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Washington State Domestic Partner Law Takes Effect

News outlets are reporting that "dozens" of couples are lining up at government offices around Washington state today to register as domestic partners under a law that took effect over the weekend.

Wadomesticpartners_2According to The Olympian, "Couples registered as domestic partners will get enhanced rights, including hospital visitation rights, the ability to authorize autopsies and organ donations and inheritance rights when there is no will. But domestic partners aren't getting all the rights that traditionally married couples have, and the registry is not the same as civil unions offered to gay couples in other states. To be registered, couples must share a home, not be married or in a domestic relationship with someone else, and be at least 18."

WA gay couples line up to register as domestic partners [the olympian]
Same Sex Couples Register For Domestic Partnerships [kiro]

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  1. I'm not bothering. I've spent $500 to get all these rights through wills and powers of attorney, and another $100 for a marriage license in BC. In other words, this isn't giving me anything I don't already have. If these were full civil unions, yeah, I'd go for it, but as it is, why should I bother?

    Posted by: Gitai | Jul 23, 2007 2:33:57 PM

  2. Gitai: Often the people most in need of the consequences of such rights (partner dead, hospitalised, ...) may not be able to spare $600 to obtain them. "Rights by check" doesn't have a nice ring to it.

    Posted by: Mike | Jul 23, 2007 2:57:37 PM

  3. Let me guess... Gitai is a Republican/Libertarian? Because $600 isn't exactly a drop in the pond for most people...

    Posted by: Yuri | Jul 23, 2007 3:14:27 PM

  4. I will only consider this a victory when I can marry my cat. I love her.

    Posted by: Becks07 | Jul 23, 2007 3:21:53 PM

  5. Domestic partner rights for gay couples? I think Washington state is being awfully reckless here. If we allow equality for gays, we're putting straight rights in dire peril.

    When all the heterosexual marriages along the Pacific coast start falling apart, don't come crying to me. You were warned.

    Posted by: Jake | Jul 23, 2007 3:25:52 PM

  6. Not helping, Becks! ;-)

    Posted by: KJ | Jul 23, 2007 3:37:58 PM

  7. Actually, neither my husband nor I make a lot of money. It was quite a hit to get the documentation. Basically, I'm just pissed that we're supposed to be celebrating this, when our neighbours to the north have full marriage and our neighbors to the south have full civil unions. I've got the legal rights that this provides, and I just don't feel like spending $50 to get nothing more. I feel cheated by the whole thing, and I've felt betrayed by my legislators and the activists representing me since this pathetic mess was first floated.

    I want marriage. I don't want anything less. I could be happy if we had full civil unions. I'd go for that. That would give me a panopoly of rights that I don't now have. I'm not gonna celebrate when the people who are feasting are sweeping some crumbs onto the floor. It offends my dignity.

    Posted by: Gitai | Jul 23, 2007 6:18:11 PM

  8. I'm not sure why there is this rampant continance that any couple is different, derves or doesn't deserve any rights whatsoever.

    I for one have been partnered for close to 5 years. In that time I have seen just as many straight and gay relationships begin and end and for the most common reasons.

    You can't blame anyone but yourself is your relationship falls apart but yourself.

    We need to take responsiblity for ourselves and the people we have grown to love and choose to call husband, wife, partner or friend.

    Things like this, just make it easier for the ones we have chosen to love to do that.

    Posted by: Jimm | Jul 23, 2007 7:19:21 PM

  9. Jimm, while I agree with you that we are individually responsible for our relationships failure or success--I'm not sure what that has to do with Domestic Parter laws or marriage.

    Posted by: db | Jul 23, 2007 7:32:54 PM

  10. You know that you should just be grateful for what you have. We live in the biblical state of KS and our rights are only from the forms we signed legally. We had a civil union in VT and can't wait to move the East Coast in a few years.. Any progression forward is progress, so stop complaining... People like you Jake don't bother coming on this site, your stupidness is not wanted!! Go preach somewhere else, our church speaks only of God's love.

    Posted by: Bree | Jul 24, 2007 9:32:34 AM

  11. Bree, look up the word "sarcasm" real quick.

    And yes, people in other states have it shittier than us. In Kansas, you'll probably be the last to get equal rights, and only after a Supreme Court decision, but again, I'm not going to jump for joy because a law was passed that offends nearly no one, since I already got those rights through wills and powers of attorney.

    Now, when I can get on my husband's health insurance, that will be some good progress.

    Posted by: Gitai | Jul 24, 2007 1:57:50 PM

  12. Gitai--I work for an organization in Washington that helped fight for the DP law. I promise you, we're frustrated too! It does suck that we couldn't get marriage equality this time out, but I'm glad we managed to get these protections, which will help a lot of people. If you're mad about it, the answer is to write letters to the editor, volunteer, etc. to help the fight in the future.

    Posted by: CB | Jul 24, 2007 10:44:55 PM

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