First Look: Tom Cruise as a One-Eyed Nazi


Tom Cruise plays Col. Claus von Stauffenberg in Valkyrie, a German officer who leads the resistance charge to assassinate Hitler.

Via Rope of Silicon: “The ‘July 20 Plot’ on Hitler’s life is one of the most heroic but least known episodes of World War Two. Severely wounded in combat, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg returns from Africa to join the German Resistance and help create Operation Valkyrie, the complex plan that will allow a shadow government to replace Hitler’s once he is dead. But fate and circumstance conspire to thrust Stauffenberg from one of many in the plot to a double-edged central role. Not only must he lead the coup and seize control of his nation’s government … He must kill Hitler himself.”

Bryan Singer is directing the film, slated to appear in theaters just over a year from now.


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    Tom Cruise is a fine screen actor, and a great movie star (that’s what the box office receipts can’t deny). I’ve never understood the animosity he receives from the gay community, I mean, gay men. You can be homosexual or bisexual without being “gay” , you know.

  2. becks07 says

    Oh hey, Derrick — and I can be whipped cream without being a dessert topping. Or something.

    As for Tom, let me try to help enlighten you:

    * He’s the most vociferous proponent of a “religion” that denigrates homosexualbisexualgays.

    * Gays (those people who are remarkably similar to homosexuals?) tend to share the general malaise felt toward Tom due to his strange antics such as jumping on couches, lighting into Brooke and Matt, and keeping Katie in chains in the basement (well, maybe not that last one…).

    That said, most gays (you know, homosexuals who do things with homosexuals and bisexuals?) I know could care less and would fuck him even if he asked for it in aisle 7 at Safeway.

    So I hope that helps.

  3. Brian says

    LOL… right on, Becks…

    The only correction I’d make regarding the Aisle 7 Safeway hookup is that I’d prefer to keep a ball gag in Tommy’s mouth to make sure he doesn’t try to convert me to Scientology in the middle of things…

  4. Will says

    von Stauffenberg was a great hero and is still highly venerated. There is always some sort of ceremony to mark the attempt on Hitler’s life even today (atually, tomorrow). I think the publicity due to Cruise is a good thing since it makes more people aware of von Stauffenberg, but it is too bad that I will have to watch Cruis play him. Moreover, von Stauffenberg’s son is very much against Cruise playing him due to Cruise and his belief in Scientology, which is considered a cult by the German government and by about 95% of the German people.

    Hail Xenu.

  5. Matt says

    I never get Tom anyway. I guess he is good looking with a nice body, but for some weird reason, I just never feel that I am attracted to him… And this started way before his weird behaviours….

    So, I am not sure if I will even do him at Safeway…. Maybe I will, just so that he can pay me millions of dollars to keep me quiet. ;-D

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, if you’re a homosexual who has nothing to do with the gay community socially/politically/culturally–seems to me you’re just a homosexual–not gay.

    Lord, if you cancelled out every Hollywood actor who denied his homosexuality, and even “put down” openly gay people to prove it–who the hell could you go see in the movies?

    You want to be a movie matinee idol, Pretty Boy? Better wait until you’re about sixty to come out the closet.

  7. Tony the Tiger says

    I am tired of gay people trying to out people who either don’t want to come out or were not gay in the first place.

    John Travolta surmised in an interview the other day that gays may think he is gay just because he is so comfortable with his own sexuality and therefore had never displayed the same kind of homophobia of many other actors of his era.

    I read this site all the time and regularly post to it and all my friends are gay and I live in Chelsea and have a share in Fire Island and go to David Barton Gym even though I am not gay and don’t have a gay bone in my body.


  8. secretagentman says

    I think gays think Travolta is gay because he likes to hit on guys in the sauna, and at the gym, at the staff at the hotels. Yeah, it’s all the blowjobs that make me think he’s gay.

  9. Brian says

    Tony brings up an interesting point. Is there a “gay culture”, or is gaiety all about where you put your penis?

    (He doesn’t mention if he enjoys sexual congress with women, but I’m assuming so given the rest of his post.)

