Justin Theroux Sounds Off on Gay Roles

Justin Theroux, who makes his directing debut shortly with Dedication and plays Jesus in the new film The Ten, and whose past is cluttered with gay (particularly gay and English) roles, talks to The Advocate‘s Brandon Voss about his gay fan base, his onscreen inclination toward shirtlessness, and being Therouxed.

Justin_therouxSays Theroux: “I always played gay and English. Literally, if it was a gay Englishman, I got the part. From [directors] Joe Orton [Loot] to Mark Ravenhill [Shopping and Fucking] to Frank McGuinness [Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme] to [Kevin Scott’s] Hide Your Love Away. That’s four gay English people I played, and that’s pretty much my whole theater repertoire in New York…I’ve never given [a real-life gay opportunity] a shot, but I’ve had drunken advances in college—I did go to Bennington, after all. But it didn’t really pique my interest. I hope I’m comfortable enough in myself that if I even had a percentage of any of that in me, I would feel free to explore it. Actually, I know I would. But I feel pretty hetero.”

He also talks about his role in 2000’s THe Broken Hearts Club: “It was so nice to do a movie where the themes were gay but it didn’t club people over the head with it. If you took it out of the gay context, it was really more of a Big Chill. One of my favorite C[-list] celebrity sightings—which I’ve never gotten before—was when gay pride was just in town and I was walking down the street and someone said, ‘That’s the guy from The Broken Hearts Club!’ Made me laugh. That’s the first and last time that’ll ever happen.”


  1. stevo says

    Love, Love, Love Him!!!

    But he looks different in those pics. Has he gained weight? I hope not…only because I’ve always had a thing for his skinny geek-chic look.

  2. Jordan says

    Wasn’t he also in “Charlie’s Angel’s?”. He was hot in that.

    The second photo is not flattering at all, but I love him when he looks evil…(I have a soft spot for Lucifer, what can I say?)

  3. adamblast says

    He was also sexy as hell on Six Feet Under.

    And yeah, that shirtless “evil” photo from Charlie’s Angel’s 2 with the fire behind him always gets me going!!

  4. anon says

    He is so freaking sexy for a straighty. Those dark thick eyebrows and the little bit of hair going across the middle makes him HOT. No metrosexual tweezing on him and it looks good.

  5. gabriel says

    why can’t I place him in Broken Heart’s Club? Was he the boyfriend who smoked pot ? (I can’t think of his name right now)

  6. Joe says

    Um…Joe Orton was a gay British playwright (who WROTE “Loot”) who was murdered in the last ’60s by his lover. I doubt he knew Mr. Theroux…

  7. Turtle says

    He was terrific in two episodes of “Sex and the City” as well (playing two different characters). The one everyone remembers is the beau whose literary family Carrie falls for. Justin’s a terrific actor, even when he plays silly parts like the “Charlie’s Angels” sequel. He gets it.

    But I gotta back up Ehrenstein…I want to become a producer just so I can fricking cast gay actors in various parts, both gay and straight, and be done with this complaint. I’ve met so many in my circles, competent ones, that anytime I hear a producer/director/casting exec bitch that they can’t find gay performers, I know they’re either lazy or lying or expressing self-loathing, or all three.

  8. says

    I loved Justin ever since I saw him in Romy & Michelle back in 1998! lol

    He just comes off very easygoing on screen, even when he’s playing complicated or unscrupulous characters.