Big Brother 8‘s Nick Selling Clothing Off on eBay

The action starts at about the 3:40 mark.

Dustin: Oh my God!!! Look at it!

Zach: Morning Wood!

Eric: No, no morning wood. I just decided I didn’t wanna hear about it any more.

Dick: I tell ya what Zach, if it was a sword fight, you’re gonna lose. That’d be like having a battle between a sword and a needle.

Dustin: You could see that thing running from the back…


  1. Giovanni says

    Sorry but once Dustin decided to share with the world (via live feed )his pet name for his dog “Nigger Bitch”

    “Well she’s black and she’s a bitch”,

    anything having to do with Big Brother makes me feel not so fresh. This is the second gay reality show star in as many years to cross that line. Either this kind of crap (slurs) matters all the time in all situations or it doesn’t matter at all.

  2. Leland Frances says

    I’m negotiating to sell my soul to buy any rag that has come near this imbecilic steroid freak with arms bigger than his head. The stickier the better. NOT.

    I agree with you totally, Giovanni, but we mustn’t limit our criticism to the kind of racist slurs that CBS has arrogantly and shamelessly made money off since “the house” first opened its doors.

    Andy has noted some of Amber’s anti-Semitism. Which one is Amber in this MENSA convention? Ya know the airhead who was crying the other night as she prayed to “god” to help her be strong, and has described Jews as “money hungry” “assholes” whom you can identify, according to her mama, by their names and big noses.

    Dick claimed that, emphasis mine, “ALL gay guys in West Hollywood” used to have HIV and lied about it to their sex partners. And does vapid host Julie Chen [or CBS president Les Moonves who dumped his wife for her] laugh when he mocks stereotypical Asian broken English?

    In BB1, Eddie told racist “jokes.”

    Dick’s misogynistic comments this season are nothing compared to Justin’s in BB2 who verbalized explicit violent sexual fantasies about women in the house, and was finally evicted after holding a knife to one of their throats. Better late than murder CBS.

    BB4: It was “Cuban faggot.”

    BB6: “Sand nigger”

    In the UK, where the show originated, a contestant was removed by producers for using the N-word; but in ye old United States of Money, producers and network ignore it. It’s the same lowest common denominator of human beings show that it always was, glorifying and financially rewarding the villainy of hypocritical hydrocephalic homophobes, sexists, and racists, but it’s more popular than ever.

    RE Amber’s antics, Anti-Defamation League director Abraham Foxman wants, “CBS to understand they are facilitating anti-semitism. They should act responsibly to the community; they are legitimizing bigoted conversation.” Too baad GLAAD has pretty much forgotten that their acronym is supposed to stand for “Gay & Lesbian ALLIANCE AGAINST DEFAMATION.”

    But don’t expect much agreement with you about Dustin here. He’s vicious and vacuous but he’s kind of cute, spends much of his time with his shirt off, MIGHT have a big dick, and is another minty made-for-TV stereotype—all which add up to make the typical Towleroad resident luv him.

  3. Kyle says

    Was there more than just his ass, or was that it?

    It’s really annoying when people criticize all reality T.V. as plebeian trash – there’s an incredible breadth of reality shows, from “Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire?” to “Manhunt” to “Top Chef”. I’m reminded of the people who say that they never watch any T.V., or only listen to classical music… Everyone who hears either comment inevitably rolls their eyes after the snob walks away.

  4. Jordan says

    I do have to say that this season is the worst Big Brother yet, and THAT is saying something.

    And I do have to admit I did have a bit of a crush at first on Nick, but just cause he reminded me of an ex of mine. Oh, there’s nothing like nostalgia…especially when it takes you back to when you were a crazy non-stop party boy. (that plus he was hugely hung, sigh 😉

    But Mike, alas, was much hotter actually, (if possibly dumber).

    Since both of them are gone, the show is almost unbearable to watch. I keep hoping for someone to find a firearm or something and the show to evolve into a bloodbath (one can only hope).

    I have never cared less about the remaining group of people left in the house, and only turn it on to see what who Evil Dick insults next, and once he’s gone, I doubt I’ll watch it again.

    Yeah, you really have to wonder about Julie Chen, but then again, she doesn’t strike me as much more intelligent than the members of the house, so that says it all. I just wonder what brand of batteries she runs on.

  5. Leland Frances says

    Just a thought: if you don’t like your parents’ or friends’ or neighbors’ homohatred…then don’t ever leave the closet. “One thing you can say for masturbation—you sure don’t have to look your best.”

    Just a thought: if you don’t like the Repugs trying to, at best, shove you back into the closet…then kill yourself.

    Just a thought: if you don’t like the possibility that someone else might kill you simply for being gay…then never leave your house.

    Just a thought: if you don’t like thousands dying in Iraq…then don’t ever read the paper, watch TV, listen to the radio, talk to another soul….

    Just a thought: if you don’t like being called out on your childish drool…then don’t post it, Bryce.


  6. says

    Leland, I presume you think the world revolves around you, but my comment was addressed to the person who posted prior to me who said the show was “unbearable to watch” yet he keeps going back to watch parts of it.

    So, it appears that your rant against me is what was truly childish.

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