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Telluride "Straight Pride" Parade Marchers No Joke, Say Some


Telluride, Colorado's 4th of July parade had an unusual entry — a group of marchers dressed as the "Straight Pride Brigade." Participants explain that it was meant as "a satire of the over-the-top gay pride parades in cities like New York or San Francisco."

The Telluride Daily Planet reports: "On July 4, a dozen Telluride residents suffered into polyester pants and scratchy sweaters, combed their hair flat and slipped on loafers and pumps to become the Straight Pride marchers. They whooped and waved and kissed in the middle of main street (girls kissing boys, naturally). But it was the group’s signs that most rankled some on the sidelines. Some seemed innocent enough (one said, simply, 'I like boys') but others were less gentle, saying 'I’m Over the Rainbow' or 'Not in my Backdoor.'"

Some residents of the Colorado town, which hosts a gay ski week every year, were not amused.

Said Boulder resident Gretchen Norham: "They were clearly nothing more than an anti-gay hate group. Shame on this group. Shame on the judges. I expected better from people in Telluride."

Another observer said : "It was intended to be funny, biting humor, but some of the signs were not funny. But there was just something about it. Some of the signage was anti-gay."

Another resident, real estate agent Matt Hintenmeister, along with some who wrote letters to the Daily Planet, wants an apology: "They don’t really understand what their float was about. They say that it was all just a joke. Even if it was, they should have realized that it was in really poor taste, and come out publicly and apologized."

Ethan Hale, who marched with the group, defended the idea: "I thought it was going to be a funny idea, so I was up for it. A lot of people are misconstruing it. It was, first and foremost, a joke. It was not homophobic."

The "Straight Pride" marchers took second place in the parade competition's humor category.

Paraders wanted only laughs [telluride daily planet]
Avoid Telluride until town apologizes for “Straight Pride” float [telluride daily planet - letters]
Celebrating in Style [plum tv]

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  1. ooh! There are two Shane's on here: one who is a stupid a$$hole who agrees with Joe and Sam that making fun of a minority group is acceptable "humor", and the other one is me. :o)

    Posted by: Shane | Jul 17, 2007 8:01:29 AM

  2. I can't believe this is getting more comments than the post about that boob O'Donnell.

    Posted by: Peter | Jul 17, 2007 8:43:25 AM

  3. Just to let you all you know it was a joke and happened to be funny, if you knew the partcipants, especially knowing many people in the "float" are gay. It was to make fun of the homophobic nation. Problem was people thought they serious. Telluride is one of most repspectfull places of all people, don't be fooled. come to paradise and see for yourself...

    Posted by: scott | Jul 17, 2007 10:07:45 AM

  4. There is a man in the photo carrying a sign that says, "I'm just French." That is funny to me. I understand how people could misunderstand and get offended by these people, but it really seems more like a parody of both gay pride parades and gay bashing fundamentalists than an actual attack on gay rights. I think we should save our strength for the people who do this stuff but really aren't joking.

    Posted by: R | Jul 17, 2007 10:45:00 AM

  5. The straight pride marchers should be ashamed of themselves in this day and age. There are similar discriminatory groups that march in parades of course, like the KKK. There is no humor in either case.

    This is especially disturbing in a town that reaps millions from gay ski week every year. I would urge the local gay and lesbian groups to identify the marchers and post on the web what shops or restaurants they own, so gays and lesbians can avoid or protest their establishments this coming winter. Their float and signs went beyond simply humor, so perhaps they should practice what they preach, and see how their lives go without any gay men or women in their lives decorating their houses, doing their hair, planting their landscape, selling them their cars, keeping them safe at 30,000 feet, designing their clothes, selling them shoes, etc. I can only wonder what tragedy will befall one of their own young children that might be gay when they see mom and dad and their country club friends marching against them.

    My partner and I certainly won't be coming to Telluride for gay ski week or any other time until they apologize.

    Posted by: Paul | Jul 17, 2007 11:09:49 AM

  6. Will they laugh when one of their gay closeted children kills themselves because mom and dad are marching and proud to be straight?

