Exclusive: Gay Judge David Young Takes the Bench Next Month

Here comes the gay judge. Judge David Young will be hosting a new daily half-hour series beginning on September 10th, doling out sentences with the assistance of his sidekick, Bailiff Tawya Young.

Young was born and raised in Miami (and lives there currently with his partner of 12 years), served as assistant state attorney in Miami-Dade County under Janet Reno, and was re-elected twice as a Circuit Court judge there before leaving to hit the national airwaves. Among his more well-known cases is one in which he sent two America West pilots to jail in 2005 for attempting to operate a commercial airliner while intoxicated.

Tawya Young, his bailiff, served as a lieutenant in Brooklyn Civil-Small Claims Court.

Find out more about the show at its official website. We’ll be talking to Judge Young in the weeks to come.

Here’s an exclusive clip on the upcoming show.