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Ann Coulter Dines at Gay Restaurant in West Hollywood


The Huffington Post's Rick Jacobs hit West Hollywood's Murano over the weekend. The restaurant, owned by lesbian night club owners Robin Gans and Sandy Sachs and gay club promoter Jeffrey Sanker, is a popular new gay eatery. So Jacobs was understandably floored to see none other than Ann Coulter, known for her Falwell-praising gay hate, her "faggot" slurs, and her hobnobbing with "ex-gay porn star" Marines, feeding her piehole among WeHo's finest.

We contacted Jacobs, who offered Towleroad the photographic evidence (above).

Writes Jacobs in the HuffPost: Coulter_2"Notorious people have the right to dine where they please. I also think that they have to eat their own cooking. It's quite simple, really. If a person makes her money by being famous and that person has an addiction problem, she has the right to privacy to solve that problem. But if she proclaims her sobriety to get out of jail and then shows up at a bar, she has to expect that her public might inquire as to her truth. You can't have it both ways: sober for the police and the press; publicly drunk for real. In time, you are caught in the lie. It's one or the other, fame or privacy...How many adolescents in mid-America have heard Ms. Coulter saying they are 'faggots,' subhumans who should die, just so she could eat dinner at a gay-owned establishment and pay with blood money? How many lives have ended so that Ms. Coulter can giggle and guzzle in West Hollywood? I do not believe in bothering famous people when they are out in public. But Ann Coulter created her fame and fortune by cultivating a persona of hate. She has to be called to account. Next time, I hope the folks at Murano or any other public establishment will just say no to the Ann Coulters of the world. Let Ann Coulter eat her own cooking. I doubt she can stand the taste of what she dishes, but it's worth letting her try."

Read about Jacobs' entire experience here:

Ann Coulter: On the Gay Circuit in West Hollywood [huffington post]

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  1. I think this is proof that even Ann Coulter herself doesn't take the crap that she says seriously.

    Posted by: Meeg | Oct 29, 2007 11:17:43 AM

  2. I don't know Ann Coulter. I wasn't at Murano to see her and see the situation. Ann Coulter's public character is one of a homophobic, right-wing, sensationalist bitch. That's all I know of her. (That and the fact that Bill Maher likes her. Weird!) She seems to thrive on money and attention. Murano took one of those and we are all fanning the flames of the other. So, let's all let her shrivel in stature from attention deficit. How's about that. I honestly don't know how I would have reacted that night when it comes to serving her or not. I wasn't there. I do know I would have confronted her about her past homophobic comments and told her how they offended me. And, YES, that DOES offend me.

    Posted by: noteasilyoffended | Oct 29, 2007 11:31:16 AM

  3. I have daydreams about seeing Ann Coulter dining out at a nice restaurant. In my dreams I calmly walk over to her table, grab a large steak knife and plunge it deep into her cold black heart. Then I laugh maniacally and start singing "Ding Dong the witch is dead" as I skip away.

    It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling just thinking about it.

    Posted by: stevo | Oct 29, 2007 11:38:25 AM

  4. "So, let's all let her shrivel in stature from attention deficit."

    Still retarded...after all these years and comments. Her stature doesn't come FROM US you cretin! Though I would support you holding your breath until you..... The benefits of natural selection and all.

    Posted by: Leland Frances | Oct 29, 2007 11:38:28 AM

  5. I had dinner at Murano last night. Food was OK, service sucked but nice eye candy. Everybody was still talking about the "incident". The restaurant won't last for long. Too expensive for us young gays and too trendy for the older gays who can afford it on a regular basis.

    Posted by: Len Strauss | Oct 29, 2007 11:42:09 AM

  6. Wow! She really has some balls to do that considering the crap she's spewed about us. Why didn't more people harass her? Get angry people!

    Posted by: krewson | Oct 29, 2007 11:46:26 AM

  7. Let's just hope that meanwhile back in the kitchen the staff were vying for the privilege of blowing their nose into Ms. Coulter's mashed potatoes and peeing into her salad dressing. Considering the multiethnic and sexually diverse environments of most professional kitchens, it's a mystery how that viper Ms. Coulter has managed to live this long without a food taster. May her luck run out soon.

    Posted by: Andy G. | Oct 29, 2007 11:56:19 AM

  8. So she came in, she ate her meal in peace and left just like any other customer? That's the "incident"? Oh the horror!

    She's JUST a satirist and not very good at that! She's not the two-faced Barack Obama, or Bill "Don't Ask Don't Tell" "Defense Of Marriage Act" Clinton. You know, people with REAL power to affect change!

