Fashion Designer John Bartlett Opens NYC Boutique

Bartlett_2Fashion designer John Bartlett has opened his first boutique. The Shophound takes us to the store, which opened over the weekend in Manhattan’s West Village:

“Relishing his new role as retailer, the designer plans to make the most of his interaction with customers in developing his collection. ‘I want guys to be able to wear my clothes,’ he tells us as we discuss how so many designer lines are difficult for American men to fit into. ‘It’s OK for young guys,’ he says of the current vogue for superslim cuts, but while Bartlett’s own line is hardly baggy, he now has a vested interest in fitting the customers who come through his door as well as his own more athletic than attenuated physique.”

Bartlett’s wares include jeans with a leather patch that will be branded after purchase, tartan trousers, black motorcycle and denim jackets, gray flannel pants, patchwork blazers, and a few non-clothing items such as “witty ceramic home accessories” and scented candles.

As for Bartlett himself, he tells the Shophound, “I plan to be here a lot.”

John Bartlett Sets Up Shop: A Shophound Interview [the shophound]
John Bartlett [official site]


  1. michael says

    Love his clothes. I definetely will have to stop by the new shop. Maybe i’ll catch his hot ass behind the register if i’m lucky. Lol

  2. hoya86 says

    I love JB and wish him well in his new thing. It totally makes sense to me and I expect to spend some money there.

  3. Becks07 says

    This guy has never designed a single attractive thing. It became a joke that, when shopping, the most unspeakably ugly items were ALWAYS Bartlett. Stinky poo poo.

  4. Becks07 says

    This guy has never designed a single attractive thing. It became a joke that, when shopping, the most unspeakably ugly items were ALWAYS Bartlett. Stinky poo poo.

  5. Jordan says

    I’ll check it out, but just to check HIM out (he’s cute), since I’m a shopping addict, but if the clothes are jumbo size, I’m screwed, since even superslim cuts are many times huge on me, and a lot of times I have to wind up going to the boy’s dept.

    I hope to god the fashion pendulum doesn’t swing back to baggy or big or anything BUT superslim or I’ll be stuck in boy’s forever :(

  6. Jimmyboyo says

    Jordan, he isn’t the baggiest designer out there, but it is far from form fitted.

    Truthfully even large guys look way better in slim cut stuff. Baggy just makes out of shape guys look even more out of shape/ larger. Fitted can pull things in. Brooks Brothers doesn’t do baggy for a reason!!!!!!

    His stuff is also just boring.

    If you want conservative like his stuff yet masculine go Michael Bastion. Ruggedly masculine. Really interesting look for conservative

    Cool of course =Dolce and Gabbana (though best season isn’t this one) and Dsquared

    Feeling adventurous go Roberto Cavalli. NOT this season though. LOL

    Nothing beats Valentino on tayloring no matter your shape. Italian styling/ fited makes even the most out of shape ballon look fitter and nice.

    Ralph lauren is factory designed boring crap like anything at the gap but with a little horsey and rider on it. Unoriginal

    NEVER ever go with a woman designer for men’s clothes. It just never works out in fit/ cut/ look. Women designers can design women clothes, but they always make mens fashions look like female clothes on a no shape pole.

    Actualy this season for everyone kind of sucks. 2006-2007 were many designers best design/ idea years.

  7. Jordan says

    Thanks Jimmyboyo. I meant I usually have to go to the boy’s dept cause I’m so small framed & thin (yet 5’9″) that things aren’t cut small enough for me (but I do go to Brooks, Burberry’s & Bergdorfs).

    I love Valentino & have several of his suits (all were too big), and Armani (same). All tailored things naturally have to be altered extensively.

    Actually I like Ralph’s purple label, and his business, while copied almost entirely from Brooks Brothers, is infinitely better quality (if unoriginal and widespread), and he at least HAS succeeded in making America dress a bit better, which was a feat of epic proportion in itself, and his massive success noone can argue with (plus his Rhinelander mansion IS fabulous) –plus, I buy my polos in the boy’s dept. there 😉

  8. Gregg says

    I really WANTED to like Bartlett’s clothing, but oh my god could they be any more boring? His collection looks like mall shots from the 1980’s. Sad.

  9. Giovanni says

    Actually I like the LL BEAN with a twist of Bartletts’s clothes (as well as Bartlett himself who is not only supercute but a really nice guy to boot) and I am as big a style daddy as the next person. Sooner or later you gotta start dressing like a man… Dsquared is for suckers btw.

  10. Anti-Old Boys says

    I sign with Giovanni, you gotta start dressing like a man sooner or later.

    There are far too many “old boys” (gay men who want to come off as young boys) in the gay community.

  11. says

    First of all, thanks to Andy for linking to my post. After reading some of these comments, I thought I’d clarify a few things about John’s clothes. They are not baggy or sloppy or cut specifically for big guys. If you have followed his career, you will know that he made his name with some very sexy clothes. He has toned it down a bit recently, possibly to make his line more marketable, or maybe just because he felt like it. I think I can speak for him in saying that we both love clothes that fit, and lots of celebrated designer collections simply don’t fit guys who are built more broadly than the current skinny ideal that designers like Hedi Slimane, for example, find so enchanting. Neither of us is exactly musclebound, but we discussed putting on a jacket from these designers, and having to continually size up to fit our shoulders, making the rest of the garment way too big. Speaking for myself, if I had all the money in the world to spend I couldn’t wear Dior or Thom Browne no matter how much I loved their clothes. They just aren’t cut for me. Somehow I’ve managed to get on with life without them. John told me that one of the reasons he plans to spend time in his store is to see who is buying his clothes and what their needs and wants are, in short, to make a better product. He is an amazingly talented and thoughtful designer, and an incredibly nice guy. If you’re in New York, I urge you to stop by his store where you will have a good chance of meeting him in person.