UCLA Undie Run, Now with More School Spirit

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Photographer Michael Davis sent us these shots of a few of the runners, as well as the Go Softwear team, which was put together by openly gay student Dave Valk, who recently made a well-publicized run for student body president. As you can see, student bodies continue to be a major focus.



  1. A.J.Lopp says

    When I started at Indiana University in 1972, the men’s pool in the mail physical education building was for nude swimming — the admin didn’t want the men keeping wet swimming trucks in the lockers.

    It was heaven — for me, at least — until some women complained that they weren’t allowed to swim nude in the women’s pool. Well, we can’t allow WOMEN to swim NAKED together! … So the university ended the male nude swimming.

    Gender equality does have its disadvantages, y’know?

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