    Travolta has been rumored to be gay not because he’s comfortable with his sexuality but because he used to sleep with men back in the day… he admitted this years and years ago. That said, I don’t think outing is a particularly good way to go about gaining more GLBT visibility… there’s a pejorative feel to it that seems to negate any positive social gain. The only time it’s warranted is when the person being outed is actively working against GLBT equality… in that case, out the fucker already.

  10. anon says

    How about a movie about Prescot Bush, Georgie’s grandpa, sympathizing with/ laundering money for/ and making a profit off of the nazis. Profits from aushwitz slave labor in particular. how the HERO FDR saw to it that he had money and property confiscated for dealing with the enemy. One doesn’t have to wonder why the Bush’s hate FDR / the new deal, and why georgie systematicaly is trying to dismantle any remnant of the new deal.


    Now that would be an intersting true life story.

  11. anon says


    Tom is the face and voice of a religion that says it can cure the “mental sickness” that is homosexuality. Any gay man that tosses money tom’s way is a fool. Tom is one of the biggest single financial contributors to scientology a religion that says we are sick in the head and need and can be cured.

  12. mark m says

    Some celebrities reach a point in their careers when they are surrounded by nothing but yes people and their good judgment (or lack of it) begins to suffer.

    Such is Tom Cruise. He has an air of disingenuous about him and a certain entitlement and arrogance that is unearned. I think that’s what most people (not just gays) are reacting to.

    Well, that and the coo-coo couch-jumping and anti-depressant tirades.

    Yep, I would agree he’s already entered Kevin Kostner territory.

  13. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Ahh, isn’t Cruise kind’a short to portray von Stauffenberg? Stauffenberg’s the figure on the left, he was nearly a head-taller than Hitler. He was tall and rail-thin, Cruise is neither.

    Though the face is similar.,,2420622_1,00.jpg

    I wonder how they’ll conceal his arm. My personal benchmark is Walter Pidgeon in “The Danube is Red”, shot in b/w before eleborate effects. He’s photographed from all sides in-action and it look totally convincing that’s the character has lost his arm to the shoulder. After seeing twice, I still have no idea how they strapped Pidgeon’s good arm down and concealed it with “mere tailoring” all the while he’s portraying an vigorous, active counter-intelligence officer in Post-War Vienna.

  14. ggreen says

    Tom Cruise plays Tom Cruise in every movie he makes (just like John Wayne did). Tom Cruise is no actor, he is a short, vain, egomaniac that believes he is entitled to that which mere mortals can only dream (watch him pontificate on TV). Mr. Cruise has a gang of religious cult fanatics that follow him wherever he goes (the scientologists and the press). Now watch this space for the professional scientology blog commenters (yes they do exist, to counter bad press for their church and they HATE the internet) to flame out about what a great guy Tom is.

  15. Frank L says

    What GGreen said. Mr. Cruise is the most overrated actor/celebrity in Hollywood, bar none. As to how he’ll play von Stauffenberg, he’ll stand on a box like he always does.

  16. tony the tiger says

    I think the reason that Tom Cruise looks so absurd in that picture is because that uniform fits him so badly. The Nazis were very particular about form fitting suits.

    And that hat is too big for him.

    The only historical role that Tom Cruise should play is as Napoleon!

  17. peterparker says

    A.J., you are hilarious!

    Regarding boycotting Cruise because he is a member of Scientology: is it possible that Scientology is such a fringe religion, held in such poor regard by most people, and generally thought of as a very silly cult, that it really does no harm to continue to support someone who espouses the beliefs of The Church of Scientology? It’s sort of like continuing to be kind to the nutter on the street corner who is railing against anything secular because he’s *such* a nutter that you know no one will ever take him seriously. Or maybe I just want to see this movie because I can’t wait to see Tom Cruise in Nazi drag.

  18. Ednonymous says

    This twit is a lousy excuse for an actor and judging from the picture above, he’s an even worse producer.
    Look at that terribly tailored uniform: it looks like it came off the rack at K-mart. Cruise won’t spring for proper outfits?
    German WWII officers were impeccable in their dress: especially staff officers who had their uniforms tailor made. Claus von Stauffenberg was a Colonel not a Private.

