Shark Calling with Dave Salmoni


Does it matter that during last week’s Shark Tribe show on Discovery, which featured a look at the natives of Papua New Guinea and their shark-calling techniques, we didn’t see them succeed in “calling” a shark until the last two minutes of the show?

Salmoni2 Salmoni3

Not really, because the show featured plenty of eye candy in Rogue Nature host Dave Salmoni. And I’m sorry I didn’t catch up to my DVR recording of this to last night, or I would have pointed it out to you before Shark Week was over. Maybe you can catch it on iTunes or a rerun.


Perhaps at some point, Salmoni, Bear Grylls, Jeff Corwin, and, uh, Steve Backshall can get together for a back-to-nature special.


  1. says

    Dave Salmoni is not only hot, but each of his specials are totaly unique. His “no fear” approach in getting up close and personal with man eating lions and sharks is educational and very entertaining. He has a great career ahead of him provided he doesn’t become a meal for one of his guest stars.

  2. Gary says

    On this episode he brought along a ‘buddy’ from South Africa that was just as cute, but they were told that in order to ‘call’ the sharks they had to avoid sex for two days.

    Was that conditional towards women only?

  3. Ronny says

    Yes, both gentlemen were sexy and intelligent. As for Dave’s friend, why is it hearing about his PhD research made him hotter? Nothing like a brainy one who doesn’t skate by on looks.

  4. Geno says

    I caught this on hi-def this morning. The two buff, hairy guys are hot … but the one I really have a crush on, is the Skipper. He’s only seen rigging the boat for a few seconds, and then introducing the other guys to the natives. But damn, that boy hoisted my mast!

  5. lpeek says

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a copy of Dave’s show “Rogue Nature”? I have already purchased a couple of his other shows but haven’t been able to find a site where I can buy this particular one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Robert says

    @Joel-he used to date Juliet, but not anymore. I think they may have even been engaged, too. He also dated that Crypt Keeper, Chelsea Handler…gross!

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