Exclusive: Gay Judge David Young Takes the Bench Next Month

Here comes the gay judge. Judge David Young will be hosting a new daily half-hour series beginning on September 10th, doling out sentences with the assistance of his sidekick, Bailiff Tawya Young.

Young was born and raised in Miami (and lives there currently with his partner of 12 years), served as assistant state attorney in Miami-Dade County under Janet Reno, and was re-elected twice as a Circuit Court judge there before leaving to hit the national airwaves. Among his more well-known cases is one in which he sent two America West pilots to jail in 2005 for attempting to operate a commercial airliner while intoxicated.

Tawya Young, his bailiff, served as a lieutenant in Brooklyn Civil-Small Claims Court.

Find out more about the show at its official website. We’ll be talking to Judge Young in the weeks to come.

Here’s an exclusive clip on the upcoming show.


  1. sean says

    not impressed. a judge in florida? the same place where gays can’t adopt? thanks for being the catalyst for any progress there judge. i’ll stick to judge judy. she has bigger balls.

  2. rich says

    I don’t understand why nobody sees this stuff in the bigger picture.

    Regardless of how stereotyped his behavior is, he is a FRIKIN’ JUDGE!

    Don’t any of you get it that this is exactly the kind of stuff we need so main stream America doesn’t automatically think “swishy” equals: weak, stupid, flaky or immoral?

    Think about it this way: kids are gonna grow up seeing a flaming, OUT, gay judge on tv. Then as adults those kids won’t even blink at the idea of electing gay officials, hiring gay lawyers, etc,.

    …and (before you say it) NO, it doesn’t matter that it’s just some stupid court tv show. In fact, that’s probably the best way into the American psyche.

  3. Leland Frances says

    “who wants to be a sassy black woman” How sadly true!

    “Justice with a Snap! Here comes de fag! Here comes de fag!”

    In other news, Ross the Intern has announced a deal with Costco who will exclusively distribute his line of frozen “Silly Queens for Insecure Straight People.” Just defrost in the microwave whenever you’re feeling down and laugh, laugh your blues away. Particularly on those occasions when your girlfriend has dumped you or she’s mocked your James & the Not So Giant Peaches. Not sold where prohibited by belief that all gays are not dickless clowns or freak shows put on earth for your amusement and feelings of superiority.

  4. Tear says

    Who cares if he’s a stereotypical gay. There’s millions of stereotypical gays. GET OVER IT! I swear it’s annoying how much butch gays think they’re so fucking special because they’re somehow normal and follow the standard practices of what is considered being a man. “SNAPSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS”

  5. says

    For reasons I don’t comprehend, I’ve come to enjoy watching two “reality” court shows: Judge Mathis and People’s Court. I can’t stand the rest of them, nor do I generally watch “reality” television.

    That said, I’m less concerned about adding yet another court show to the schedule and more concerned with yet another gay (fey!) stereotype being portrayed. I’m sure he’s an accomplished person and judge. Is this the best way to convey that?

    And while I don’t think any one person should be expected to represent an entire class of people, if your shtick is being the “gay” judge, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Well, he’s not the person I want to represent me.

  6. Astro says

    To those who hate the fact that he’s so stereotypical, get the fck over yourselves! It’s your internalized homophobia that’s getting at you.
    Judge David Young seems funny and yes he’s swishy but so are a lot of other gays… SO WHAT?!

  7. Shawn says

    I’m all for out, gay judges … one who acts like a judge, though, and not a queen. This is a judge?… come on! Judges are supposed to be wise, dignified beings who instill within us a need to take them seriously. Judges aren’t supposed to be about themselves and their flashy personality. Judges are supposed to listen carefully and then dispense wisdom. This guy makes it seem like he’s always saying something catty. Give me a break…

  8. beau1 says

    Kick Ass! who gives a shit as long as our tribe is on air. The women who watch this show are stay at home moms and god willing they find him halfway funny (which he is by the way. And as their little rugrats play in front of the plasma, they might just grow up to be a little more open to the rest of us. Give the girl a break – he’s out there and acting as positive role model. Now the next peice of justice that needs to be served with a snap is the one on your bitter asses (Brian,Snapqueen,Dave and any other non-inclusive bitch out there.) xoxo

  9. says


    I could be wrong, but isn’t his “stereotypical” nature his selling point? Judge Judy is mean. The Black judges insert their moments of “common” attitude (“mm-hmm, sister!”) and, apparently, this is the gay version.