    This will certainly be a movie worth avoiding.

  19. says

    Tom Cruise SUED a man who stated Tom and he had sex.

    His lawsuit perpetuated the gay-is-bad mythology the Christian hate industry is working so hard to get people to believe.

    For this (and for the fact he’s a mediocre actor at best), I refuse ever to see any movie he’s in.

  20. says

    Tom receive’s a lot of criticism from people. He is perhaps one of the finest actors we have today. He always gives the best performance that he can. I also find that although I am not a Scientologist, I am impressed with the eloquence and success of those whom are Scientologist’s. People either love Tom or they hate him. Tom is a great actor. His personal life is just that, personal.

  21. Jonathon says

    I’ve never thought much of Tom Cruise, even back in the “Top Gun” days. His acting is horrible, and yeah he does seem to always play “himself” like John Wayne did.

    I refuse to give one single dime to anything related to Scientology, so whenever a new Tom Cruise movie comes out I know to avoid it like the plague. Add this film to the list of movies I won’t see, even for free.

    I used to like Travolta, at least until his Scientology affiliation came to light. But he’s no great actor, either.

    Like Mormonism, I just don’t understand how anyone who actually learns anything about Scientology can actually believe it. The specifics of the Xenu story are just laughable. It’s not even good scifi!

  22. Derrick from Philly says

    You don’t have to be a great actor to be a great movie star. The poster who compared Cruise to John Wayne was absolutely right. You become a great movie star by having a screen persona that the public grows to recognize and enjoy. Very few screen actors become big (box office) stars by “burying themselves” in each new role…only Merryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman are the ones I can think of who are great actors as well as great movie stars.

    And by the way, John Wayne gave an interview with Playboy in the late 1960s in which he spoke about, “Negroes and civil rights, and they (us Negroes) were demanding too much too soon.” Still, I know many black folks (including me) who watch John Wayne movies on TV, and enjoy them. It is possible to separate the artist (or movie star) from their politics or religion.

    Tom Cruise is one of the greatest movie stars of his generation (the 1990’s), and a pretty good screen actor. Y’all want to punish somebody because of his wacky religion, y’all need to think of Mitt Romney, not Tommy…although Mitt’s dad was a class act for a Repbulican.

  23. Toto says

    I think his views on things such as medication and psychology are terribly archaic and the amount of energy and time he has spent trying to dissprove and silence tabloid trash seems a bit more desperate than the average male mega star. When it comes to his performances, however it has always seemed to me that he has been playing the same character since “Top Gun”. The only, and I mean the only performances where I think he stretched into anything different and interesting were “Jerry Mcguire” and “Collateral”. In “Collateral” he had a calm, cold, coniving, and manulative demeanor which was perfect. As a villian he seems a natural but as a hero he is just a dick head whom I would like to kick in the balls.

  24. Joe T. says

    P.S. : Derrick from Philly : I do think that’s the healthiest attitude toward artwork, etc. If we omitted everything from our list of what we allow ourselves to enjoy because of one (or a few) things about the artist, subject, or product that was offensive, we’d probably be greatly limited. It’s like with Jews enjoying Wagner or Tchaikovsky or even Henry Ford, the Irish with anything English, gays with Frank Lloyd Wright… (Turks with Telly Savalas..)

  25. TONY THE TIGER says


    I already know the ending to this movie!

    The Nazi played by Tom Cruise does NOT succeed in assasinating Hitler! Hilter survives!

    Trust me on this. Sorry to ruin it for everyone.

  26. Madrigaal says

    Well, glad to see the ‘pro-Tommy’ folks have finally had their say. But really, TC has become a huge joke. Gays may have been the first salvo in this debate, but TC has sunk his own ship.

    When asked, non-gay, female and male co-workers all had the same thing to say: He’s a fucking freak. Maybe him and Jocko can hang out. I certainly hope they don’t share much beyond their lack of reality.

