1. says

    hmmmm, I see his hairline is beginning to recede….bummer…
    No, Luke, you ain’t. I’ve really never gotten the whole Brad Pitt furor… He just seems like a skinny, average joe who was popular in High School… However, given his visibility and popularity; I do fully appreciate his articulate support of gay marriage, and his hands-on involvement in charity work; especially for New Orleans…

  2. hill_w says

    Anyone else notice the weird juxtaposition of sub-heads here? “Not Satisying Your Wife?” “Big Gay Secrets,” and “The Ultimate Hollywood Fashion Faux Pas”…?

  3. says

    I love them as much as the next media-obsessed ‘mo, but something about those two doesn’t feel right. Lest we forget Mr. Pitt and his baby’s mama Angelina are both homewreckers. I feel that, however, they’ve done a great job helping us all forget that teensy detail with their 3rd world baby scooping, espousing of gay rights and U.N. posturing. I’m not doubting the sincerity of the two, but perhaps thats what “doesn’t feel right” with me. That being said, I love me some Brangelina.

  4. Pippin Wainwright says

    If you have nothing nice to say why not think twice and say nothing. Internet seems to be a breeding ground for frustrated people to let off steam about people they don’t know. I’m sure you wouldn’t like to be judged, as you’re judging Brad, purely based on his looks, or whether you are ‘boring’ to people who don’t even know you. He’s not a performing monkey. Geez, I wonder why people think the stereotypical gay man is a bitch. Rise above fellas, rise above.

  5. anon ( says

    He knows he has a gay following and knows how to play to that crowd. Women find this “soft” side of his personality appealing too. He knows what he is doing.

  6. says

    What amazes me is the continued airbrush attack that all magazine covers feel the need to do to even their already great looking subjects!

    Wow, it is verging on a Picasso portrait of the future.

  7. bellebeesting says

    Is this an old file photo or just extreme photoshopping? And to poster downthread who mentioned the sub-heads, I noticed…and at first glance thought Brad finally ready to come out of the closet. LOL Not a fan of the BRAND.gelina

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    It’s funny, in some photographs he looks downright raunchy; in others, he’s as beautiful as he was back in “Thelma & Louise” and “Interview with a Vampire”. He was one sexy movie star…and I don’t usually go for the “take a shower if I feel like it” type.”

  9. James says

    I think Brad Pitt is one of the best actors in Hollywood. He has always raised the class of any film he has been in. Remember how his 30 mins in the middle of Thelma and Louise was one of the most memorable things in the film? That’s not an accident.
    The cool thing about Brangelina is that I truly believe that have put their mouths where their money is. Is any other Hollywood bigwig building houses in India? With his OWN hands? Out of the bigness of his heart?
    When he speaks, he’s one of the few celebrities who DOESN’T make my bullshit meter go off.
    Listen, the gay celebrities aren’t sticking up for their own, if Brad and Angie want to do it, all the power to them.
    He has integrity.
    And of course there is the fact that he’s absolutely drop-dead, stunningly gorgeous.
    Inside AND out.

  10. Joshua says

    I’m one of those who just can’t understand how some prissy faggots can just rip apart those who actually, for real stand with us in our quest for our rights. As someone above said… hell of a lot of *gay* stars won’t speak up for us, but here’s a guy who isn’t one of us(contrary to the usual rumors, he isn’t) but will take a stand with us.

    Some of you jaded bitches need to soak your heads for an hour or so.

    Pitts a pretty good actor, I think he’s good looking, but he has never turned me on sexually, and he is a really nice person in person(have been lucky enough to meet him a few times in London)….he certainly beats some of the dull, predictible witches who post here.

  11. Joshua says

    Of course James was a racist. But he never owned slaves, he just happened to be from a slave holding state and fought for his home.
    We tend to look at historical figures through the lens of our own times, which gives us a pretty distorted picture of history.
    I think the appeal of James has a lot to do with the manner of his death, and the fact that he was a pretty successful bank/train robber(Americans have a love of crooks ie: Bonnie and Clyde)and he was a bit Robin Hoodish(another crook)in that he gave a lot of his share of the loot to familes in his home county that were being foreclosed on by the carpetbaggers who took over the south after the war.
    Hopefully Noah, your a smart enough person to understand that a lot of people fought for the South who actually didn’t like slavery, but fought for the princible of states rights(especially to seceed). Most people in the south never owned a single slave, yet fought for what they saw as an attempt to force them to give up their rights.

    Slavery was wrong, it didn’t matter if it was of blacks, whites, Muslims or Christians, or asians… was just wrong……but it took man a long time to figure that out and in some places today, it still exisits.

  12. says

    I gave up on being cool or popular a long time ago. In high school I think.

    I think Brad’s hot, sweet and funny.
    I’d do him in a minute, and I don’t care how many jealous queens say they wouldn’t. Because I know they’d all be on their backs, heels in the air, if they ever got a chance.

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