    Should we blame Hizzoner for going along with it?

    I don’t know…

  10. Don't Think So says

    Oh, an effeminate gay man screeching and mincing on tv you say?…I’ve NEVER seen that…it’s a good thing the audience will be laughing WITH him and not AT him…because we never laugh and make fun of queeny gay guys in real life…this is just the sort of thing those straight guys that went to see I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry need to let them know, we’re here, we’re queer and we’re not gonna take thissssssssss any more….z snap formation.

    We are truly our own worst enemy…straights have little to fear from us…. next stop Desperate Housewives….

  11. says

    I made the mistake of reading the comments before watching the clip — I don’t understand why everyone’s so quick to tear this down. He’s no more doing little nuances for the camera’s sake than Judge Judy or any other TV personality of that nature.

    I never get why we’re so quick to tear down someone just because they’re out there in the public forum.

    And, jeez, let he who hasn’t had one effeminate-snap moment in their life cast the first naysaying comment.

  12. Johnny says

    Yay, I’ll watch it religiously. Unless I find out he’s a Republican, the only possible deal-breaker. He’s a swish? So what, sorry to break to you butchies, but they hate you because you’re gay, they could care less whether or not you share their mannerisms and watch football like a good conformist. Until America can deal with swishy queens, they’re never going to accept the rest of us either. It’s all a matter of whether people are open-minded or not. Anyway, most gay men have a little sugar in their tank, whether they want to admit it or not.

  13. peterparker says

    I recently watched the documentary ‘Unzipped’ for the first time. It follows Isaac Mizrahi from the beginning of the creation of a collection to the day after the runway show. Throughout, Mizrahi is a campy, queeny, deliriously faggoty girl. And not once did I cringe. Because he’s a fashion designer for Quentin Crisp’s sake!!! This judge, on the other hand, is a stereotypical faggot camping things up for the camera. Such behavior doesn’t lend an air of dignity to the courtroom…a place where things should be dignified thereby lending a sense of gravitas to the judgements rendered. Instead, it suggests he has little respect for anyone in the courtroom…that he takes their problems lightly. It isn’t a good message for the judicial system nor is it a portrayal of gay America that is likely to reflect well on our community. I hope this show gets canned pronto.

  14. Johnny says

    Ok, I watched it, and I’m not offended. It’s the same thing with Jack on Will & Grace, being an over-the-top queen was why he was funny. This show has got to stand out from the pack and entertain people to stay on the air. He’s no more campy than Judge Judy you know, that’s obviously what they had in mind. Why not have an actual gay guy instead of the catty queen substitute that Judy is. Have you seen some of Judy’s barely-watched competition? They’re boring as hell. That’s what they could’ve done here, another boring court show with the only twist being it stars a straight-acting, but out gay man. Zzzzzzzz. Instead they’re going for the Judge Judy gold, greatly increasing it’s chance of staying on and getting a decent size audience.

  15. Johnny says

    Such behavior doesn’t lend an air of dignity to the courtroom…”

    No shit, that’s because it’s a TV show, not a real courtroom. Don’t you know nobody has to pay any actual fines on those shows? The fines are never more than they’re paid to be on the show in the first place. They are subtracted from their fee for appearing on the show, so everyone at the very least breaks even, even if the judgment is against them. Judge Judy admits she could never have gotten away with behaving the way she does in a real courtroom, and that irreverent behavior is what attracts the audience. People want to see a camped-up version of a courtroom. Man if you can’t see the appeal of camp, what do they say, you’re not gay, you’re just a little puffy.

  16. soulbrotha says

    Johnny, I have seen litigants awarded judgments up to $5,000. You mean to tell me that they get paid THAT much for being on a court show? Somehow I doubt it.

