Scheduling of Chuck & Larry Premiere Jousts Gay Film Fest

The upcoming Adam Sandler/Kevin James film I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, about a pair of firefighters who pretend to be gay in order to collect domestic partner benefits, is perhaps the most high-profile gay-themed “mainstream” film of the summer. It’s set to open on July 20th.

ChuckandlarryThe film’s premiere is scheduled for July 12th, which happens to be the opening night of the 25th anniversary of L.A.’s largest gay and lesbian film festival, Outfest.

Yet, according to The Advocate there have been no attempts by Universal to tie the film with the fest:

“Did Universal know about a potential rainbow-colored calendar collision when the premiere date was set? A Universal spokesperson had this response: ‘The fact that our film premieres during Outfest is merely a coincidence. The date of the premiere is predicated solely on when the film’s talent is available during their very busy schedules promoting the film in the two weeks before its release. We consider ‘I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry’ a mainstream comedy whose message is inclusive and positive, and we hope that the film appeals to a broad variety of moviegoers.’ Some industry insiders, however, are raising their eyebrows over why ‘Chuck & Larry’ didn’t marry itself to the Outfest schedule or move out of the way to accommodate the gays. Sandler, James, and Dugan all declined to speak to The Advocate for our Summer Movie Preview. Universal also failed to provide anyone who could speak on behalf of the film. ‘One would think the gays would appreciate the movie, even if it is in jest,’ said one source with ties to the festival. ‘You sort of have to wonder why Universal didn’t go with Outfest in the first place.'”

SandlerjamesSaid Outfest executive director Stephen Gutwillig: “It’s both one of the biggest nights of the gay calendar for Los Angeles and one of the biggest nights for the gay Hollywood mafia.”

As gay marriage and domestic partnerships are a potential hot button issue, some will surely wonder if it’s the movie’s treatment of gay and lesbian subject matter that has caused the studio to schedule its premiere on a night when Hollywood’s gays will all be at the Outfest event.

In Entertainment Weekly‘s April Summer Movie preview, they did note that filmmakers took time to show the film to GLAAD:

“While Sandler’s coarse, goofy style may not seem right for such a hot-button issue, the studio’s taken the time to screen the movie for GLAAD and listen to their comments. ‘The movie has . . . some of the expected stereotypes, but in its own disarming way, it’s a call for equality and respect,’ says Damon Romine, a GLAAD representative. Dan Aykroyd, who plays the fire chief, seconds that opinion. ‘It’s a move about tolerance . . . Sure, there will be a little controversy, which hopefully will help sell tickets. I don’t see the gay community getting upset about it.'”

Chuck and Larry go up against gay Hollywood [the advocate]

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  1. Jonathon says

    “Coarse and goofy”. Yep, that pretty much sums up Sandler. I’d also bet it sums up the tone of his film. I think that the reason that the studio didn’t hitch its promotions to the gay film festival was becuase the audience for Sandler’s movie isn’t the gay community! I’ve got $5 that says “Chuck & Larry” will be riddled with homphobic jokes and the gays that are portrayed in the film will be shown negatively. Any takers?

  2. rob says

    Am I the only gay person offended by this movie? The trailers are filled with numerous stereotypes. I know these guys are pretending to be blue collar firefighters but blue collar does NOT necessarily equal close-minded or bigoted. I typically LOVE Adam Sandler films–I think he’s hilarious but the trailers alone are a HUGE turn off.

  3. Bill says

    The trailers I’ve seen of this film are filled with what the typical straight person will think is funny, primarily gay stereotyped humor. Despite the fact most gays in America still do not have the opportunity to enjoy domestic partner benefits is not funny, and hopefully this point will come up in the film, but I will be surprised if it does. Somebody else will have to tell me if it does though, because I can’t stand Adam Sandler and have no intention of seeing this drivel.

  4. juliana says

    I hate this film from everything I’ve seen…I think it’s a bad idea…I don’t even think it will do well with that straight alpha-male audience they’re trying to get… It turns gay marriage into a laughing stock, not something serious. It’s just a horrible, offensive movie – so no Rob I am transgender I am also offended. Our movies are so good compared to the same shitty movies gays get – Transamerica was a fabulous film, and we finally got an actual woman to play the role of Bree. The trailer jokes about how they are not transsexuals when one picks up a Maxie pad, I mean after all the hard work we are doing to fight injustice…we are serious, Hollywood still thinks we are all something to laugh at – it’s no different than before. It’s funny, TCM is showing all these old horrible depressing gay-themed films from the pre-code and code and post-code era – but Hollywood still makes gay people something to laugh at and ridicule with its straight men’s fare.

    Why would OutFest even want to be associated with this piece of shit film? This movie will be a dud and fade away and probably win a Razzie. GLAAD should give out an award this year for Worst Film Representing the GLBT Community because this one would win it.

