News: Cornwall Great White Shark, Gordon Brown, Cher, Estonia

road.jpg Veanka McKenzie, a worker at New York state’s Human Rights Division, has filed a lawsuit alleging that the division discriminates against women and blacks in its dress code, offering preferential treatment to gay white men, some of whom are inclined to wear cowboy hats: “Lawyers for McKenzie, 40, argued that the inconsistent policy was a reaction to negative publicity about alleged ageism and race discrimination against whites when Commissioner Kumiki Gibson, who is black, fired two older Caucasian women. Tom Shanahan, a spokesman for the Human Rights Division, said, ‘We categorically deny the allegations and we look forward to vigorously defending against them.'”

Becksmotoroad.jpg Becks’ pecs: Motorola uses the subtle approach to marketing their new phone.

road.jpg Does Bush have a new poodle in UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown? “Gordon Brown last night praised George Bush for leading the global war on terror — saying the world owed America a huge debt. The Prime Minister vowed to take Winston Churchill’s lead and make Britain’s ties with America even stronger. Mr Brown stunned critics by THANKING President Bush for the fight against Islamic extremism, and insisted the UK-US relationship will be his No1 foreign policy priority.”

road.jpg Mark Carter, a polieman in Great Britain who was crowned Mr. Gay UK last October, has lent his support to a hate crime reporting center. Carter: “It is very important that the public can have a facility to report hate incidents other than at police stations. If minority groups are unlikely to report incidents, then the police cannot do their job correctly.”

Greatwhiteroad.jpg Debate over Great White Shark spotted off the coast of Cornwall, UK continues: Some experts are skeptical while others insist it’s possible: I would not rule out the possibility of this being a Great White — the tail is identical. There are other sharks off the coast of Britain that have similar features. But I would be amazed if there are not Great Whites in the sea off Cornwall. There is a plentiful supply of food and I cannot see why they could not thrive in the conditions.”

road.jpg Al Gore’s son enters guilty plea in Prius drug charge: “In case you’re not familiar with this case, young Mr. Gore was pulled over for going 100 mph in his Toyota Prius over the July 4th holiday weekend, and subsequently charged with possession of various drugs found in his vehicle.”

road.jpg Cher at work on new album with “very very difficult songs.”

road.jpg Estonian capital of Tallinn receive authorization for gay parade: ” Police suggested in mid-July that organizers reroute the march away from the city center, saying six participants in the 500-strong Tallinn Pride parade were seriously injured when attacked by Estonian nationalists last year. Several organizations representing sexual minorities in the ex-Soviet Baltic state of 1.4 million approached the president, prime minister and other senior government and city officials for assistance after the police refusal. The issue was resolved when organizers agreed to hire security guards to ensure the marchers’ safety in line with police recommendations.”


  1. Paul says

    Gordon Brown won’t be Bush’s poodle. He also spoke to Bill Clinton on Monday night for advice on his UN speech (think he’d ever ask Bush for advice on a speech??), and is a very independent, stubborn thinker. He’s too smart (and the British public too angry) to make the same mistakes that Blair made.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, I’m gay but I would never wear a cowboy hat to work…unless I was in an “Annie Get Your Gun” kinda’ mood–
    “…with a gu’un, with a gu’un…no, you cain’t get a man with a gun…”

  3. Brian says

    You know too many models are doing too many steroids when David Beckham’s long, lithe, muscular frame is likened to that of a 14 year old boy. We need to re-calibrate our eye for such things.

  4. says

    there’s nothing more sickening and poisonous than linking to a story and ending up on the cruddy Perez Hilton site…
    i have no idea why that slug is on this blogroll, but please at least qualify a post that links to that greasy moron with a warning!

  5. roger says

    what pecks??? dude has an ugly body! I agree my 14 yr old son has a better developed chest…too much hype over this dude…go back to england!