    How pathetic do you have to be to compare off color Coulter with Hitler's treatment of the Jews AND gays?

    Posted by: queendru | Oct 29, 2007 12:07:39 PM

  9. I am the sous chef at Murano and I busted a nut in her tiramisu. Not really.

    Posted by: Jeff | Oct 29, 2007 12:09:28 PM

  10. Good thinking people! Yes let's kill the people you disagree with. Ain't no intolerance like liberal intolerance.

    Posted by: ousslander | Oct 29, 2007 12:28:26 PM

  11. Rich gay liberal club/restaurant owners are as bad as gay republicans. They just want to play with their money. As a activist, this Coulter bitch eating at this restaurant really pissed me off. Its exactly like Hitler coming into a deli or a rascist well known person going into a well known soul food restaurant in south central. Its unexceptable. She does NOT have a right to eat wherever she wants. No one does.

    Posted by: Awesome | Oct 29, 2007 1:17:19 PM

  12. Ousslander,

    As opposed to the conservative intolerance that spawned movements like Nazi-ism, fascism, etc.?

    Posted by: Tread | Oct 29, 2007 1:24:10 PM

  13. Has anyone in this thread even read Ann Coulter or just the reviews?

    Posted by: Chas | Oct 29, 2007 1:35:31 PM

  14. Where is Act Up when you need them? Don't you queens know how to throw a cocktail at someone? The apathy of everyone in that restaurant is pathetic. Sanker and the dykes will kiss any ass, no matter how shit covered, just to make some more money to pay the botox bills. Fuck em all. they deserve each other.

    Posted by: dc8stretch | Oct 29, 2007 1:41:32 PM

  15. Thing is, gays (despite a lot of being good sized men and with muscles) don't pounce, lynch, threaten and get physically agressive and everyone knows it so she feels she can go to gay country central no problem - what are they gonna do to me? Nothing. All it would have taken was for a couple of guys to pick her up in her chair and put her out on the street where she belonged but most gays no matter how big and manly are too afraid to do something so simple.

    If it were an outspoken famous mean-spirited gay guy at a restaurant in Christian Cowboy Texas Central, do you think they would just sit there and maybe just complain to the MaitreD?

    Posted by: A in LA | Oct 29, 2007 2:52:24 PM

  16. I think that, barring Hitler or Bin Laden (and Coulter, as hateful as she is, isn't quite in that class - quite), people have a right to eat in a public establishment in peace.

    BTW, if you believe she shoudl have been thrown out, that also works if a gay couple is eating in a "Christian" restaurant in the Heartland.

    See what I mean?

    Posted by: hell's kitchen guy | Oct 29, 2007 3:17:13 PM

  17. urggh!
    similar situation happened here in Oz years ago - vile, far right wing politician called Pauline Hanson - media sensation, spewing her hate for the cameras - mercifully a spent force now, but still shows her stupid face occasionally...
    anyway - at the height of her fame (infamy?) she went to some gay bar in Cairns or somewhere in the deep north - and these stupid muscle queens apparently queued up to be photographed smiling and simpering with her.
    After all - she was famous.
    Why no one took her on and challenged her I'll never know. Just don't get it!

    Posted by: Ron | Oct 29, 2007 3:47:07 PM

  18. Bleh. Remind me to stick to the sushi bar when eating out. (I always warn my fellow patrons to not complain or send food back.)

    Posted by: anon ( | Oct 29, 2007 3:59:42 PM

  19. Hell's Kitchen 'Tard et al.: No a gay couple being thrown out simply because they are gay, therefore, a "class of people" and Coulter being thrown out as an individual are not the same because you don't want to serve her are not the same. Yet, thanks to people like Coulter, it is still entirely legal in at least 30 states for restaurant owners, store owners, whomever, to say, “You’re the kind of faggot Ann Coulter talks about. Get out of my business now!”

    Coulter is to "satirist" what AIDS is to a bad cold. Think of her as the Typhoid Mary of homohatred, spreading it wherever she goes, and, like the real Mary, refusing to stop spreading it though repeatedly asked. Unfortunately, bigotry and demagoguery are not yet recognized as diseases for which one can be quarantined as Mary was.

    But what’s the cure for those gays infected with so much participatory self-loathing that they are holding themselves and the rest of down?