    As for this judge, I cannot understand some of you people. Wasn’t “Chuck & Larry” just lambasted on this site for it’s stereotypes? But here you have a mincing judge rendering his decisions with a “snap” instead of a gavel and its a boon for gaykind. How does that work exactly?

  17. Johnny says

    Yes Soulbrotha, nobody has to pay a fine out of pocket on those shows. They’re like game shows, that’s the parallel more than an actual court. Here’s what it says about the fines on People’s Court’s Wiki page. And people are allowed to sue up to $7,500 on that show:

    “Interestingly, the losing party does not actually need to pay the judgment as such. Instead (as is often stated in the disclaimer at the end of show) both parties are paid from a fund (set up by Ralph Edwards-Stu Billett Productions) for their appearance on the show. If a monetary judgment is ordered, the losing party will have the amount of their appearance fee reduced by that amount.”

    “But here you have a mincing judge rendering his decisions with a “snap” instead of a gavel and its a boon for gaykind. How does that work exactly?”

    Well I think he could be more stereotypical, for instance he doesn’t have a high voice. There’s a little stereotypical gay flavor to his personality, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I had a lot more problems with Chuck & Larry than the stereotypes, there’s a lot of mean-spirited gay jokes in it and terms such as ass-pirate. Particularly offensive is that they put that term into the mouth of a young boy, as if young boys need even more encouragement to be homophobic.

    Judge David is acting from a position of power on this show. If anything it’s even more of a statement of gay empowerment that he IS stereotypical, and is still the all-powerful judge. I don’t know why people are hung up on his being effeminate, haven’t we all “been there, done that” as far as acting straight to impress straights, and then finding they couldn’t care less how straight you act? I have. They don’t care, a fag who acts straight is still a fag. So swishy stereotypes do not set us back, people have a right to blur the gender role lines, and people have a right to sleep any consenting adult they like. Open-minded people recognize that, close-minded people are homophobes.

  18. says

    regardless of stereotypes, this guy and this show are both damned annoying. i couldn’t even make it through these clips, let alone an entire show (though maybe it would be less abrasive in non-soundbyte mode).

    i think the main problem is it seems demeaning to the legal system. this guy seems to be pronouncing “homespun wisdom” or whatever, but that’s completely riddled with bias. that’s why we have a legal system, instead of just snapping at each other to decide important matters. his flippant attitude and attention to irrelevant details makes me think he’s completely unqualified.


    on a broader note, i usually make it a point not to criticize stereotypical behaviors (apart from when they interfere with criminal justice!), since reappropriation of stereotypes can be empowering for a minority group. however, one might wish now and then that we had more socially constructive stereotypes being presented for reappropriation. how about some stereotypical characteristics that have real value, like profound artistic expression, compassion, activism, intellectualism? instead, so often we have tired humor, abrasiveness, and most unpalatably of all, the championing of shallowness and self-absorption.

    i’m all for out and proud, but let’s remind ourselves *and each other* what it is exactly about the lgbt community that we should be proud of.

  19. says

    how about some stereotypical characteristics that have real value, like profound artistic expression, compassion, activism, intellectualism?”

    We’re talking about daytime syndicated TV here, not high art! You might as well be asking for all of that from a game show.

  20. nic says

    as judge judy would say, “don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.” this is a f**king tv show. it’s not supposed to demonstrate actual behavior in a courtroom. some of you oh-so-serious gays need to give it a rest once in a while: this perpetual outrage is tiresome and annoying.

  21. Stuart says

    Lest us not forget that this is a TV show–hello. Judge David was a highly thought of Judge in Miami (friends know him and like him). I know he is going to be a great role model. The clips showed me that he is a caring and compassionate guy–unlike several of the self hating homophobic homos who have posted comments.

  22. gabriel says

    I stopped reading the comments and finally watched the clip (should have done that first).

    I actually thought this guy was fun. Like someone else already commented, TV judges all have their “thing” and this is his. I don’t mind it at all.

    I’m interested to see how this show does.

  23. RP says

    “He knows the law. He knows justice. He knows right from wrong. He knows show tunes.”

    “Justice with a snap!”

    Those are the actual taglines from the commercials.

    If you believe that the creators of the show aren’t parading him in front of Middle America so that they can laugh at him and not with him… then you are blithering idiots!

