News: Polar Bears, Jennifer Hudson, Tron, Sicko, Gay Referee

road.jpg FOX pans Alan Ball film Nothing is Private for its “graphic sexual, mental and physical child abuse”: “If Ball, who regularly toyed with conventions in his TV show and in American Beauty, thought all this would somehow illuminate the tragedy of child abuse, he was wrong. Too much is shown and too many lines are crossed for Nothing Is Private ever to be released by a major studio or distribution company to theatres. If nothing else, the endless ‘ick’ factor involving nearly every character is a permanent obstacle.”

Tronroad.jpg 80’s cult classic TRON to get sequel: “The original, about a computer programmer thrust into a computer and forced to fight in games he helped create, is remembered for its sci-fi gladiator-style battles and groundbreaking special effects. It was the first movie to use computer-generated images instead of models and other optical effects in conjunction with live action. The arcade game based on the movie was so popular that it earned more than the movie.”

road.jpg In a victory for Evangelical Christians, a judge in Northern Ireland has struck down portions of the UK’s Sexual Orientation Regulations protecting LGB people from harassment when accessing goods and services.

road.jpg Mitt Romney assumes the anti-gay position. And the accompanying article: “Mr. Romney bristles when he is accused of shifting on the issue, as he has on abortion, pointing out that he has been consistent in personally opposing both marriage and civil unions between people of the same sex. On the stump, he usually makes a point of saying that he opposes discrimination against gays. But he refrains from details when pressed as to how he might fight it.”

road.jpg Jennifer Hudson signs on to Sex and the City movie as Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant.

road.jpg Gay referee Nigel Owens takes place officiating at Rugby World Cup.

Polarbearroad.jpg STUDY: Most Polar Bears gone in 50 years.

road.jpg Issue of rainbow flags remains unresolved in small Nova Scotia community of Truro. Background.

road.jpg At $24.2 million domestic, Michael Moore’s Sicko is now third-highest grossing documentary of all time, behind Fahrenheit 9/11 and March of the Penguins.

road.jpg Indian construction worker in Dubai gets 25 years for bludgeoning lover to death with a rock: “The Dubai Court of Appeal increased the 15 years initial sentence of 23-year-old Indian named only as B.A to 25 years, which is life imprisonment here. The appeal’s court also awarded him an additional month in jail for consuming liquor. He will be deported after serving his term. The Public Prosecution charged the Indian with consuming liquor and murdering his compatriot, identified as S.D. According to a Yemeni policeman, who questioned B.A., the accused was having a homosexual affair with the deceased. An Indian witness said he saw B.A. committing the crime when he woke up after hearing a commotion in the room at a construction site.”


  1. Andrew says

    Roger Friedman of Fox does find a way to fit in the analogy of ‘swishier than Liberace’ in his review. No surprise from bigoted Fox there.

  2. says

    I would hardly give much consideration to Fox’s Roger Friedman. This is the man who described Brokeback Mountain as “gay cowboys mumbling and tumbling together” and dismissed it as “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Romance”.

    On December 23, 2006 he predicted the demise of the movie:

    “There is hardly a straight male in the U.S. who will see this movie voluntarily. No matter how well made it is—and it is very well crafted by a hugely talented group of people—it’s hard to imagine a suburban wife coaxing hubby to the Cineplex on Saturday night to see two men consummate their passion.”

    Brokeback went on to make an additional $80,000,000 in domestic box office after Friedman predicted its demise, more than a little from suburban wives and their hubbies, and won three academy awards along with the recognition that the only reason it didn’t win best picture was due to the homophobia vote. Friedman regularly predicted doom and failure with each expansion of its market.

    Friedman judges movies based on his own political ideology and personal biases. He likes “wholesome” movies (ie. those that share his homophobic pro-religion conservative viewpoints). And it matters little to him whether a movie has artistic merit or intellectual challenges.

    I’ve no idea if Nothing is Private is good, bad, or indifferent. But Friedman’s opinion means less than nothing.

  3. says

    Brokeback mountain was mumbling cowboys they sucked their are plenty of movies with normal guys who happen to be gay. be honest they were just hot.

    I cant say anyhting about the show its probably “artsy indie” or as i like to call it americans trying to be french.

  4. DB says

    Hey, Sasha, I don’t understand what your post was trying to say at all. Try to use punctuation.

    I found Brokeback Mountain incredibly moving as well as well written, acted and directed. Heath Ledger had never made much of an impression on me but his performance in this was astounding. I’ve long thought Jake was one of the best young actors around so his performance wasn’t quite as much a revelation but I thought he was excellent.

  5. Gregg says

    Oh Sasha – considering your incoherence and misspelling, it’s absolutely unsurprising that you neither like nor understand intellectual films.

    As Kelly says – Go back to your porn.

  6. zinc alloy says

    Hmmm….Zinc thinks the construction worker in Dubai saw “Prick Up Your Ears” one too many times.

  7. nic says


    ummmm-k…. what!?


    mitt romney just gets oilier and oilier.