  27. rudy says

    Tony, You may not a have a gay bone in your body but Ms. Cruise has had several gay boys’ bones in his body. He wrestles with them, is laid by them and then pays them. I do not believe he is culturally gay but I believe that he is homosexual. Many gay men do not like him because he perpetuates the myth that being gay is shameful and his “religion” cliams to have a cure for what we all know to be an innate part of who we are and how we are made .

  28. Tom says

    I have to agree with those that compare Tom Cruise to John Wayne. Cruise plays Cruise and his acting range runs all the way from A to B. “Risky Business” was a good movie, a fun film. Of course “All The Right Moves” was mediocre and it might be worth seeing again if that penis is really Tom’s or is it a body double? Tom’s best roles are when he plays a wise ass, like in “A Few Good Men” and “Top Gun”, I think that’s the real Cruise. “Collateral” wasn’t bad, I just got distracted by the hair color and Cruise’s stiffness. And “The War of the Worlds” remake, why? The MI flicks were laughable. I just perceive a little natural feminine tinge to Tom in his voice and some of his actions, a little too fem for a “macho” spy or action figure IMHO.

    I don’t hate Cruise, nor do I like him very much. I think he’s a little creepy, but if I lived his life, I might be even more creepy. I am a WWII buff and really just can’t see Cruise doing justice to a portrayal of Colonel Count Von Stauffenberg. The Count was a complex and very serious man who struggled with only 3 fingers on one arm to set the bomb’s fuse. I want to see if Cruise has the depth to even get close to portraying this heroic figure. I guess I’ll wait for it to come on cable.

  29. Becks07 says

    Joe T., after an adult lifetime of studying Frank Lloyd Wright, working at the Taliesin archives and collecting his housewares (furniture, rugs, china, et al), this is the first time I have ever seen a reference to his having a scrap of homophobia.

    As a Unitarian, his was a religion that embraced queers before many others. His Taliesin Fellowship was strongly populated by gays, and his wife, Olgivanna, was the Prairie School Fag Hag. In conversations with gay men who knew him well, no one ever mentioned any kind of lingering resentment on Wright’s part with regard to homosexuality.

    Please explain.

  30. RICHARD says


  31. John says

    Simply put, gays hate him because he doesn’t want to admit he is one.

    Tom Cruise’s gayness is so well known that even mainstream comedians like Jay Leno pokes fun at his being “in the closet.”

    And he can only file lawsuits against so many people. When everyone’s saying it, even the best lawyers have to give up.

  32. Tom Cruise says

    HEY GUYS! I don’t appreciate all the negative comments. Just go see my movie and judge it based on the quality of the movie not my private life!!!


  33. Jordan says

    If only there would be a plot on the current Dictator we have like the movie plot…..that would be ideal.

    Since that’s obviously the only way we’re EVER gonna get rid of him….and since he is just as evil as Hitler was.

    I just feel sorry for Katie. She has NO idea what she’s gotten herself into, and now looks so unhappy…but that baby is too cute! I just wonder who the father is, and how it was conceived, if it is indeed Tom’s?

    He really IS creepy….kinda like a Stepford Husband. You just know that Nicole is just glad to be outta that marriage. And if ANYONE needs a good psychiatrist and medication, it is TOM CRUISE !!!

  34. Joe T. says

    Anybody else remember Brad Davis ( R.I.P.) as Von Stauffenberg in the 1990 TV movie “The Plot To Kill Hitler”? He was mega-hot, as usual.

  35. John says

    Manhattan NYT types?

    Is that anything like Hollywood liberal?

    Or San Francisco values?

    I guess the right’s mantra about being ‘uniters, not dividers’ is about as empty as their tenuous claims to monogamy and heterosexuality.

  36. nic says

    i’ve never seen much in crazy tommy. he’s always been kind of thick in the hips and thighs… not attractive on a man. plus, he has been getting loonier and loonier. scientology is a joke.

  37. Joe T. says

    I don’t know how similar the types are, John. I don’t know enough Hollywood Liberals personally. I do know a lot of Manhattan NY Times types, though (the ones right in Manhattan). I know a few San Francisco values types, but the ones I know are different beasts from the Manhattan NY Times types.

  38. JaxonF. says

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