News: Burma Monks, Ryan Idol, Bloc Party, Swastika, Janet Reno

road.jpg Study: Lack of sleep doubles heart disease death risk.

Vietnamorchidroad.jpg Flower power: cache of new species discovered in “Green Corridor” of Vietnam. “Scientists have discovered 11 new species of plants and animals in Vietnam, including a snake, two butterflies and five orchid varieties, the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) said Wednesday.”

road.jpg Protest turns violent as Buddhist monks take to the streets in Burma.

road.jpg Bravo’s Andy Cohen checks in with porn legend Ryan Idol, who is about to take the stage as a bathhouse patron in Terrence McNally’s The Ritz on Broadway: “I’m focusing on my career right now. I’m 41 and I have that deep desire to have genuine affections for people, whether male or female. Love has different degrees, from genuine affection to the unattainable thing we aspire to of absolute love. It doesn’t come often but if you don’t have other elements in your life in place you can’t have love, so that’s why I am focusing on my career. Don’t go looking for it, I always say, it will find you when you least expect it.”

road.jpg Fury at Colorado State University over F**k Bush editorial.

road.jpg Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke says the band’s next record will be more introspective: “I think with this third record, its very much going to be a record about interior spaces. If ‘Weekend In the City’ was me complaining about going out and getting f***ed up, I think this is going to be a very intimate record about staying in and discovering aspects of yourself. And not in a grown-up, Coldplay/Snow Patrol way. “[It’s to be about] human relationships, on a real kind of primal level. What it means to feel desire and what it means to actually feel close to someone, or what it feels to feel lament — the passing of closeness between people. It’s very much going to be a record about internal relationships.”

road.jpg Swastika discovered in New Jersey cornfield: “Investigators found that the most recent swastika appeared to have been hand-cut and covered an area of several acres. ‘This should be in the past, and we should have learned from our mistakes, and to bring up something that brings back such awful memories, I think, is disgusting,’ said Joe Pica, whose property is one of many that border the fields.”

Jhudwhitneyroad.jpg The big H’s take the Big Apple: Jennifer Hudson arrives on set for Sex and the City movie. Whitney Houston hails a comeback

road.jpg Kevin Spacey meets with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez: “Neither Spacey…nor Chavez spoke to the press after the nearly three-hour encounter in the presidential palace in Caracas. They shook hands warmly on the red carpet as Spacey left after a dinner with Chavez…Chavez has said Venezuela hopes to produce its own films as an alternative to the “cultural imperialism” of Hollywood. Yet, Chavez speaks highly of some Hollywood films. He has also hosted recent visits by stars including Sean Penn and Danny Glover.” (video)

road.jpg New York City comptroller William Thompson tests the gay waters at mayoral fundraiser.

road.jpg Janet Reno executive producer on three-disc anthology of music hailing America’s history.


  1. says

    If y’all haven’t already heard it you need to download Anquette’s song “Janet Reno.” It’s a late 1980s rap tune song by an all-female group about how Janet Reno, then Dade County’s district attorney, was going to lock up all of the dead-beat dads for not paying child support. Some verses are sung to the tune of “Yankee Doodle” – a nice prediction of what was to come.

  2. Mike says

    WTF is wrong with Kevin Spacey and gang? Why is he cavorting with a fucking thug like Chavez? Is there a special kind of witless ignorance that only celebrities develop? Christ Almighty…

  3. ATLSteve says

    Ryan Idol … an actor?? On Broadway?? Please.

    It’s sad when ex porn stars think they’re going to make some big crossover into legit acting. Plus his porn was boring – he had no personality.

  4. jimmyboyo says

    Mike please explain the thugishness of

    – taking public control of nation’s own resources so the money from such can be used by the actual citizens of said nation vs foreign oil fat cats

    – that oil money building schools, clinics, and affordable housing for the HUGE population of poor people in Chavez’s country

    – the offering of heating oil and medical supplies for katrina victims….one of the 1st countries to do so by the way

    – the calling bush a threat to the world, which any and every sane individual in the world also says

    – shutting down a FOREIGN owned radio station that was critical of the government……much like what we would do in the FBI shutting down a radio station in the US that was owned by osama bin laden demanding the destruction of our government.


    please explain

    Please do so without spouting right wing limbaugh sound bites.


