1. crispy says

    My boyfriend will be so appreciative of this photo. I, on the other hand, am gaga over Adrian Pasdar who plays his brother Nathan.

    This is why our relationship works… we never fight over the same guy.

  2. Leland Frances says

    Definition of “Heaven”: menage with Ventimiglia AND Pasdar. In the words of that classic Scot song, “You take the left leg and I’ll take the right leg and reach the white meat before ye.”

    Pasdar, alas, apparently only shares his with Dixie Chic wife, Natalie Maines with whom he’s sired two children.

  3. PC says

    Word of advice, Mr. Ventimiglia: Spend more time with the acting coach and less time in the gym.

    No offense or disrespect intended.

  4. dougwilder74 says

    what is the fascination with this guy? his looks and attitude seem average, at best. don’t know that he would merit more than a passing glance in the street. i’m all for hot actors/athletes/personalities on the blogs, but this milo fella has had more than his share of exposure, for my taste. i’m just curious: is he a closeted actor or has he played gay in a role or has he made some awesome statement about equality that we’re thrilled about…? what gives?

  5. Dan says


    I really feel for you if that’s your notion of “average at best.” Life must be constantly disappointing you.

  6. FizziekruntNT says

    OMG, yay.

    And another “Aye” for a menage-a-Pasdar. I’ve had a crush on him since Near Dark. WhooHOOO! The only thing scaring me is it appears he’s getting Martin Sheen teeth.

    And Anon (, I think Milo is one of our follicularly challenged stars. I don’t believe he’s waxorexic.

  7. bob says

    catch a very young milo in an early episode of CSI Las Vegas when he played a young man who accidentally killed his best friend (who was naked) while high on jimsom weed. It was a rather intimate killing and when he found out he just wept. It was kinda gay.

  8. says


    To address your concern yes, Milo has played gay before… rent CURSED. Horrible film, but Milo has a great character and devours his scenes.

  9. Rucka says

    still don’t know why this nominally talented guy keeps getting chances to succeed, I really don’t. He MUST have some VERY deep connections in the ‘biz’. I’m talking Colin Farrel/Kevin Spacey type of ‘connections’…

  10. jimmyboyo says

    He lost his cuteness for me with the whole “likes to physicaly abuse the young girls he dates” and I do mean YOUNG. He is 30 and hus current girl is 18 (nothing on him beating her yet)

  11. Jai says

    DB, that rumor about Milo being abusive stemmed from an unsubstantiated claim on the Gawker Stalker a few years ago. We all know how reliable Gawker can be.

  12. jimmyboyo says

    DB his ex claimed supposedly he was controling, physicaly abusive, and verbaly abusive before she broke up with him.

    His current girlfriend is the cheerleader from Heroes who JUST turned 18.

  13. EJ says

    I must admit…Milo is, in my opinion, a very sexy guy. I’ve always loved the dark haired, olive skin tone guys. I’m just so attracted to that look. He may be a total jerk in real life; I hope not, but it’s possible. The great looking guys are sometimes so full of themselves. I hope Milo isn’t like that. Although, I could go for a threesome with he and Adrian Pasdar myself…HOT !!

  14. joey says

    Milo is not dating Hayden. She just denied the rumors on TMZ.

    And his ex, Alexis Bedel never said anything about Milo being abusive. It’s just nasty gossip invented by crazy fangirls.

  15. VJPK3 says

    Our friend Sundeep is desperately in love with this man. So…back off! Milo’s taken (and he doesn’t even know it).

  16. Jordan says

    He is cute, but his character is so damn goofy it totally ruins it for me.

    Syler is much sexier, but then again evil is always far more seductive.

    Actually, Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) is so hot he makes me weak. He is beautiful. Why not any pictures of Indian or Middle Eastern men in all their hotness?

  17. jimmyboyo says

    Jordan I must agree that the actor that plays Mohinder is gorgeous. Go to and check out his pics with shorter hair.

    and….drum roll please…..he actualy has chest hair like a real man not like these metrosxual twinks that wax their chests so they can be like little girls.

    The only thing that sucks is if you hear him in an inteview, he doesn’t have the british mixed indian accent. He is american through and through and the american voice isn’t as sexy.

  18. jacknasty says

    He’s good looking, but I just don’t get the appeal. Especially since there are many other hotter guys on the show….I’d take Sendhil Ramamurthy, Adrian Pasdar, Santiago Cabrera, Leonard Roberts over Milo…actually I’d take Greg Grunberg and Jack Coleman over Milo too! Not the most conventional hotties, but very attractive none the less

  19. James says

    Wow he looks eve hotter now – so frigging sexy. Love to have him on top of me with my legs wrapped round him while he was pounding my arse.

    And he wears Nixon watches (has many of them) – love a sexy guy wearing a great watch – my fetish!

  20. foxsyd says

    Doug, Milo also played gay in “Boys Life 2: Must be the Music”. Cute little short film.