Adam Sandler Open to Working with Gay Rights Groups


In Mexico City to promote the opening (are they really still rolling out this film?) of I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, Adam Sandler told reporters that he would be willing to work with gay rights groups, the AP reports.

Adam2_2Said the actor: ”If I can help anybody in any way, I certainly would.”

A reporter asked Sandler if he thought he might become a “gay icon”…

Said Sandler: ”I don’t think that’s gonna happen, dude, certainly not. If I was a gay man, I wouldn’t want me to represent [the gay community].”

Kevin James was asked about some reactions to the movie labeling it homophobic: “Of course, we didn’t want to offend anybody or hurt anybody.If we can help people too along the way, that would be great.”

And Sandler received the obligatory kiss question, which he called “Not bad…He was clean, and he seemed to brush his teeth and all that.”

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