  5. says

    I saw The Ritz in previews last week. Campy and funny! Very 70s Village People. Don’t expect political statments, do expect to laugh, espically at Rosie Perez. She was great! I don’t particularly remember noticing Ryan Idol though.

  6. Daniel says

    Wow, you have bought the party line on Hugo Chavez big time. Not me — I believe in individual rights, rule of law, democracy — all that good stuff we hold dear in the USA. OK, but let me tell you why Mike is right to call him a thug.

    Here’s a man who:

    — is a political thug — seeking permanent power as Venezuela’s president for life and eliminating opposition to his policies in every arena. Freedom of expression is going out the window (see the closure of television stations) and even now he is targeting private schools, threatening to close them too;

    — is an economic thug — attempting to impose a command economy, a failed economic model tried and abandoned around the world, ordering people about, frittering away Venezuela’s oil wealth and stealing the country’s assets for the “common” good, ie to line his pockets.

    — is a friend of other thugs around the world — declaring solidarity and kinship with dictators across the globe who are destroying their countries and enslaving their peoples (Gaddafi in Libya, Ahmadinejad in Iran, Mugabe in Zimbabwe, Lukashenko in Belarus etc etc).

    You can “say” that this is all wonderful, (“public control” — don’t make me laugh) and that he is a man of the people, but like every other tyrant of his ilk, the truth is far different on the ground in Venezuela. I, like most others in that country, will cheer the day he is toppled.

    Evil right-wing conspiracy operative signing off!

  7. Rafael says

    When I was 19 I was in Venezuela and went to this gay beach party and there was Ricky Martin’s professional look a like. I had no idea who he was at the time, he approached me, we exchange numbers, later in the week we revisited and finally hooked-up. A year later I read on the newspaper that he had been seen leaving Miraflores(the government palace). So it seems they hosted several male strippers that night. So as you can see there is a long running rumor on the bisexuality of the president and the gay quality of many of the members of his administration. I also recalled that this guy had told me he knew Chavez and that he was very “open minded” towards gays. I have never liked Chavez or his policies. I’ve seen people suffer his regime and that is not something so easy to digest. Besides he is got no class and no taste. Oh well enough of my rant.

  8. Rafael says

    jimmyboyo, I’m sorry but what you stated is delusional. First off, a country where the average income is of 300 dollars, is got no business aiding other nations around the world. There are people in Venezuela that go a day or more without a decent meal. Those who can leave; are fleeing the country, just take a look at the large recent migration of Venezuelans to the US. Nowadays many mothers are coming here to have their babies, not to live here, but because of fear that the government may take them away from them, just because they disagree with the government or the projects on which their kids are expected to partake. A resolution was recently passed to give the state custody of kids over that of their parents.

    There are many more issues I could point out. The main problem Venezuela is got is education. When I first read the constitutional reformed proposed by Chavez back in 1999-2000, I knew then his agenda. He proposed for our bicameral congress do be dissolved and replaced with a unified congress. He also proposed for a longer presidential term and so on. Chavez was and still is paving the way for his revolution(a fascist revolution). Then he introduced what they called “el tubaso” or the tube, this was a new layout in the electoral ballots to get voters to vote not individually on the candidates but instead based on parties, all candidates of a single party seeking different positions would be unified under this so call tube and people were asked to vote for all of them, as you can see people were asked to go backwards into a primitive state of mind and this is exactly what they did. As you can see this is a campaign which has extended beyond the Venezuelan borders into your local newspaper, commercials along movie previews, etc. As any other philosophy they intend to spread and make believe. The problem raises at the moment that people stop being analytical and start believing anything they see or hear. I hope you can further your research on Venezuelan issues and come to your own conclusions in an educated way. Good luck.

  9. jimmyboyo says

    Daniel thanks for playing BUT

    Per BBC

    – 1 TV station closed that was FOREIGN owned and called for the overthrow of the democraticaly elected government. FBI would do same here if osama bin laden owned a tv station

    – ONLY private schools that refuse to submit to NATIONAL standards much like ‘no child left behind” here in america (though this has proven that teachers only teach to the test)…private catholic schools that do not teach evolution per government standards etc

    -Chavez has WON every election with the masses of poor people taking to the streets in support. Right wing fascist orgs based out of america have been busted for trying to rig said elections.

