It’s Time for Gay Love on Ugly Betty


Televisionista reports:

“According to an official description of the ‘A League of Their Own’ episode of ‘Ugly Betty,’ Marc finds himself attracted to someone who isn’t his type, chubby but charming photographer Cliff (David Blue). Justin, on the other hand, finds himself ditching school and running with the wrong crowd, so perhaps his first love may end up being attributed to acting out and is not meant to last.”

More shots at Televisionista.



  1. Gitai says

    Ugh. I hate that every show featuring someone gay sooner or later has to do a storyline where the nelly attempts to play it straight. I know of like one fag who tried that, and the rest of the queers I know just lived.

  2. Jordan says

    Yeah, I love Marc, and am glad he’s finally getting some action, (and that guy is huge, but Marc is chubby compared to me), but I was so hoping for him to meet someone evil instead of just mean like him. Watch him get sweet or something now (and ruin it)

  3. my2cents says

    Justin and the girl are the picture of his parents when they were that age… this must be connected to the arc started when his father was murdered.

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