Today is National Coming Out Day: Encourage Visibility


Today is National Coming Out Day, and also the 20th anniversary fo the 1987 March on Washington and the unveiling of the AIDS quilt.

NcodWe’ve got a new take on the well-known Keith Haring “coming out” pose courtesy of Idaho Senator Larry Craig and our friend David Gilmore at Pretty on the Outside.

Below you’ll find a couple videos. The first is from HRC. This year they’ve asked people to celebrate National Coming Out Day by uploading their own “coming out” videos to YouTube. You can see all the video esponses here.

Eight of Bravo’s stars — Andy Cohen, Daniel Vosovic, Tim Gunn, Sandee Birdsong, Ted Allen, Dale Levitski, Ryan Brown, and Jesse Brune — have also posted videos over at OutZoneTV.

The second video below is a Coming Out Day message from four women who discuss the harm done by ex-gay programs that promote marriage as a cure for homosexuality. From Wayne Besen at Truth Wins Out. Stephen Bennett take note.

Finally, Nathaniel over at Film Experience has compiled an exhaustive list celebrating Hollywood’s out directors, actors, and actresses. No doubt if every Hollywood talent had the courage to come out that list would be a hell of a lot longer.

Visibility is the greatest weapon that we have in the fight for LGBT rights. Encourage it.


  1. Will says

    Proudly out since 1987. Know me, know I’m gay. I don’t come out and say it to people I just meet, but I don’t censor my lover out of my life or say “she” when I mean “he”. I am who I am, like it or lump it, as my mother is fond of saying.

  2. Leland Frances says

    Dear [Not] HRC,

    Please file “strategic bankruptcy.” You haven’t been a “PAC/political ACTION committee” for years! You belong in the national association of gay and lesbian choruses because all you do—when you’re not coinsucking which comprises 85% of your time—is preaching to the choir.

    The choir GETS IT! We’re second class citizens that continue to be demonized by the professional and very profitable Antigay Industry. In formal terms, we actually have FEWER legal rights than when you were formed 26 YEARS ago when, e.g, there were no laws specifically banning same gender unions.

    These video messages in a bottle are sweet [and serve to add more names to your Blob-like mailing list to ask for MORE money to simply perpetuate your impotent existence] but gays sharing coming out stories amongst themselves is not your charter. You are supposed to be our spokespersons to NONgays to educate and motivate them to support legislation making us FIRST CLASS citizens.

    You can’t lead; you won’t follow; so get the fuck out of the way. Sell your 8-story DC palace and donate the proceeds and the millions of dollars in your bank account to find a cure for AIDS or to Lambda Legal or groups fighting for and supporting emerging gay youth. You’ve successfully created your own blind cult, but you are as functionally worthless as tits on a boar.

  3. T. Trist says

    Andy – Happy National Coming Out Day!

    In celebration, I recommend you check out the Ultimate Coming Out at

    It’s a great contribution from two lesbian women to commemorate the National Coming Out Day. You can also go directly to Their story will be told in a documentary film. I feel this will be groundbreaking for the GLBT community.

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