    -“command economy”? LOL Uhm we have had that here in many forms in america and it enabeled us to become the power we are. rural electrification program for example which overly taxed rich north to give FREE electrical wiring and power generating stations to poor rural south which would only be getting electricity today if they had had to do it on their own. A nations resources belonging to the people is wrong??? LOL Then sell off all national parks and forest land to big buisness and condemne republican teddy roosevelt for starting such programs.

    – chavez has alligned with other nations in his stand against america. Qadafi is now our friend or didn’t you watch the news post 9/11 when Rice declared Qadafi now our friend….etc

    Thanks for playing. try again

    PS be sure and reiterate all your points to people ravaged by katrina who were not allowed by the US to accept Chavez’s gifts of medical aid and heating oil

  10. Rafael says

    Please excuse the poor grammar above. I was typing fast and passionately as any person with tides to Venezuela would feel. Too bad the post system doesn’t allow for an re-editing tool.

  11. Rafael says

    “Per BBC” Exactly you saw a documentary on Chavez and Venezuelan issues. Unlike Daniel or I, you have not lived these issues from your own skin. I don’t blame you, the media gets played and manipulated in such a way that it is just very hard to get concrete evidence on anything much less politics.

  12. jimmyboyo says


    Go talk to the brits, Israelis, etc

    parlimentary systems = the prime minister etc are not elected but rather the party is and then the prime ministers is propped up by the winning party or coalition of parties.

    Also the elections have allways ended up certified by OUTSIDE disinterested parties that watchdog elections. Unlike here in america where Jimmy carter and his election watchdog group noted wide spread voting fraud in the last election


  13. jimmyboyo says

    PS the most recent recall election was blessed by both Jimmy carter’s election watch dog group and

    The Bush administration.

    Uhm, the right wing anti chavez bushcos signed off on and said the recall election was valid. No shenanigans = Chavez win valid

    have a nice day

  14. says

    With regard to: Fury at Colorado State University over F**k Bush editorial, I applaud the editor.

    The headline in question represents the total frustration felt by the vast majority of American citizens. Our government appears to be hopelessly broken and the leadership in Congress has failed on all
    campaign promises. Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House on the veiled promise that she would stand up to Bush. Yet, in her first week on the job she made a statement that “impeachment was off the
    table.” By doing this, she gave Bush a green light to continue operating an administration that benefits his largest contributors, the Vice President and all of his special interests including
    Halliburton and their thousands of sub-contractors with tens of billions
    in no bid contracts which continue today.

    The Bush administration operational history when examined chronologically over the past seven years shows a clear disregard for the will and needs of American citizens. Bush, Cheney and their associates have been caught red handed selling out this country time and again. Now Bush is going to veto health care for indigent children.

    And, one of his closest legal associates in a book released in the past few days says that Bush is sending messages to all presidential candidate front runners to “leave wiggle room” in their campaign
    platforms as the war must continue for decades after he leaves office (as reported on CNN yesterday). Bush in truth realizes that he has totally destabalized the middle
    east and that without American troops there to protect the Persian Gulf ports and shipping lanes, the American economy will be hopelessly crippled as Iran will make good on their promise to move in and shut down oil shipments to the US and its allies.

    Just like Korea, Japan and Germany, US forces will continue to occupy the region for decades. Nearly 400,000 U. S. forces are stationed around the world. 40,000+
    U. S. forces have been in South Korea since 1945, now over half a century from the date the war ended without even a shot fired over the border. Compare this to present day Iraq and the peril of our strategic interests there.

