GOP Senator Larry Craig: I am Not Gay and Never Have Been


Idaho GOP Senator Larry Craig, whose arrest by a plainclothes police officer investigating lewd conduct complaints in a public men’s restroom in Minneapolis was brought to light yesterday, made the following statement to reporters this afternoon:

“First, please let me apologize to my family, friends, staff, and fellow Idahoans for the cloud placed over Idaho. I did nothing wrong at the Minneapolis airport. I regret my decision to plead guilty and the sadness that decision has brought to my wife, family, friends, staff, and fellow Idahoans. For that I apologize.

“In June, I overreacted and made a poor decision. While I was not involved in any inappropriate conduct at the Minneapolis airport or anywhere else, I chose to plead guilty to a lesser charge in the hope of making it go away. I did not seek any counsel, either from an attorney, staff, friends, or family. That was a mistake, and I deeply regret it. Because of that, I have now retained counsel and I am asking my counsel to review this matter and to advise me on how to proceed.

“For a moment, I want to put my state of mind into context on June 11. For 8 months leading up to June, my family and I had been relentlessly and viciously harassed by the Idaho Statesman. If you’ve seen today’s paper, you know why. Let me be clear: I am not gay and never have been.

“Still, without a shred of truth or evidence to the contrary, the Statesman has engaged in this witch hunt. In pleading guilty, I overreacted in Minneapolis, because of the stress of the Idaho Statesman’s investigation and the rumors it has fueled around Idaho. Again, that overreaction was a mistake, and I apologize for my misjudgment. Furthermore, I should not have kept this arrest to myself, and should have told my family and friends about it. I wasn’t eager to share this failure, but I should have done so anyway.

“I love my wife, family, friends, staff, and Idaho. I love serving Idaho in Congress. Over the years, I have accomplished a lot for Idaho, and I hope Idahoans will allow me to continue to do that. There are still goals I would like to accomplish, and I believe I can still be an effective leader for Idaho. Next month, I will announce, as planned, whether or not I will seek reelection.

“As an elected official, I fully realize that my life is open for public criticism and scrutiny, and I take full responsibility for the mistake in judgment I made in attempting to handle this matter myself.

“It is clear, though, that through my actions I have brought a cloud over Idaho. For that, I ask the people of Idaho for their forgiveness.

“As I mentioned earlier, I have now retained counsel to examine this matter and I will make no further comment.”

Senate Republican leaders this afternoon called for an ethics probe of the Idaho lawmaker. Mitt Romney, for whom Craig had served as senate campaign co-chair, called Craig’s actions “disgusting”.

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  1. rob adams says

    There have got to people who have met this man/GOP-Senator in their airport travels and are able to corroborate his penchant for public-anonymous-sex by providing a date, time and documented layover in X-city that also corresponds to the suspect’s travel itinerary. It’s just a matter of time for the truth to surface.

  2. says

    Oh, the lies we weave.

    I’m just sure he wanted to plead guilty to attempting to score a hot cop in the bathroom of a restaurant… because that would never get out, right?

    The police report makes it pretty damn clear he knew exactly what he was doing. It obviously wasn’t his first time, that’s for sure.

  3. rich says

    the poor thing.

    kinda makes me sick to watch these guys squirm.

    but then, if that’s what it takes for the world to understand what happens when innocent people give in to the conservative agenda, then so be it.

  4. says

    he’s absolutely correct… he is NOT gay.
    he’s a shameful dirty coward, and definitely not man enough to be gay.
    we don’t need limp pricks like him… let him remain straight, and tortured.
    i pity his wife.

  5. Krishnan says

    I personally have never cruised and tapped for sex in a bathroom. However, a guy like Larry Craig gives all those who have and who do a bad name. For that reason, I think he should be forced to RESIGN to his ranch and watch LOGO’s Noah’s Arc reruns and learn how to behave in a more socially and sexually acceptable way. Maybe Larry could invite Mark Foley out there and start a happy dude ranch with lots of bathrooms too!

  6. JR says

    Yawn…these stories have sort of peaked. Not that they shouldn’t be brought to light, but his denial of any wrong doing, blah, blah, blah, I could sort of do without. Now the blockhead from Florida, the one that has five different explanations for his teaparty exploits (all of them hysterical), THAT is entertainment!

  7. Jeff says

    Let’s say for a moment that he didn’t do it. Then, do we really want a SENATOR helping to run the country who has such poor judgment that he’d plead guilty to something that he didn’t do? It’s starting to become clear how we’ve gotten ourselves into the situation we have in Iraq. Bunch of rubes running the joint.

    OK, moment over. What a mo.

  8. Marco says

    And Romney, let me get this straight.

