Schwarzenegger to Continue Vetoing Same-sex Marriage Bill

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has not changed his position on same-sex marriage and will not, he told news media at a press conference regarding his health care plan on Monday.

SchwaarzeneggerSaid Schwarzenegger: “It would be wrong for the people to vote for something and for me to then overturn it. So they can send this bill down as many times as they want, I won’t do it.”

The SF Chronicle reports: “Schwarzenegger vetoed a gay marriage bill in 2005, citing the 61 percent of voters who favored Proposition 22 in March 2000. He announced in February that he would veto the bill again if it reached his desk this year. Despite the announcement, lawmakers approved it before adjourning last week. Schwarzenegger has until Oct. 14 to act on the measure.”

The California Senate approved the Bill on Friday, September 7th by a 22-15 vote. It was then sent to the governor. This bill defines marriage as “a civil contract between two persons” according to the AP, and would “retain the right of religious institutions to refuse to sanction the unions.”


  1. Sebastian says

    All I have to say is thank God this creep can’t run for president, he would be a darling of the right wing nuts these two it, two faced, governors are too much with their hate and bigotry.

    Why the fear of same gender love Arhnold???

  2. Leland Frances says

    Well, he is the son of a documented Nazi. He has been caught lying in speeches about his memories of growing up in Austria. He has been caught on tape making racist, sexist remarks. He did hire a leader of the rabidly antigay “Traditional Values Coalition” to wrangle votes from the fascists in California for his reelection campaign only to fire him the moment the media found out about it. And the people who helped bring you George Bush, the Fag Cabin Repugs, luv him. What’s more to say?

    Just this—before some other fag Repug repeats the propaganda, “He’s signed more gay-friendly bills than any other governor.” True, but that’s because he’s been presented with more than any governor before him. One he did not sign—for the same reason he vetoed this one—to keep the fascists happy in the other area that enrages them most—was a bill that would have added gays to the list of minorities that CA law requires be discussed in public school textbooks. There’s never been a referendum about that, so the only will of the people he was protecting are those he hopes will help elect him a senator some day, help him change the Constitution so that they can then help him become our first Son of A Nazi President. Fuck him and not in the good way.

  3. matthew says

    Said Schwarzenegger: “It would be wrong for the people to vote for something and for me to then overturn it. So they can send this bill down as many times as they want, I won’t do it.” Sounds like a big bigoted baby having a tantrum to me. Anyhow, there is a simple solution to Schwarzenegger constantly vetoing this. Simply gather enough votes to override his veto and the problem is solved.

  4. Zeke says

    Schwarzenegger just guaranteed himself a place in the history books right next to Pete Wilson and George Wallace in the chapter on Governors who stood in the doorway of progress on civil rights.

    He can certainly bask in the praise of the fundies today but it’s an awfully high price to pay for his eternal legacy.

  5. Rob says

    All I can say is SHAME on him. He’s a disgrace. Civil Rights in America should never be subject to a popular vote. The CA Legislature is simply trying to honor the equal protections clause of the US Constitution. That Ahnold feels the need to veto this bill – again – proves he’s a narrow minded bigot without a spine. A definite ‘Girly Man’ – plain and simple!

  6. vinny says

    One man cannot terminate a civil rights movement, Minority rights should never be dictated by the majority.

    I’m fed up with the hypocrisy but boy am I proud of Mark Leno.

    Instead of granting the most basic of protections to thousands of California families, Governor Schwarzenegger has chosen to protect the anti-gay special interests that control the Republican Party

  7. anon ( says

    Actually, right-wingers have given up on him as hopelessly liberal (!) — corrupted by the Kennedys, etc. It’s amazing he still even enjoys being governor. I’m surprised he hasn’t quit out of boredom. I will say that the California legislature has a very nasty habit of overturning (or trying to) passed referendums when it was in their own best interests (such as on term limits), so in that sense he is correct, but the simplest way out is for him to propose another referendum on the issue, as he did with other issues two years ago (though he lost badly). And where is HW on this issue?? They could fund another referendum in three seconds. Where’s Dave Geffen and others?

  8. Sebastain says

    So true Rob,if the “popular” vote or opinion were taken at face value, we would still have the USA stuck in 1850 if not for the will power and foresight of people who realize wrongs have to be righted, despite what the popular point of view is. But, Arhnold is as clueless as they come, and is doing what the right wing of the party tells him, its not as if he has a real idea of what is right or wrong, and is a coward for not doing the right thing.

  9. Chux says

    It’s true, the right wingers havent liked him for quite awhile. Aside from this issue, which is a biggie to you and me but not so much to the general public, he is pretty ‘center.’

  10. ggreen says

    Citizens of California have the California Democratic Party to thank for Arnold Schwarzenegger. The party big wigs saw an opportunity to line their pockets and get rid of Gov. Gray Davis while installing a lamebrain like Arnold.
    Willie Brown, Diane Feinstein, Cruz Bustamonte, Fabian Nunez, and Don Perata worked endlessly to knife Phil Angelides in the back and re-elect the Governator again to line their own pockets and those of their corporate lobbyist’s friends. Sacramento is just a sleazier and more corrupt version of Washington DC (if that’s possible). They all work on fear. Fear of no water, fear of global warming, fear of brown people, fear of gays, fear of the Spanish language fear of liberals.

    California has become just like Peyton Place only less classy.

  11. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organization says

    Der Gubernator hails from Austria, also home to Der Pope, Ratzinger. Schwarzenegger is a bosom buddy of Jörg Haider, founder of the BZO, the Bündnis Zukunft Österreich, a not so neo-Nazi party in Austria. When visiting Austria he and Hitler (sorry Haider, not that there’s much difference) attend dinners and pat each other on the back.