    Now we are just learning that John Roberts, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, was the “legal architect” who advanced the Bush vs.
    Gore Florida voting scandal to the Supreme Court where he knew through deep rooted connections that the votes were there to hand Bush the presidency due to the Republican bias on the court. Five years later Roberts was rewarded with appointment to Chief Justice. Read Jeffrey Toobin’s new book, The Nine, ostensibly about the secret world of the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Moreover, Bush is a president who has demonstrated through his actions and policies for Iraq, that he has no regard for the lives of American servicemen. The war is about controlling the Iraq oil reserves, the largest in the world. It goes without saying that Bush is incapable of
    multi-dimensional thinking or forward thinking in reaching logical conclusions. He thought that Iraq would be a “cake walk” and that Halliburton would move in and parcel out the fields to the many oil
    companies which it provides oil field and pipeline services throughout the world. In fact, the very document which outlined the plan appeared in a CNBC breaking news story just a few days after the Iraq war began. The bound document was shown on air and inside was an organizational chart with Halliburton at the top and very recognized oil firms throughout the chart. This was the plan and the reason we went to war. CNBC said they had just received the document, they were analyzing it and would have a full report shortly. No mention of the document or and a follow up report ever came. I called CNBC to find out what happened and they declined any knowledge of the document or the breaking news story. Obviously, they received a call from the White House, Justice Department or other government agency threatening them with going public on a matter of national security. If they had done their job under the first amendment and freedom of the press, Bush and Cheney would most probably been impeached after this was fully aired in Congress. No doubt Congress knows virtually every detail and that this is why the earmark spending and pork projects are out of control and at record spending levels. Back door deals have been cut through the Republican leadership to buy silence and inaction. After all, Bush could have vetoed any of these spending bills, yet for the most part he has not. Bush is buying Congressional inaction through spending of billions of American tax dollars for their respective districts. All the anti-war rhetoric generated by Congress is nothing more than window dressing.

    But the question still remains as to why the American public is allowing this to go on. We have been sold out to the tune of $2
    trillion and counting just on Iraq. Yes, that is the projected cost rendered by the OMB if the war ended this year, with the mop up costs, veterans health care and benefits along with maintaining a force just to protect the oil fields and the Persian Gulf ports. Add to this the thousands of pork spending projects that Bush has signed into law essentially buying Congressional inaction. All of this while American infrastructure is falling apart and 45 million plus are living without adequate health care. Now all Bush can think about is cutting more social programs including entitlements to seniors.

    So few Americans see the really big picture. And most disturbing is the fact that the news coming from the White House press corp does not begin to reveal the truth. Remember Iran / Contra during the Reagan administration? The press corp was on its feet shouting in Reagan’s face for answers. You don’t see that anymore. Why?

    If you want to hear the real truth about the war, watch Michael Ware’s live reports from Iraq on CNN on Anderson Cooper’s 360.

    I have no problem with the headline in question. I say with regard to
    Bush, it is time to turn up the volume and run him and Cheney out of office. Has anyone thoughtfully considered the state of the world on January 21, 2009, the day he leaves office?

    Think about it. And think carefully as to the monumental tasks at hand for the next president to bring this country and the world from the brink of global war. Never mind the effects of global warming which Bush refuses to address. It is a lot to consider for a society obsessed with celebrities, electronic gadgets and living the lifestyle of the rich and famous which may end at any moment from any number of
    events, natural or those potentially created by man.

  15. Rafael says

    Again ignorance prevails. The intervention of Jimmy Carter’s group and Cesar Gaviria OAS participation were widely questioned. There was fraud detected by local groups. Even the international community criticized the elections. There was even a system in place what would tide up your finger print to the vote (used as an intimidation method). In other words you have no idea what you are talking about. Please stop spreading ignorance and have a nice day as well.

  16. Rafaeljr says

    Oh and before you go on to respond, did you know that during Chavez’ first term hundreds of thousands people from Colombia, Cuba and other poorer countries of the Caribbean and South America were nationalized as Venezuelans in matter of days? and promised lands and benefits in exchange of their votes favoring Chavez? Very thorough the work Jimmy Carter does in deed!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also while my mother and sister were in the line at the electoral center in Maracay, Venezuela they were confronted by an armed gang in motorcycles sent by Chavez to intimidate people and to make them abandon from their right to vote? I bet you didn’t see any of this on that “documentary”. Or the people who have lost their lives? or the reporters that have been physically confronted, incarcerated, and even kidnapped and killed? I dare you to go to Venezuela, to my family and friends and to the people in general and tell them what you have stated here. You have no idea of the impact the course of this “revolution” have had in their lives, how frustrated they have become. You have no clue.

  17. Mike says

    Jimmy, you’re really rude. But that aside, when is Chavez leaving? Weren’t there limits on how long he could rule? The fact is, he’s going to stay until the day he dies. He’s a dictator at heart and all your apologies for him won’t change that.