    Posted by: Leland Frances | Oct 29, 2007 4:02:13 PM

  20. Leland is right on one count. Ignoring people doesn't make them go away. He's still here.

    Posted by: Edd | Oct 29, 2007 5:07:38 PM

  21. Thanks Leland Frances, Hell's Kitchen is playing Devil's Advocate of course but I contend the gay community gets NOWHERE with that. Gays need to align and it takes those that want to play Devils Advocate to stuff it! Seriously, people like Ann Coulter all ALIGN creating a unified wall of disrespect to gays- so playing waffly Devils Advocate just justifies her marking gays as FAGGOTS; pushover, wimps. Apparently she responds to men and women like Edward's wife who aren't WIMPS and DO stand up to her. Firstly, I do not advocate any physical harm to anyone, that's not what I mean. That being said, I'm saying that, say in this case of her being in Gay Central having fun laughing it up, she could be asked to leave the restaurant (so many restaurants have that sign that says they can refuse service to anyone) and if she refuses to leave she could be escorted physically. Dear Gay Friends, what you are willing to put up with is exactly what you will have; if you put up with someone like Ann Coulter moving harmlessly through your midst then you will have her in spades my friends althewhile she is mocking YOU. She will continue to see you as a FAGGOT wimp no matter how hard you work out at the gym, no matter how hard you complain to a maitreD UNLESS you "explain" to her that although she can say whatever she likes- no one is exempt from consequence- perhaps if she was refused service in gay establishments and MAYBE mocked/spit on/laughed at as she was kicked out... doubt it but maybe she'd think twice before thinking gays were harmless and pushovers.
    Or is she right- are we gays just pussies who’ll put up with stupid tramps laughing at us in our midst?Are we that scared to walk up to her and “usher” her the heck out of our sight? Are gay business owners that whoreish to want someone like Ann Coulter dining in their restaurant for the publicity/have a celebrity there? I think if she were kicked out, it’d make that restaurant a National Hero if you ask me.

    Posted by: A in LA | Oct 29, 2007 5:11:46 PM

  22. So Ann Coulter, gay hater, dines in a "gay" restuarant in WeHo and we're supposed to be outraged by:
    1-the hypocrisy of it
    2-that none of our people had the balls to confront her on it.

    Meanwhile, said restaurants owner, Mr. Sanker, is the man behind the White Party weekend in Palm Springs, which has pretty much become a 3 day Meth-and-unsafe-sex-a-palooza, and yet a portion of the profits from the events go to AIDS organizations.

    Nobody ever calls Sanker out on the hypocrisy of that. WHy would this Ann Coulter "incident" be any different?

    Posted by: jake66 | Oct 29, 2007 5:39:43 PM

  23. Dear Leland Frances and A in LA:

    Who died and made you hall monitor? Your intolerance of other's opinions is just as offensive to me as Ann Coulter, and I really don't like the woman or her "politics". I find your views myopic. When I stated "we" should let her die in attention deficit, I was referring to the ENTIRE "we", straight, homo, bi, queer, green, yellow, whatever. Your words make it sound like you have pigeon-toed yourself into some gay web ghetto.

    Show people the respect you so obviously think you are deserving of and you will receive that respect. Otherwise, you just look like angry old queens.

    It does not make me less of "a gay" because I offer opinions in a calm and respectful manner or offer a different view than your own. I've been a fag since I was five (1969) and seen the whole gamut of gayness unfold over the years from when homosexuality being considered a disease to city-hood for WeHo (I voted,"yes") to marching on the FDA with ACT-UP in DC to having to take my own poisonous meds to stay alive so, shut the fuck up with your poisonous words. Be civil. Be respectful. Be strong. In-your-face ways have their place, but it is NOT when it comes to some whiny bitch like Ann Coulter.

    She is a WASP'y racist, homophobic opportunist. Even my Texan, Republican parents think. Let's choose our battles wisely.

    Posted by: noteasilyoffended | Oct 29, 2007 5:50:50 PM

  24. JAKE66,

    I read your outrage at J Sanker and hear you, what you point out is important. I've met Mr. Sanker and have nothing positive to say about him. So Jake66, sincere thanks for drawing our attention to it. Let us focus then and take on one thing at a time though.

    So, by your post, perhaps gays could confront, boycott or lambaste JSanker not only for not ousting Coulter but for fostering a harmful cycle within the gay community. Fair enough.

    Posted by: A in LA | Oct 29, 2007 5:51:39 PM


    Gays will not get anywhere playing nice to those that are toxic to us. If you lay down before even small minds like Ann Coulter than you deserve to be called FAGGOT by her and to be laughed at by a room full of Republicans who'd just as soon see you outlawed and back in the closet. Think twice before you attack other gays trying to stand up for themselves.

    Posted by: A in LA | Oct 29, 2007 5:56:17 PM

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