    Cruising for sex in public = disgusting.

    Comparing your sons campaign work to soldiers serving in Iraq – cool

    Driving for hours with your shitting dog is trapped on the roof of your car = a-ok.

    God, please save us from Republicans.

  9. Kitty Tibet says

    Oh Mary!, you might not want to be gay, I sure the hell wish you weren’t, but your persistent habit of putting other men’s penises in your mouth kind of makes it a moot point.

  10. Robert In WeHo says

    Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive, ourselves that is. Hey Larry, straight guys don’t suck cock, but self loathing, closeted Homo’s like you do (mostly in really disgusting places like bathroom stalls). Come out of the closet Larry and they might just let you have sex in a bed. ROTFLMAO!

  11. RP says

    Am I understanding correctly that he didn’t even tell his wife he had been arrested and subsequently plead guilty?

    Ed Shrock, McGreevy, this guy, et cetera. How do these women put up with this? My partner’s mom caught her ex-husband cheating with men, and she tarred and feathered his @$$.

  12. the queen says

    mother of god, these republicans are truly such douchebags and LIARS! is there no end to it? Knock 3 times on the stall if you want me, twice on the pipes, if the answer is NO! Well, I say this is COSMIC JUSTICE, the karmic wheel ever SPINNING, dealing out divine retribution to those assholes who would make our lives miserable and render us second class citizens.

  13. Gianpiero says

    Thirty-eight years of gay history in this country since Stonewall, and apparently somehow this man missed it. Somebody buy the senator a newspaper…

  14. Paul says

    When I first read about the foot tapping, I thought that there was a slim chance he would be able to fight this. But the report also mentions that the following happened beforehand:

    “The officer saw Craig gazing into his stall through the crack between the stall door and the frame, fidgeted with his fingers and returned to gazing through the stall for about another two minutes.”

    TWO MINUTES??? That is super creepy. Still, I’m amazed he pled guilty, and even more amazed he thought this wouldn’t come to light. How cruel to his wife (who certainly already knows she’s married to a queen) and the rest of his family. To answer RP’s question, the wife puts up with it because she likes being married to a senator. And for all we know, she stays in Idaho while he’s in D.C.

  15. sftom says

    okay, he pleads guilty for a crime he says he did not committ, with no counsel. Probably not the best idea, right ? Yet he is allowed to represent and make decisions for the State of Idaho in the US Senate ! scary, and if I was an Idahoin (sp) I would ask for his resignation now. He obviuosly is not of sound mind and body.

  16. Paul says

    Isn’t Craig about the right age to be involved in the Boys of Boise (1955-57) events? I wonder what type of cover-up will be made for Craig? Has anyone read that book in a while?

  17. Chris says

    Hmmm…now the guy is extra-douchey this is true, and I must admit to feeling a little “ha-ha you stupid bastard you got what you deserved” but I am not sure there was actually a crime committed here. It isn’t like he, you know, whipped it out or anything. He tapped his feet and waggled his fingers – he could have been practicing a teletubbies routine and no one ever thought those creatures were ga…nvm. Anyway. The most idiotic thing (and the most damning) was pleading to this. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that had he given his ridiculous “wide-stance, high-carbs diet” excuse with a plea of not guilty (okay i made up the high carb diet part) this would have gone COMPLETELY away. If they had done their foot tapping finger waggling come-ons in the skybar it would have been called flirting and would have been fine (or cabaret and no one wants that). I don’t think propositioning someone should be a crime unless there is, you know, criminal activity along with it. This sad stupid old man did himself in. Maybe deep down he wanted to. But seriously 30 damn years in the government and you don’t know to call a lawyer to make this go away? How inept is Idaho?

    I am not, however, comfortable with what the cops did here–it seems very wrong and unlikely to have withstood any serious legal scrutiny. Yeah karma is kind of fun in this instance, but still I am not getting a lasting good feeling from this “homosexuals are disgusting pervs who lurk in bathrooms” spin.

  18. patrick nyc says

    Isn’t it rich, isn’t it queer
    Losing my timing this late in my career
    And where are the clowns
    Quick send in the clowns
    Don’t bother, they’re here.

    Posted by: Jon-Marc | Aug 28, 2007 5:02:22 PM

    Too funny.

    Wasn’t the line from Roy Cohn in Angels in America “I’m not gay, I just fuck men”

    How do these wives stay with them??

  19. Cory says

    Yup, not gay and not attractive either from the mug shot, give me a break, that shrill, ridiculous speech was too much, and I loved it when he tried to grab his old lady’s hand and she rebuffed him, even she knows he’s telling a fib. I wonder how his 3 adoptive adult kids are taking it?