    Posted by: Eric | Jul 17, 2007 11:20:46 AM

  7. I visit Telluride every winter because the skiing is awesome. Never had a prob with homophobia.

    Maybe this is a good excuse to skip Telluride and take a second trip to my other favorite ski area - Jackson Hole

    Posted by: Fred | Jul 17, 2007 12:02:38 PM

  8. Sorry, but Sam you're an 18 year old idiot


    Scott, how do you know? You know them personally? I'm calling you on your bullshit.


    Posted by: Mary, Please | Jul 17, 2007 12:31:56 PM

  9. I think it's hilarious and that's it's a sign of the times and growing acceptance. and for the people that say it's absurd and tantamount to "white pride" your defeating your own arguments. People should be proud of themselves and their past, yes even if they are white, it's no more ridiculous than black pride, homo pride, or any of those, regardless of the KKK.

    Posted by: Tim | Jul 17, 2007 12:40:03 PM

  10. If anything, this post has shown that a person is smart, people are dumb. Joe, Time, Scott, etc., those that say this is "funny", well, you're dumb. Plain and simple. Dumb as shit. Keep laughing, 'cause as someone else wrote, they are laughing AT you, not WITH you. (dumba$$es).

    Posted by: Person | Jul 17, 2007 1:09:50 PM

  11. I was indeed disgusted with this float appearing in our parade here in Telluride. But what concerned me more was a letter that appeared in our paper in response to mine (and was not included in the coverage above). So I have included it below for you all to read. Even more upsetting was the amount of people who told me they agreed with this hateful woman...

    "Walking the straight line"

    Published: Tuesday, July 10, 2007 7:56 PM CDT
    Telluride Daily Planet

    Dear Editor,

    I want to question all of those who have concern over the Straight Pride Float. Though I was not part of the creation or participation, I thought that it was a great idea (joke or not).

    In a town such as Telluride, where (and I quote Mr. Hintermeister) “Telluride is perceived by many to be a haven for understanding, giving, and foresight,” why is celebrating “the norm” looked down upon?

    My heterosexuality is not celebrated everyday of the year, it is only expected. Mr. Hintermeister called the float a “distasteful display,” where is the foresight in that? Where is the understanding that we are all equal, regardless of who we may lie in bed with? Why should it be acceptable for a minority float and not a majority float?

    It makes no sense that I, along with every other heterosexual, should not be allowed to show pride in my lifestyle. Do we now live in a town where only minorities are allowed to celebrate their beliefs? On a day in which we are celebrating our freedom to be who we want and believe in what we want, being straight (and promoting it) is a “hurtful and disgusting” act.

    Seriously, get over it.

    I am “over the rainbow.” I do not think that anyone should receive preferential treatment because they are a minority. Work hard, pay your taxes, earn the respect of the community, and live as a decent person. Gay, bi, trani, or straight — in this town there are very few that are persecuted for there beliefs, until now.

    Let it be known, it is not OK to be a straight male or female in Telluride (“the haven for understanding, giving, and foresight”) and be proud to show it. You are only understood if you are a minority and do not fit inside the box of what the majority of Americans are.

    Let it be known that this town claims to be accepting, but only when it is convenient or looks good on a political poster. Telluride and some of its residents biggest concerns are how the community looks to an outsider (note the outsiders gave very little to the Valley Floor) and working on becoming the poster child for acceptance and tolerance.

    I never thought that this would be made into such a big deal and I am shocked that members of this tolerant and accepting town have turned their backs on the community that has populated it year after year.

    Whitney Chapman

    Posted by: Matt | Jul 17, 2007 3:36:56 PM

  12. I can't believe how many hits I got from my post.

    Listen kids, humor is humor and it's quite subjective. Because this parade may have hit a wrong note for some of you doesn't mean the marchers were wrong to attempt an off-beat brand of humor. Part of the problem with the movement to be politically correct is the idea that people have a right to have their "feelings" protected - they don't, no one does.

    I guess having the mirror turned around on us hits a little too close to some.

