As the World Turns to Get First Teenage Gay Kiss

A preview of tomorrow’s (Friday) As the World Turns, which is set to feature daytime’s first same-sex teenage kiss. The show’s storyline between Luke and Noah has been building up to this moment. Van Hansis, who plays Luke Snyder, was nominated for a daytime Emmy for “Outstanding Younger Actor” earlier this year.

Previous clips we’ve featured can be found here, here, here, here, and here.

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  1. says

    Praise Allah for DVR. I’ve been following Luke Snyder’s storyline since he came out and accidentally pushed his mother down the stairs sending her into a coma. Hey, its a soap opera.

    Van Hansis is a good actor and plays the part without a hint of homophobia. I think he’s terrific. Unfortunately, the actor who plays Noah is simply dreadful. A shame really since Van is so good.

    I’ll be watching! *kisses*

  2. dan says

    oh…i watched some of the clips on here and they weren’t bad, but…teens? are these teens like beverly hills 90210 teens where they look like they should be in graduate school? working on wall street? what age are these guys supposed to be…until now i assumed like 29. but maybe its twenty nine-teen? i dunno…

  3. says

    I think this is a bold and GREAT move for daytime soap opera television.

    Middle America watches these shows and if this soap opera can reduce some negative behaviors of parents, peers etc, then I am all for it.

    ATWT has taken steps to show all sides of this character and his interaction with friends and family members (mom and dad especially). For many people the TV is a tool to be exposed to new ideas, challenge old beliefs and accept what could happen in our lives.

    True Story:
    I remember when Dynasty was on, my entire family watched it because it was my mother’s favorite show and we had only one 12 inch black and white TV. I am sure many of you remember that Stephen kept going back and forth (man or woman); my mother asked me flat out during a commerical. “You only like boys right you are not going to mess with our heads like Stephen.” I laughed and said, no”.

  4. anon ( says

    Well, the bar is not being set much higher since Dawson’s Creek had a teen kiss in the early 90’s–on prime time. Of course, you all know something bad is going to happen, don’t you?

  5. Cadence says

    Anon makes a good point. I would be more interested in this story line if the producers didn’t feel like they had to promote it at ever turn. It seems like it is more of a promotional stunt, than an effort at developing long term characters who will be on the show for years to come.

  6. Leland Frances says

    Thanks for the hysterical story, Charles! And for challenging the myth that Dynasty was a pro-gay show.

    Anon, what “bar” are you talking about that needs set higher? Teenage fisting parties perhaps? Erica Kane Designer Slings?

    You wrongly presume, as so many have for so long, that audiences are static. There are teenagers in homes today where soaps are treasured [and watched by some of them, too] that were not even in puberty yet when Dawson’s Creek positively portrayed gay teens. There’s a “freshman class” that needs “Gay 101″ every year, and will be for years to come.

    And, Cadence, give it a rest! I don’t care why the fuck they’re doing it, they’re doing it. And as Charles says, it is exactly what the demographics of soap audiences need to see. Don’t bitch, be happy.

    Of course one could bitch about the millions of dollars thrown at HRC and SAAD every year to help educate the public and how we get a dime’s worth in return but….

  7. torrentprime says

    Leland: A-gree. A lot.
    This reminds me of an equally frustrating debate on another board where a poster opined that any coming softening or repeal of DADT in the military wasn’t “really” a victory for gay rights, since (to the poster’s mind) any such movement would be happening solely as a response to the military’s need for more “cannon fodder” in the Iraq war. [eyeroll]

  8. anon ( says

    Well, we are talking FIRSTS here, and the only advance is that we’ve moved from non-network prime time to network day time and it took only 15 years–wooohooo! Yeah, that’s a lot of progress for half-a-generation of waiting. There’s plenty of gay content on soaps and I would hardly call it what the new gay generation needs. This is like setting Beethoven to rap in order to sell it to kids or something. Gay kids are better off online or renting movies with gay content–even YouTube. Now, it would be progress I suppose if gay teens made regular appearances on soaps, for the potentially positive message it might bring, but given the way soaps are plotted, written and acted you’d can’t expect much. Teens today weren’t even out of diapers when Dawson’s Creek was a hit, let alone in puberty. That show was bad enough. Thank Andy for these clips so we don’t have to watch the whole show.