    PS Right on, Rafael.

  18. jimmyboyo says

    Rafael actualy the few groups that did protest were all fascist right wing corporatists who wanted to rape the people.

    BUSH’s own administration, king of fascists, said the election was VALID no problems.

    Bush who has constantly berated Chavez said the election was valid.

    rafael, are any of your family members the former corporatist elite 1% who raped the venezualean poor? Who locked up land in specualtion grabs, who returned the smallest percentage possible on the oil revenues, who laughed and partied while the poor didn’t have any schools or clinics?


    If so then it was a damn goo thing your elitist relatives recieved their come uponce. cry a river in the next country you all try to rape. The poor in venezuela now have better health care than average americans, better schools (where they once had NONE), and affordable housing.

    housing, food, health care, and schooling for the masses is far better than a small elite being able to eat their cavier and laugh at the masses.


    WOW, dissing Jimmy carter. who sucked a president, YES. Though he did broker a peace deal betwenn egypt and israel. Someone who today has been instrumental in building 2,000,000 houses + for the poor in america via habitat for humanity. who the entire world praises for election observations etc.

    peace to you

    have a nice day

  19. jimmyboyo says



    “Have a nice day” is rude? Facts are rude?
    you came in spouting fascist right wing propaganda. Now that is rude.

    peace to you

    Have a nice day

    PS drop the propaganda

  20. Becks07 says

    Isn’t it great that some gay guys will contentedly beat off to a porn star in a XXX film, but when that porn star DARES (oh! my!) to go legit, they come down on the guy like a ton of bricks?

    People criticizing Ryan Idol for earning legit parts are obviolusly more confined by their own definitions of what he is (was) than he is…he’s moving on and could probably give a good god damn what the haters think.

    Acting is a bitch, and getting recognition for a role played on Broadway is something many actors would kill for. So I see Ryan as a winner…he was when he made me weak-kneed with his hotness in porn and he is now that he’s stuck with the craft and made a name for himself in the legit theater.

    I say GOOD LUCK, brother Ryan! :-)

  21. Rafael says

    jimmyboyo, If you must know, my last name is in the Proceres monument, I’m sure you do not know what that is, look it up will you? My ancestors fought alongside Simon Bolivar for the independence of Venezuela, 2 of them were beheaded and their heads were carried in silver traits around the capital by the Spaniards, they gave their lives for their country. I grew up playing with their swords, and medals. To me Venezuela is got a meaning much more profound than you can ever have. I lived with the poor and the rich, in Venezuela we were always one.

    you and your ignorant remarks have had enough of my attention and time. Good night and good luck.

  22. jimmyboyo says

    rafael you just proved my point.

    your family is of the former rulling class of Venezuala that chavez put in their place for milking the peasants for all they were worth and giving little back in return. You all went to mass on sundays and procalimed yourselves friends of the people.

    Well, boo hoo

    Chavez feeds his people, builds schools which the former ruling class never did, builds clinics, and affordable housing.

    Peace be with you

  23. jimmyboyo says

    PS Rafeal. The majority of the people never considered themselves 1 with the ruling elite. thus why they always vote overwhelmingly for chavez each and every time. Your going to confession on saturday, mass on sunday, and tossing crumbs via some 3 times a year feast made only you and your feel good while the majority of venezuala remained poor, unfed, uneducated, and without healthcare. that is till huga Chavez came.

    Again, repeat after me

    “Bush a HUGE hater of Chavez has upheld the elections”



  24. says

    Free Burma!
    International Bloggers’ Day for Burma on the 4th of October

    International bloggers are preparing an action to support the peaceful revolution in Burma. We want to set a sign for freedom and show our sympathy for these people who are fighting their cruel regime without weapons. These Bloggers are planning to refrain from posting to their blogs on October 4 and just put up one Banner then, underlined with the words „Free Burma!“.

  25. says

    Free Burma!
    International Bloggers’ Day for Burma on the 4th of October

    International bloggers are preparing an action to support the peaceful revolution in Burma. We want to set a sign for freedom and show our sympathy for these people who are fighting their cruel regime without weapons. These Bloggers are planning to refrain from posting to their blogs on October 4 and just put up one Banner then, underlined with the words „Free Burma!“.

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