    Posted by: Shane | Jul 17, 2007 6:03:21 PM

  13. JONATHON says:

    "Look, I can take a joke. I..."

    Wait! Stop right there. Correction: No, you clearly cannot.

    Alright. Proceed.

    "...I can laugh at homophobic humor the likes of "In Living Color"..."


    Really? Because that was very homophobic humor.

    Are you sure you don't mean to say instead that you've replaced whatever identity you were born into with a set of external social doctrines which dictate for to you when you can be human and when you must not be, the upshot being that you hang yourself from a heirarchy in which you must not tollerate gay jokes from these people, while you must laugh along nervously with gay jokes from these other people, because they're black and part of the deal is that "racist" trumps "homophobic"?

    Oddly enough that's just what I figured.

    Posted by: Jummy | Jul 17, 2007 8:01:39 PM

  14. "It was intended to be funny, biting humor..." -- sure, let's have a "white pride" parade -- just as a joke ofcourse.

    Posted by: markthomas212 | Jul 17, 2007 8:37:01 PM

  15. Just based on the article and photo, I dont see this as an attack. Its a parody and looks pretty funny. As though its emphasizing the point of gay pride by showing the redundancy of straight pride. Its like having a support group for rich, white men. They wouldn't need one so the idea is laughable. This is just comedy.

    Posted by: Dave | Jul 17, 2007 9:20:31 PM

  16. I think everyone needs to read Matt's comment (and letter posted) five comments above. It is a letter by a heterosexual woman in Telluride who supports the "Straight Pride" parade and references the many residents of the town comments about their support of her opinion.

    This wasn't meant to be a joke, and if you don't understand that fact now, than you never will. They were/are laughing at us everyone, not WITH us.

    (so sad)

    Posted by: Cory | Jul 17, 2007 9:52:29 PM

  17. Amen Cory, amen...

    Posted by: Robert In WeHo | Jul 17, 2007 10:33:21 PM

  18. Matt, you need to have Andy post that letter as its own section. People need to see the truth about this, as more than a few commentators on Towleroad think this is all a joke and shouldn't be taken seriously. That letter is VERY revealing as to the true actions of Telluride's residents (that and the fact it won second place in a Fourth of July parade). How can anyone argue with that...

    Amen Cory and Robert and Matt, Amen...

    Posted by: Jase | Jul 17, 2007 11:40:41 PM

  19. Buncha prissy queens. Pride parades over the top? Were you AT the last SF pride? Oh my god yawn. So much political crap (supes trying to look good for the voters), not enough assless chaps. Or is that assful? I like chaps on a nice full ass.

    "that way they'll see that we're just like them, that we are live and work and love just like they do."

    Eww. I am NOT "just like" them, I don't live and work like most of them, and I certainly do not love "just like" they do.

    Most straight people in this country are fairly sex negative. Their problem isn't just that we're gay, it's with any human that doesn't tow that line.

    Hmm, sounds like some people here really do live and love "just like" that. And of course have a problem with those who won't.

    Posted by: Josh | Jul 22, 2007 5:39:25 AM

  20. It's satire and satire happens to be offensive. It wasn't pointed at an individual person and nobody was personally harmed or defamed.

    Posted by: Slushy | Jul 8, 2008 1:45:33 AM

  21. Telluride is a very tolerant and liberal town. So tolerant, in fact, that we can laugh at a straight pride march. How intolerant of some of you to be offended! Clearly, these folks are trying to make fun of the straight "squares" who are so uptight that they can't even appriciate heterosexual "backyard" sex. Shame on those of you who would want to censor such a march. It's a free country, we should all be more tolerant of others! Gays and Bisexuals, come visit our town, and see for yourselves how tolerant we really are here!

    Posted by: Telluride resident | Mar 30, 2009 7:16:53 PM

  22. If those people are marching because of over the top gay pride marches then they live in a very small world or are just plain blind,because straight people can act inappropriate in public just check out the embarassing night club photos of the week website or watch them acting up on the different police programs we see on TV at the end of the day no one is picture perfect gay or straight.

    Posted by: Techiechick | Oct 26, 2012 7:20:48 AM

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