1. 24play says

    I’m not so dazzled by the glimpse(s) of Ryan’s butt—or Amanda’s beauty—that I missed LaChapelle’s reference to Claes Oldenburg’s “Lipstick (Ascending) on Caterpillar Tracks.”

    And the whole ending is another art historical reference, for anyone who considers Christopher Atkins and Brooke Shields in “Blue Lagoon” to be art.

    Hard to believe LaChapelle shot this for Armani way back then.

  2. Jordan says

    The Armani clip is when Ryan was his most beautiful. Before he got all mixed up with Reese. He’s much too bulked up now (and angry).

    The clip’s quite hilarious though, and Amanda looks like an even more evil Patsy from AbFab on Meth. Too funny!

  3. anon ( says

    The RP storyline was certainly more intense and “realistic” if that term can be applied to soaps. The father in the Noah story is waaay out there.

  4. AdamN says

    Normally I don’t go for twinks or pretty boys but I have to admit I am getting a major crush on the actor who plays Noah. That guy is just super adorable. I wonder if he plays for our team…

  5. says

    The story on As The World Turns is far and away superior if for no other reason than it’s about a core character who grew up on the show and fans care about. By the way, Noah and Luke have been voted ATWT’s top couple in Soap Opera Digest the past few weeks.

  6. says

    Noah’s dad is supposed to be a uber conservative military man – and probably a murderer too. Scenes for upcoming episodes indicate tragedy for NUKE (hunting “accident”). I am sure NUKE will not die but should be good daytime drama!

  7. Davey says

    Ryan is so beautiful. He is getting a lot of his hotness back now that he got rid of Reese. True, he’s not the best actor but I’d still pay $13 to see him on screen. Reese on the other hand, as far as I’m concerned that Academy Award belongs to Felicity Huffman and not her but I’m pretty much over that now. errrr

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