    I don’t care if this chump is gay or not, I don’t like his gay bashing to the GOP’s core haters, but, that’s the whole GOP isn’t it now.

  20. Vi Agara says

    The excuses these pillars of the nation, these exalted leaders, use when caught red-handed remind me of grammar school kids. Its disgraceful. They should come out and be done with it. Most would look up to them for that at least. These stupid excuses make them look worse.

  21. CNN Viewer says

    A letter to CNN TV:

    Dear Rick Sanchez and CNN Team:

    I am extremely frustrated and upset at the TV heading of your story on the atrocious alleged behavior of Senator Craig tonight on CNN around 8:15 pm. Your tagline was “Gay culture & men’s room hookups”. WTF?!? As a young gay man just trying to be a good role model in the world, that heading deeply offends me.

    When Senator David Vitter was busted visiting prostitutes, did you run a headline saying “Straight culture and hooking up with prostitutes”? Of course not. Then why the double standard for gay men and women who are already discriminated against in their lives. You could have easily headlined it “Men’s room hookups”, but you chose not to. You chose to link it inextricably with all gay culture and thus gay people in general.

    That was a seriously careless error at best and a slanderous charge at best. When 0.000001% of the gay population identifies with those actions, why would you juxtapose both of those phrases together like they go together like peanut butter and jelly?

    I used to think, Mr. Sanchez, that you were a quality reporter. I used to watch your show and CNN. But now it seems you’re more like Fox News in your penchant for ignorance and reporting propoganda. I’ll not watch CNN anymore. Thankfully we have MSNBC.

    Take care. I hope you can realize what an unfortunate action you took today by running that headline on your show. I don’t believe in your truthfulness, authenticity, or desire to help all people see the truth anymore.

    Take care. Your headline just made me sad. More kids will be seen with the stereotype now and have to battle against this type of thinking that your segment helped to propogate.

    A CNN viewer

  22. gr8guyca says

    I’ve read all of the documentation on this case and Craig’s story is both desperate and sad.

    If you read the entire police report on Smoking Gun, you can see, without question, that there was no mistake. The police officer records every moment carefully. First, Craig stood outside the stall door and looked through the crack. Then he tapped his foot and slid it over to touch the officer’s foot. Then, he reached under the stall. The officer notes that there was no paper on the ground and nothing was picked up, as Craig has suggested.

    In today’s announcement, Craig said that he didn’t have legal counsel. But the Police record contradicts this. On 6/22, Craig
    contacted the Police to determine the status of the case. He said he, “needs a contact so his lawyer can speak to someone.”
    So, he had spoken to counsel before he put in a guilty plea.

    I hope this will be like Ted Haggard and that there will be more
    evidence of Craig’s past behavior. I am more offended by his
    efforts to lie his way through this than by the bathroom incident itself.

  23. mattelboy says

    If only I had been Republican during the 80’s. All the dick I could get and a ticket to heaven to boot. Lol! These christian universities must be nothing more than orgy bins. Wonder if Falcon Studios is on the GOP payroll.

  24. Scot says

    You hear about guys being caught taking a piss in a park and ending up with sex offender labels. Does this mean that senator craig has to register as a sex offender? I’d really like to know.

  25. Dean says

    Anyone else tired of the wording of these stories (not here, but elsewhere)? I’m perfectly fine with this slimeball being “accused” of a crime, but “accused of being gay”? It’s like when a celebrity comes out… they “confess to being gay” or “admit to being gay”.

    Hey, GLAAD, aren’t we past the time when announcing that you’re gay is the same as admitting guilt?????

  26. paul the cynic says

    Another hypocritical Republican shithouse cocksucker bites the dust (instead of his intended target). How delicious! Can’t wait for more of these “family values” closeted homosexuals (as opposed to gay) get arrested trying to cover their asses while furtively sucking dick in public restrooms.

  27. johnosahon says

    There have got to people who have met this man/GOP-Senator in their airport travels and are able to corroborate his penchant for public-anonymous-sex by providing a date, time and documented layover in X-city that also corresponds to the suspect’s travel itinerary. It’s just a matter of time for the truth to surface.

    Posted by: rob adams | Aug 28, 2007 4:59:07 PM


    they are ALL probably “straight” married men, looking for some action

  28. Zeke says


    Can I co-sign your letter?

    It’s amazing how differently the media, and the Republicans, are treating this compared to how they handled the Vitter case.

    I also 100% co-sign with the comments of DEAN, FASTLAD and

  29. David in Michigan says

    I wonder if he will now COME OUT against police entrapment ot gay men? I wonder if a man suspected of soliciting a woman in a bar would make headlines? I wonder a lot.

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