NYC Firefighter Calendar Canned After Michael Biserta is Exposed


After numerous websites published the report of NYC firefighting calendar coverboy Michael Biserta’s appearance in a “Guys Gone Wild” video showing off his own firehose, Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta announced that from now on New York City firefighters would be prohibited from posing in the beefcake calendar.

BisertaThe calendar, published by the FDNY Fire Foundation, raises money for FDNY equipment and training. The 2008 issue will be its last.

Said the foundation’s executive director Jean O’Shea: “We are in agreement with the decision. We’re disappointed, but the department’s reputation is more important than raising money.”

The FDNY was taken by surprise with the news of their firefighter’s extracurricular talents. Biserta reportedly joined the FDNY in April 2006, after the “Guys Gone Wild” video was filmed, and will not be disciplined for appearing in it.

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  1. gabriel says

    Ned – I’m sure they will still sell many, many of the 2008 issues since this is still up for grabs. I agree.. total overkill.. he wasn’t even doing anything “bad” in the video, just showing off his beautiful piece of meat =)

  2. Ivan says

    OH NO!!! A PENIS IS EXPOSED! AND IT BELONGS TO A FIREFIGHTER! It’s not even hard core porn the guy was doing, and they NYFD head feels it’s a disgrace? Pretty sad.

  3. Tread says

    I can guarantee one of those on the people, either on the FDNY or the foundation’s board, is a proud member of America’s Taliban.

    They probably were embarassed by all the mileage it got on gay blogs, because, you know, we force every straight person to read them. Too bad they aren’t protesting the bullshit Chuck & Larry movie.

  4. Tony the Tiger says

    As an attorney I am amazed that this girls/guys gone wild video thing has lasted so long….these people are clearly entrapped into making these videos and signing releases and I’ve heard many of them are underage which should have shut the thing down a long time ago.

    Haven’t they gotten sued over and over and I heard the guy who owns the whole thing is facing felony charges in NV and FL

  5. David says

    You have go to be kidding? What a shortsighted response to something that significantly benefits the fire department. maybe a more refined screening process with a questions – have you ever appeared nude in anything outside the firehouse and your home showers? As usual, a bureacratic, knee jerk reaction and this guy now bears the responsibility of bringing down a tradition because of a youthful indescretion – which by the way – was nothing more than a cock shot and really, who cares, it’s just a penis!!! We don’t stop having elections when politicians solicit sex in washrooms or screw paiges. Think this one through Colmmissioner and stop over reacting!

  6. Leo says

    So a calendar featuring semi-naked men has been axed because one guy happened to have dropped his shorts for the camera a few years ago?

    Though, I always thought that the guys/girls featured in the “Gone Wild” videos might find that their past comes back to haunt them in the future.

  7. says

    god this is like when something good happensn people got to ruin for the rest paris hilton nicole irchie lindsay lohan and paparazzi know all pretty under 21 girls as myself have to wait Their are more exapmles like i n highschool bring attention to the stoned kid let them crack on drugs. god such a thing wasted no more calendars how do people feell know.

    MAybe this is tupid but why would you want to be a fire fighter

    Who watches porn that much to recognize him he ws not the star of the video

    THank god someon does not lie for the cameras and say they feel violated from appearing these videos admit who you are.

  8. says

    joe francis is innocent and i date himm those girls are howres the ones who doth protest to much some recognize it for what it is im tired of this thats not me ye it is when you drink and why were you there at the party in the first place.

    I have never gotten that drunk maybe people dont want their parents to see them sucking their friends tit if you did it when you were drrunk its cause you hid it and meant it when you were sober.

  9. ohmy says

    Why the hell is the reputation of the department more important than funding? Will people in burning buildings call a different fire department because one of the (hot) fire fighters has a (giant) dick and waved it on camera?

  10. Marc says

    If the fire fighter in the calendar were a woman who was on Girls Gone Wild, I don’t think the commissioner would have a problem with it.

    This is homophobic B.S.

  11. jamal49 says

    NYC fireman might be brave doing their jobs but they are a bunch of wimps when it comes to showing the public something of their god-given fire hoses. Don’t mean gay or straight. Just means proud of what you got and comfortable enough to show it off.

  12. ilissa says

    SOOOO what, he was showing off his stuff, he was young and wasnt thinking. It really doesnt matter cause all the press hes getting over it will bring him more publicity then the calendar ever would have, this is gonna make him famous, he went from a kid from Staten Island, to having his name allllll over the internet practically over night, he should use the publicity to his advantage.

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