on a sexy pose for Antonio Banderas at Roland Garros today after creaming his compatriot Carlos Moya in the quarter final of the French Open. Nadal won 6-4, 6-3, 6-0.


Moya joined Nadal and Banderas later for a photo. Now that’s some hot Spanish action.


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  1. sam says

    When I see Antonio Banderas, I still see the beautiful, young Antonio of his Almodovar films. I still think he’s handsome, but I also think he’s trying too hard to look younger than he is.

  2. says

    Ah, Rafa.

    I’ve got tickets, for the first time ever, to the men’s final at Wimbledon. Man, I hope Nadal makes it through again and goes one better than last year.

    He’s the only guy really challenging Federer and, with Safin and Roddick off the boil, most definitely the hottest champion on court.

  3. soulbrotha says

    I used to like Banderas in his Almodovar days. But now he just annoys the hell out of me. It seems like he has totally bought into all the media hype and his wife’s loony jealousy.

  4. Juan Pablo says

    Of all the sexy hot Spanish tennis players, Rafa and Carlos? Yuck! Nadal and that humongous, ghetto booty that he picks before serving is just gross, and Carlos, too greasy, double yuck! And, Banderas, did not age well at all, maybe being maaried to that woman with the lip implants, whose name I can never recall did not help.

    Sorry bois, way too many more hotter guys who play tennis for Spain to swoon over!

  5. aj says

    Antonio is still hot, but Nadal? Give me a break. Great tennis player, but hot??? Please. He is most certainly not hot. And MOTHER OF GOD…get some shorts that fit. Picking your ass on international television is really NOT Attractive!!!

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