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Rugby Icon Ian Roberts Battled Slurs with Kisses


Gay rugby icon-turned-actor Ian Roberts is looking fantastic in the pages of the upcoming "Sex" issue of The Advocate, where he's featured in a cover story.

Ianroberts2_2Roberts discusses the difficulties of breaking into Hollywood, and goes into great detail about his recently-wrapped up involvement in trials surrounding the murder of gay teen Arron Light, which I've posted about here extensively.

Roberts also discusses his coming out in 1995, which was prompted by a "degrading" article in an Australian tabloid:

"I enjoyed the actual moment. It was empowering to be out. All the confusion that had been part of my life suddenly vanished. When the whole world knew I was gay, I wasn't angry anymore. It's a whole clash about what it means to be a man, about masculinity. People would say, 'You must be the exception to the rule [of what gay men are like]. You don't swish around, you're not a cross-dresser.'"

Also noted is the strategy he used when fans would shout "faggot" or "cocksucker" from the stands. He'd return the slurs with a wink, or something more direct:

"If anything, I took it as a compliment. If they were, by any chance, cute, I'd give them a cute kiss at some point during the game. It became a rugby league story—if you got kissed by me on the field, you weren't half bad to look at."

The issue hits newsstands on July 17th.

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  1. My my but aren't we catty. I can't understand what all the hatred is about... or should I call it 'jealousy'????

    Ian Roberts does not do steroids. In his early pics, you can tell his muscle structure was for a rough sport. His physical shape now reflects time spent in a gym, building up muscle structure in a more rounded way. You can achieve excellent results with a lot of dedication and hard work. Study the human body and then look at Ian's muscle attachment points... he has the frame and physiology to produce muscles of that size.

    I think what separates the bitchy queens from the regal ladies is that the ladies can make informed opinions without adding libel to their posts. First you attack the guy for stupid things, then you drag in his criminal record, then you accuse him of 'roid abuse. What's next? An attack on his eyebrows? Snide remarks about his big toe? It's just an article... get over it.

    Ron, you ROCK! Your blog post was magnificent.

    Rowe, if you even read this, thanks for putting up with all the bs. Flame and Joey made a good point... you were ASSIGNED and PAID as a professional journalist to cover the story. Kudos to you for a job well done. You have every right to voice your opinion about it.

    Posted by: Draigon | Jul 17, 2007 2:37:19 PM

  2. I shouldn't have to clarify this, but given how stupid some of the posts are on this site, I won't take the chance on the intelligence of some. Ian Roberts doesny not HAVE a "criminal record," nor does he use steroids. It's cheap to falsely accuse him of things anonymously, isn't it?

    Posted by: Draigon | Jul 17, 2007 2:48:01 PM

  3. Wow... Who knew blogging was such a serious sport? This is my virginal blog post, so forgive me for being too lengthy.

    I've never met Michael Rowe, I just spoke with him via eMail for the first time today (before I knew about all of this!), but I'd have to agree with his comments re: Mr. Robert's character. The truth is, none of us really know Ian, no matter how often we've seen him or met him. Read the article, read the words that came out of his mouth and learn about his life and his experiences. There are certainly other sources available at your fingertips if you feel the need to cross-check any of the facts in the story. If you arrive at negative conclusions about his character, what can I tell you? Instinct tells me you just want to be negative and youthful experience tells me that's a bit anti-productive.

    My impression after working with Ian on this shoot is that he is probably one of the most grounded, well-rounded individuals, gay or not, that the universe has ever produced, and the world would be worse-off without him.

    In American media, (and to be fair, most mainstream media throughout the world), the homosexual man is often portrayed as a mean-spirited, gossipy leech on society. Mr. Roberts is one of a very small handful of people breaking that god-awful stereotype. I was 15 when he publicly came out, and I would have loved to have known about it here in the US. I had no gay role models, every gay guy I saw on TV made me sick to my stomach (granted, I've gotten much more accepting of others in the past 12 years, but I still can't watch Will and Grace without feeling a little bit of vomit coming up in the back of my throat).

    So, useless and self-serving as my and all posts here may be, and given that most likely none of you know a gosh darn thing about me, just try to trust and believe me when I tell you that my instincts tell me this man has made the world a better place.

    For anyone who's going to accuse ANYONE of something as terrible as the accusations above -- do a little volunteer work, perhaps with at-risk youth. When you see how f-ed up the systems are that are in place to help these kids, and how little attention most of the populous pays to the problems of others, you may find a more productive use of the written word.

    I can't make conclusions for you, I'm just offering my 2 cents, and yes I'm TOTALLY promoting myself, lol because I f-in LOVE THESE PHOTOS of Ian and I'm delighted in the choices that the magazine made.

    Let's leave his body out of it, if you can't see the beauty in his face and in all the character and battle scars there, why don't you swing by the studio and we'll take some photos of you in the same wardrobe and location and post 'em on here? We can open up a little voting booth like American Idol, except we'll donate the 5¢ messaging charges to charity.

    I'm also charging $100/min to sit on that chaise.

    Posted by: Eric Schwabel | Jul 18, 2007 7:53:04 PM

  4. I second Eric Schwabel and Ron Oliver's comments 100%. Well said, gentlemen.

    Posted by: Michael Rowe | Jul 18, 2007 9:05:21 PM

  5. Eric, my hat's off to you for what you said in your post above. Ian IS an excellent role model for these kids. His willingness to listen to them, to help them, and to encourage them is commendable.

    To be fair, and to ease any feelings of ill use... I'm sorry we don't agree on the one pic. Yes, I was extremely harsh in my critique of it, and I have to stand by my initial feelings about it. However, the rest of your work is fabulous. My opinion of the pic is worth beans in the grand scheme of things, and in your career you'll run across people who turn their nose up at a snapshot simply because they have different tastes, and different opinions than yours. Know what? That's not important. What's important is that you keep working in your field, and keep your creativity flowing.

    And sure, I'll take ya up on your offer... but I'm keeping one foot planted firmly on the ground! >grin and wink<

    Posted by: Draigon | Jul 19, 2007 7:33:10 PM

  6. Hey Draigon, I didn't find your comments harsh at all -- was responding to the peeps who don't see any beauty in him or his character, I totally encourage criticism, how else am I going to continue to grow? Actually, your criticism was very well written.

    I do think the pic in question is super hot, but you are correct, were he positioned differently, his legs would have looked more cut.

    Part of what attracts me to this, and some of the other unused photos is that he's not trying at all. He's just there, pretty much un-posed, in wardrobe he most definitely didn't pick out on his own, but he's completely dominating every element of the photo. We could have put him in a pretty red dress and he'd still look masculine. Part of it I think is that he's very comfortable in his own skin. I don't completely recall but I have a feeling I didn't pose him at all for this shot, I think I just saw him there and it was like "damn... click"

    I like what he says in the article about masculinity and what it really means to be a man, and I think the photo in it's own way reinforces that. Check out the magazine if you can, they ran a few other shots that are pretty killer, all together I think they make a good story.

    Schwabel out!

    Posted by: Eric Schwabel | Jul 19, 2007 11:34:31 PM

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