    So much for all that gay mafia shit and how Hollywood is so liberal, look at the crap they make – I wouldn’t be surprised if Bush & Co. have taken over Hollywood to purposely make this crap. Hollywood is a homophobic place, always was, and still is.

  5. Charles says

    “I’ve got $5 that says “Chuck & Larry” will be riddled with homphobic jokes and the gays that are portrayed in the film will be shown negatively. Any takers?”

    Not me. I’m no Adam Sandler fan by any means, but the screenplay was apparently written by Alexander Payne, who made Election, Sideways, and About Schmidt, all of which I worship. So I actually think this could be a lot funnier, smarter and sharper than you would expect from an average Sandler movie. I’ll still probably NetFlix it later, but I wouldnt just get shrill and automatically write it off-previews are often misleading. The joke may be on those expecting homophobic jokes-both the jocks and the self-righteous.

  6. Christopher says

    Let me see if I can get this straight (literally.) Gays can’t marry and are therefore not eligible for the thousands of federal benefits that come with marriage. But these straight guys are pretending to get “married” in order to get our second-class citizen domestic-partner rights? The entire premise of this movie is offensive.

    And we’re supposed to be grateful that they throw in a few lines ‘promoting’ tolerance?

    Jesus, do they think we’re that stupid?

  7. Mark says

    OOOh! So Universal showed the film to that alleged GLBT media advocacy group GLAAD. I wonder how the powers that be at GLAAD managed to find the time to take their lips off the ass of the Hollywood Entertainment Machine long enough to view this dreck. And then — surprise surprise — gave the movie two thumbs up. What a useless group GLAAD is.

  8. David says

    I hate Adam Sandler almost as much as I hate Kevin James, which is almost as much as I hate people that dress their dogs in sweaters and booties. It’s like my biggest pet-peeve. Dogs does not need clothes. They have fur to keep them warm, and they don’t look stylish wearing designer outfits. Everytime I see someone that dresses his or her dog up, I want to kick that person in the shins really hard.

    That is also how I feel every time Adam Sandler or Kevin James make a movie. Gah!

  9. Robert In WeHo says

    Charles, that was before Adam Sandloer got a hold of the script and did a bunch of “re-writing” to make it “funny”. This film is an abomination in every single way…

  10. Keyth says

    I’m so glad I am not the only person who thinks this is a waste of film ! This is typical Adam Sandler “frat boy ” humor at it’s worst! It is in such distaste that any studio would greenlight a movie on an issue that hits so close to home for so many people. Further, who exactly is Universal marketing this film to ? Adam Sandlers core audience could give two s*** about gay issues, and most gay people would be to offended to see it, or at least waste money in a theatre on it….sad sad sad but typical…uneducated Adam Sandler crap.

  11. says

    Based on the trailer I’ve seen, I don’t see how this movie is any different from the Snickers Super Bowl commercial. Two straight men are about to share a kiss, and then one of them has a violent reaction.

    The Snickers commercial caused an outrage here at Towleroad and other gay blogs, as well as from GLAAD. Why is there no outrage over this movie?

  12. Kitkats99 says

    There are all sorts of things about his movie that are sort of offensive. The “we’re total fruits” line in the preview sort of made my jaw drop. On a more superficial level…would it have been so bad to cast hot guys in this movie instead of Adam Sandler and Kevin James? We have thousands of hot shirtless firefighter calendars a year, but a gay themed firefighter movie comes out and thats who we get? Also, does anybody think the premise of the movie would be better if one of the characters was actually gay? Like a gay guy, who has to convince his straight best friend to “marry” him for some reason, or even the other way around. If one of the main characters was a non-stereotypical, real acting gay character, even the fruit line could be made funny.

  13. says

    Well, Chris, I think you should be prepared to be outraged again.

    This movie, regardless of whether it’s good or bad, is going to outrage people – because it’s premise is offensive and we’ve had decades of bad gay jokes. Can’t we just have one honest, decent gay character in a big movie, without most of the stereotypes? Is it really that hard to make a movie like that?

    I guess, with a show like Brothers and Sisters (which I really haven’t even watched), that “one” quota has been met. So, I guess I’m asking for more. Every network should have at least one solidly written gay character – no corney jokes, please, though I would love he or she to be hilarious. Alternately, a transgendered character would be a great choice too… and I bet would be a hit with the ratings because it would be a totally new concept with most people and those same people could really learn a lot.

  14. LMNOP says

    I think that it shall potentially be FUNNY! Kevin James is hilarious and is truly tolerant of all things– I am a BIG KING OF QUEENS fan– he’s just plain funny! Plus he’s married to an absolutely HOT Asian chick! He’s the kind of husband that I would like to have. Please, queens, stop all of your Sophocratic/sophomoric pre-suppositions/ philosophy and get (or buy it if you have to)a sense of humor. Understand that these two guys represent a lot of what many straight guys present– maybe they might change a few minds to be more tolerant. Now, to do that and drag in a big pay check at the same time– what the hell….