  24. James says

    Wow. Though the clip seems pretty tame (I’d proboably watch) I am surprised at the blatent, vileness expressed here towards this man and his mannerisms. I find it an absolute shame that gay men are eating their own. Maybe its just me, but I rememeber high school and my deep-seated conflict with my own sexuality, and I think I hid it pretty well. But the kids that showed just a hint of flamboyant mannerisms were taunted and teased to no end. These kids had balls to just be themselves and not hide behind any persona for anyone’s benifit and in someways they paved the way for me to come out. So you’re not flamboyant or “feminine”, so what? Not everyone wants to be like you.
    And with the nastiness all of you spew toward your fellow man, who would want to be like you?

  25. SnapQueen says

    Sorry but this is just more of the same. Look, I’m sure he is a nice guy and probably a fine judge, but ask yourself when was the last time you saw a gay character on tv that wasn’t in the vein of Jack or the Queer Eye guys or some variation? huh? i’ll tell you…never.

    When was the last time you saw a gay action hero save the day? or a strong corporate/mogul type gay guy who ran a business? The point is that ALL GAYS EVER GET is some variation of the “gay minstrel” (make the straights laugh, or do their hair)…the eunuch.

    of course you’re not going to want to see a gay “straight acting” guy on tv because you’ve never seen a fully developed character who is strong and commanding who has a whole other thing going on other than the “gay minstrel”. TV won’t allow it.

    I don’t have a problem with his mannerisms, per se, but we never get the other side. There is no balance. If I were a young gay teen watching, I would be horrified. Is this it?

    The gay minstrel…”make ’em laugh or do their hair”….wake up.

  26. soulbrotha says

    cosign snapqueen and rp.

    How is this an inspiration to effeminate gays? I don’t understand. Like snapqueen said, its “gay minstrelsy”.
    Gay jesters for the entertainment of Middle America. What kind of “inspiration” is that? And I am not buying that “queen with power” bullshit. Because if what Johnny says is true about the litigant’s payments, then its really a mock court. Which means its really a sitcom and I’ve watched enough Jack McFarland-like characters on television to last me a lifetime. Can we please move ON already?

  27. Huey says

    Judge David Young is being real: He’s a real judge deciding on real cases.
    It’s called “binding arbitration” and there is nothing fake about it. Everyone knows the drill when they agree to come on these kinds of shows to nickel and dime each other for $152.38!
    Best of all, he’s being real about who he is as a judge and a human being, and he got himself a TV show because of it. That helps us all.
    Granted, it’s probably not as high-brow as we’d like, but come on : Carson Kressley was just co-hosting Regis and Kelly so clearly, the majority of the population is ok with the Femme-Bot Fags!
    JUSTICE WITH A SNAP! I ‘ll be watching!

  28. Paul says

    What hysterical comments. If you knew David then you would realize that he is not a queen at all. You idiots–this is TV not a real court show. Silly boys. And I know he is a Democrat. We all should be supporting him.

  29. John says

    Isn’t it peculiar that most people who write a reaction to an article are just totally out of touch with positive thinking? Read: just behaving like mean, assenine – that is devoid of intelligence – whingers. For those involved – don’t you have a life? Is it not interesting? And if not why don’t you do something to make it more rewarding and interesting? Stop behaving like total assholes and loosers, but do something useful to better yourself and get a better life so that you do not have to kick others to make your selves feel better you sad, sad people.

  30. Cindy says

    The first time I saw his show I had to change the channel, he takes his fruitiness to another level. Plus that bailiff is as ghetto as they come, and I’m black. I have nothing wrong with gay people, but he’s just dramatic and queer you can’t take him seriously. What is up with the bailiff with those hidious hair dos and facial expressions in could, can’t even compose herself as a professional…that show is a joke, and an complete insult to black people to have her on there. Why can’t she compose herself like Judge Judy’s bailiff???

  31. Shay says

    Why doesn’t everybody who has a problem with his preference quit being judgemental. Someday we’ll all be judged, but not by you. No matter what his lifestyle is, he is good at his job. He earned his seat as a judge.

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