Orthodox Russians to Patrol Known Moscow Gay Cruising Area

PlevnaA spokeswoman for the Georgiyevtsy! youth movement, one of 15 Orthodox patriotic organizations in Moscow, says that patrols will begin at Moscow’s Ilyinsky Park from 7 to 10pm. The area is reportedly a gay meeting place and the groups want to put that to an end:

Said Diana Romanovskaya: “People can be seen there very frequently who boldly demonstrate their non-traditional orientation, persuading everyone that it is normal. We believe that it is a vice and want to remove all this from this site which is sacred for the Russians. We are not going to persuade them by force. But we hope that the very presence of our patrol will prompt homosexuals to look for other meeting venues.”

The groups met yesterday at the the Plevna Monument to pray and initiate the patrols.

And then of course, there’s Ekaterinburg, Russia, where last September folks offered a dissenting opinion.

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