  15. Charles says

    You dont even see “solidly written gay characters” in movies/shows that are written by gay men-or at least they seem to be rare. Off the top of my head “Six Feet Under” seemed to be the last show that had gay men that I could recognize as human beings. I cant even see regular interesting gay men on Logo or Here channels. And movies like “Slutty Summer” dont speak to me and are crap IMO. If we cant do it, why should straight mainstream filmmakers be expected to?

    “On a more superficial level…would it have been so bad to cast hot guys in this movie instead of Adam Sandler and Kevin James? We have thousands of hot shirtless firefighter calendars a year, but a gay themed firefighter movie comes out and thats who we get?”

    Newsflash, not every gay man on earth, nor every man at all, is “hot”. Sometimes I think I appreciate movies that dont always give me the buffed out Adonis since I dont see them 24/7. Sometimes they are so good looking I cant take them seriously as anything but a model.

  16. says

    I think GLAAD has become a useless organization and as spanish I suffer from its too because in Spain almost half of movies on the theaters are from USA and many of them are homophobic.
    I’d like to know why HRC has received so many critics on the blogosphere and GLAAD hasn’t.
    Sorry for my bad English

  17. peterparker says

    The trailer for the film is riddled with stereotypes and homophobic jokes. I can’t imagine there will be any way to turn this stinker into something worth watching.

    Regarding the fact that we don’t enjoy marriage equality and this movie’s entire premise is based on two straight men pretending to be gay in order to receive marriage benefits: I think we should picket the premiere with BIG signs informing people about how our lives are affected by the fact that there is no marriage equality!

  18. adamblast says

    I’m glad to see that this movie is *not* getting the free pass around here at Towleroad that it seems to be getting in far too much of the gay press. GLAAD should be ashamed of itself for endorsing its blatant homophobic setup and focusing on its supposed “tolerance.” It was offensive from the day the plotline and the cast was announced.

    Gays cannot marry. We are not equal. Two straight men pretending to be gay–to take advantage of all our preferential treatment? Fuck them.

  19. Stevie says

    THANK YOU GUYS for your comments…I thought I was the only one angry over this stupid movie. Wake up people! This is just as bad as supporting a Mel Gibson movie!

  20. BScout says

    Ok, I’ve seen this movie (I worked on it) and I’ll tell you that everyone’s getting too up in arms about it. It’s a pretty harmless movie (too saccharine sweet and predictable for my taste) and the only offensive stereotype isn’t even of a gay guy (to me, at least.) It goes overboard with the “accept one another” (I know it isn’t PC to say that, but really… it’s tremendously overboard with the sentiment) and you can pretty much predict how everything is going to unravel after the first 15 mins. However, not truly offensive (at least to this gay man.) I’m more curious to see how this will play in the Red states, more than anything due to some male nudity and a particularly shocking scene (who I felt embarrassed for when I was screening it with him next to me.)

    As I said, there is one offensive stereotyped (more caricature) character that I expect an uproar over, but he/she isn’t gay.

  21. says

    I watched a guffawing heterosexual crowd loudly expressing their disgust at the two men shacking up during the trailer for this garbage right in the heart of New York City. So how in the hell is this going to play in the heartland, hmm?

    PS Did you know that Adam Sandler contributed to Rudy Giuliani’s election bid? Anyone still need it spelt out?

  22. peterparker says

    BSCOUT…I haven’t seen the entire movie, so perhaps I’m being unfair, but c’mon…the entire premise of the movie is offensive…a story about two straight guys getting ‘married’ to get domestic partner benefits, meanwhile in the real world homosexuals in this country are unable to get married in all but 1 state, leaving our relationships and our families with a vastly inadequate and inferior set of protections? it’s offensive, man! and i haven’t even gotten to the part where one guy punches another guy to avoid kissing him. it’s the sort of scene that will have fag bashers saying ‘yeah…i’d punch a faggot too if he was lookin’ at me the wrong way!’ it totally legitimizes violence against gays. i’ll end up putting it in my netflix queue just to give it a look, but i don’t believe there’s any way in hell this is anything but an offensive piece of tripe.

  23. MCnNYC says


    ORGANIZATION before they waste even more licking the loins of Corporate Media.

  24. says

    I started writing about the issue of gay marriage in relation to this movie on the IMDB database (discussion threads) a few months back. I was disgusted that Hollywood was making this film and GLAAD was vetting it. I received about 5% support in the over 150 responses to my original posting. The rest mocked me for all the usual reasons. The sanity I find in the overwhwelming majority of the postings here make me feel glad to be part of the Gay community!

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