    Der gubernator was elected by the ruling rich to give billions to electric power companies in the wake of the Exxon scandal and promptly did so. He’s opposed to unions and fair treatment for immigrant workers. He proposed several initiatives in 2006 that would have been serious setbacks for labor unions but the unions, spearhead by the militant California Nurses Association, rallied the troops; Schwarzenegger and his the initiatives got shot down in flames. The California Nurses Association, AFL-CIO is a leader in attempts to protect unions from Der Gubernator’s union busting regime and is a founding constituent member of the US Labor Party, the best alternative to the lies and deceit of the rightwing Democratic and Republican Party.

    His opposition to the marriage bill based on the 2000 initiative is meaningless. Time, education, and the coming of age of younger non bigoted voters have gutted opposition to same sex marriage in California. Schwarzenegger, infamous for calling his gay critics ‘girly men’, pretends to be a centrist but he’s often forced to hoist his true colors as a rightist. Der Gubernator joins a long line of California Republicans who’ve bubbled up from the La Brea tar pits like Reagan, Hayakawa and Nixon.

    In California politics the usual deficiencies shape the Democratic Party’s attempts to oppose him; political maneuvering and a penchant for cosmetic change. Schwarzenegger’s signed the occasional bill relating of our rights if it’s superficial or popular but he vetoes the substantive ones. It’s far less likely that the Democrats would have passed the same sex marriage bill if it were going to a Democrat governor.

  12. Joe says

    The Pope is from Germany, which incidentally, is a separate nation from Austria. Schwarzenegger has denounced Haider publicly and unambiguously on many occasions.

    Arnie is an asshole for this veto and for many other reasons, and I would never vote for him, but if you’re going to spout crazy conspiracy theories, at least get your facts right.

  13. So Left I'm Right says

    So a referendum several years ago is supposed to dictate the governor’s discretion to sign a bill which, wait a minute, passed both houses of the legislature now? That is the weakest bullshit argument. He doesn’t belong in that office if he doesn’t understand basic representative government. The referendum is not the “will of the people” forever! Are we supposed to vote on civil rights, and pass them, revoke them, pass them, revoke them as people’s attitudes change? It’s a preposterous position to take.

    The shift in public polling of Californians is now within the statistical margin of error on this question, and the friggin’ bill passed the legislature (remember who they are? the elective representatives of the people?) which is ALWAYS the right wing nutjob excuse for banning gay marriage…it’s all about activist judges, but if the legsilators pass it…oh wait, we’ll still block it. This makes my blood boil beyond the point of irritation.

    Hey Arnold, go fuck yourself.

  14. queendru says

    Sebastian: he’s hated by those “right wing nuts” you talk about because he signs just about every domestic partnership or hate crime legislation the legislature sends to him.

    He’s been good for the gay community as governor.

    This is all about people obsessed over the word “marriage.” The people of CA had their say. The courts haven’t ruled in the challenges to that yet so it’s the law.

    If you want that key word, rather than just the rights it represents, gather enough signatures to put up a referendum to overturn that vote. Beating up those who have largely been on your side win you any friends to the cause.

  15. Zeke says

    QUEENDRU, when you say “this is all about people obsessed over the word “marriage” you showed your ignorance and lost all credibility with me.

    Domestic Partnerships don’t approximate marriage in status, recognition, responsibilities, benefits or rights.

    There are kernels of truth in what you said but it all gets lost when you make inane statements that claim that the only difference between marriage and other partnership recognitions is the name.

    Tell me:

    When you hear that a couple has been domestically partnered do you REALLY see them in the same way you see a married couple?

    Neither does anyone else.

    I would also like to remind you that when the domestic partnership law was passed a couple of years ago everyone crowed that it gave ALL of the same state rights that came with marriage. The fact of the matter was it gave ALL of the responsibilities of marriage but very few of the benefits. Even still, since its inception there have been countless new laws passed that have expanded the DP benefits to include things that were automatically included in marriage. How is it that a law that included ALL of the State rights, benefits and responsibilities of marriage at its inception can be expanded so many times to add rights, benefits and responsibilities that marriage ALWAYS had?

    I’ll tell you how. It NEVER was equal and it still isn’t. We were sold a bill of goods and we bought it. Sadly, too many of us, like you, are still buying their bullsh*t and selling it to anyone else who will buy it.

  16. Bill Perdue says

    Hi, Joe.
    I know where Der Pope is from, but he worked out of Austria before he went to Rome and was shaped by the extremely reactionary views of the Austrian branch of the roman cult.

    As for denunciations of Haider by Schwarzenegger, I’ve never seen any and can’t find any on google or other I’ve had a note on this story in my files for over a year and when I google the two names together I get

    which isn’t as full as the original story and two other pieces that claim he admires Hitler and Waldheim and

    I don’t do all the checks that big news organizations do but I try not to put out false info. There’s no reason to embellish his record – its’ awful and there’s no conspiracy behind it. He’s just your typical politician and they aren’t exactly known for consistency or truth telling.

  17. el polacko says

    if a court decides in favor of equal rights it’s ‘judicial activism’ and such matters should be decided by the legislature. if the legislature votes in favor of equal rights, then it should rather be decided by the courts. should the courts decide in our favor on the pending cases, we’ll be back to square one. we are being played.
    “anon” makes one good point : where are the voices of support for our rights ?? .. and i would add : why can’t a democratically-controlled house manage to over-ride the governor’s veto ? we’re just pawns in the game to garner votes for both sides of the “issue”

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