  9. Daniel says

    Wow, I’m really surprised at the negative comments of the “too little, too late/who cares?” variety here. Since Luke’s kiss is not done in a sweeps month, I doubt it’s done for promitional needs. The character is also not temporary, but is a member of the venerable Snyder family. Like making Erica Kane’s daughter a lesbian on All My Children, the ATWT people selected a high-profile character who is related to other high-profile characters to be gay. That’s courage. People who don’t know the politics of daytime serial broadcasting may not think so, but it is! They must worry what the sponsors think, not so much what the audience accepts, when they make story content decisions like this. I think it’s wonderful. The show is an institution and developing the Luke character like this is really cool.

  10. Leland Frances says

    Anon [have the balls to assume a screen name, can’t you], you’re still just a contrarian bitching to be bitching which, by simple math, makes you a bitch. We say up. You say down. We talk about enlightening people generally, particularly parents of gay kids and you switch it back to gay kids only, adding a what the fuck does that mean line like, “This is like setting Beethoven to rap in order to sell it to kids or something.”

    We say good. You say bad. Or “bad enough” as you describe Dawson’s even though Kerr Smith has spoken more than once of the number of kids he heard from who were inspired by his gay character; e.g., got up from watching the show and walked in the other room and told their parents they were gay.

    Get your nose out of the air and your head out of your ass. If YOU can do better be our guest.

  11. The Gene Genie says

    Haha…first “teenage gay kiss.”

    Frankly, the soap PASSIONS raised the bar pretty high as far as gay content on soaps is concerned. The Chad/Vincent scenes contained full-blown sex, condoms being grabbed off nightstands, shirtless caressing, the whole nine.

    Wonder why it wasn’t mentioned on this blog…

  12. Joseph says

    I’m surprised at the negativity, too. Keep in mind that ATWT is produced by Procter & Gamble, one of the largest companies in the US, so they are definitely making a great stride with this story.

    And, actually, despite some initial slowness, ATWT has done a marvelous job telling Luke’s tale (though, yes, it is the best thing on the show these days), and Van Hansis is a genuinely terrific actor, and Jake Silbermann is lovely eye candy.

  13. says

    I haven’t watched this show since junior high and back then ATWT also introduced a then groundbreaking regular character that was gay (Hank I believe was the character’s name, and the dude who played him went on to play Gaston on Broadway in Beauty in the Beast). I remember as a 13 year old… wow, there’s a gay guy on As the World Turns?

    And what’s even more awesome… this gay character Luke is the son of this guy Holden, whose sister started to “date” that guy Hank before Hank came out to her. Sometimes it’s so fascinating what a show can do that’s been on for a gazillion years.

  14. SoapFan says

    VERY IMPORTANT! The backlash has begun and people are all over the Internet and family values groups calling for letter writing, etc. to stop this storyline ASAP and write off or “rehabilitate” the characters. While it seems crazy, stranger turnarounds have happened under pressure from the religious right and “values” folks. Go to and let them know you support the story and the groundbreaking nature of it–and the willingness of a soap to step outside the box. There has been a BIG resistance to male/male homosexuality and physical contacts and P&G is legendary for its conservatism when it comes to it’s soaps. You have to let P&G and CBS know that you suppor this and won’t stop buying/watching or this storyline WILL die soon. Please contact them, starting at at (select DAYTIME: As The World Turns from the drop-down menu).

  15. Houndentenor says

    I just started watching this show for the Luke/Noah story and I’m enjoying it. (The added bonus is that the lovely and talented Cady McClain is back after the idiots at All My Children fired her earlier this year.) I watched the Hank story years ago and haven’t watched this show since. I love my DVR.

    I think it’s great. Who hasn’t gone through the is he or isn’t he romance. Frustrating but a very real thing.

    It will be interesting to see how they handle this in the long run. The problem with gays on soaps (male or female) is that they don’t have the coupling possibilities of straight characters who could conceivably be matched up with any available (or unavailable for that matter) opposite sex actor at any time. But we should applaud them for doing such a good job.

    And remember this is a Proctor and Gamble show. They have a long history of being less adventuresome with sexual material. This is a big step and honestly being handled much better than similar characters on other shows have been.

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