  6. MT says

    The stories about the attacks on gay parades coming out of the former soviet bloc are horrifying. I really hope this year has a better outcome for the people in Estonia. I can’t believe the officially sanctioned hate in places like Poland and Estonia aren’t universally condemned. It’s disgusting.

  7. hoya86 says

    re: Gordon Brown.
    that is surprising, but I imagine that it’s the result of some quid pro quo thing – sort of like our selling arms to the Saudis so that a rich family w/an army can maintain control over a country.

    re: NYS Human Rights Division.
    What is it with government workers? Typically a very unhappy lot.

  8. Dave says

    David Beckham is beautiful, I still have the W magazine on my night stand. I rememeber in the NY Post a few weeks back on Al Gore’s son
    ” An Inconvinient Toke”. I hate the Post but very funny…

  9. Jordan says

    I think David Beckham is beautiful too. Too many overbuilt muscles is disgusting. (ESPECIALLY when you are a fashion whore 😉

    I wouldn’t be too surprised if Brown turns out to be Bush’s new poodle, since noone seems to have the balls to stand up to that psychopath yet, although I’d put my money on Putin.

    I think it’s great that Gore Jr. is the blacksheep in the family. It’s always the youngest that’s the hellraisers. I know I am. It’s off to rehab for him!

  10. says

    You had to make me go to Perez Hilton? I just wanted to know a little bit about Cher’s new album. Now that prick gets to count me as a click, thus using me as a selling tool for his ad space. Dammit.

  11. Gino says


    It’s not today’s models that have warped our “calibration.” Look at classical drawings and sculptures, from Da Vinci back to the Greeks. The developed male form actually *has* muscles. A well-toned guy is one thing (picture Chris Evans or Ryan Reynolds), body builders on creatine (and other things) are another. I stand by my assertion that Beckham has the arms and chest of a 14-year old boy. But hey, some people like that look…

  12. nic says

    becks is hot. to confuse a 32 y.o. man w/a 14 y.o. boy is ummm, i dunno, sick? if you look at donatello’s david and michelangelo’s david, they depict a much younger man than becks. and “julie chen,” if that IS your real name, perez hilton is awright by me. “sickening and poisonous”? wtf is wrong with you?

  13. nic says

    unlike bush’s poodle, tony blair, gordon brown is too much of an intellectual to be anyone’s lap dog. believe me, he is too much aware of our moron-in-cheif’s ineptitude and the hatred felt toward him by the english people to hitch his star to the shrub’s little red wagon. poor, poor tony. he could have left a good legacy.

  14. Himbo with Highlights says

    ewww, David Beckham put your shirt back on. Feeling good though. You might kick balls better than me, but my chest knocks yours out of the park.

  15. Jordan says

    Becks is hot, no 2 ways around it. It just shows people being jealous of skinny people, obviously.

    And anyway, you can be skinny AND have muscle definition, just not obscenely huge muscles that everyone assumes to be attractive simply because that’s what we’ve been conditioned to believe so by the porn industry, etc.

    While I’m personally attracted to many different types of guys myself(from 0% body fat like me to big burly types), I know to each his own.

  16. tony the tiger says


    I am fascinated by the media frenzy that has been intentionally wrapped around this guy. It has completely fallen flat. All those millions he has been promised in endorsement deals and from that soccer team are for naught. Americans are not biting (except for silly nellies like Andy Towle of course–i can’t believe how obsessed he is with that stupid big brother show–hasn’t he ever been to the beach? at least it is better than his obsessive fred phelps reports).


  17. nic says

    poor, poor tony (the tiger, that is). no amount of harrumphing or fffitt, fffitt, meowing or caterwauling will diminish the fact that becks is an international sex symbol. he may not do what was intentioned for american soccer (futbol), but to many, many people, the guy is hot. and for as much as he faults andy towle, he (tony the tigress) sure is on here a lot.

  18. says

    It’s not his boyish looks that I don’t find attractive, it’s the whole package actually. Yeah…Sooo not the type I’d go for(skinny or not). Ryan Reynolds?…In Blade 3?…Yummieness!!!

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