News: Al Gore, Arctic, Todd Haynes, Wide Stance, J Lo

road.jpg Maryland House Speaker Michael E. Busch says he believes in civil unions: “I think people should have the same rights as far as probate is concerned, as far as health care is considered, as far as visitation and all those things.”

Toddhaynesroad.jpg The New York Times looks at Todd Haynes’ Bob Dylan film I’m Not There: “Todd Haynes’s Dylan film isn’t about Dylan. That’s what’s going to be so difficult for people to understand. That’s what’s going to make “I’m Not There” so trying for the really diehard Dylanists. That’s what might upset the non-Dylanists, who may find it hard to figure out why he bothered to make it at all. And that’s why it took Haynes so long to get it made. Haynes was trying to make a Dylan film that is, instead, what Dylan is all about, as he sees it, which is changing, transforming, killing off one Dylan and moving to the next, shedding his artistic skin to stay alive. The twist is that to not be about Dylan can also be said to be true to the subject Dylan.”

road.jpg Al Gore frontrunner for Nobel Peace Prize “in a controversial move that could place saving the planet above saving people from war and conflict.”

road.jpg An animated study of the melting of the Arctic ice pack.

road.jpg Ugly Betty‘s subversive flamboyance.

road.jpg Alabama minister dies during autoerotic undertaking. Gary Aldridge “was found hogtied and wearing two complete wet suits, including a face mask, diving gloves and slippers, rubberized underwear, and a head mask.” There was also another detail that the Montogomery Advertiser failed to mention in their story on the late pastor.

road.jpg J Lo is assembling a lovely collection of body tents but still hasn’t announced that she’s pregnant.

Unsureroad.jpg I Love New York 2 contestant “Unsure” is sure of one thing: he enjoys showing his naughty bits off to the gays.

road.jpg “Wide stance” enters the lexicon.

road.jpg The Daily Show‘s Samantha Bee: “It’s been months since the Minneapolis High Court found Larry Craig gay. Now that his petition of ‘not gay’ has been thrown out, it’s official: Larry Craig is gay in the eyes of the law.”

road.jpg Gawker heads inside NYC’s “Slingback” party.

road.jpg Lesbian who was thrown out of New York restaurant women’s room by bouncer because she looked like a man, files civil rights lawsuit: “He began pounding on the stall door saying someone had complained that there was a man inside the women’s bathroom, that I had to leave the bathroom and the restaurant. Inside the stall door, I could see him. That horrified me, and it made me feel extremely uncomfortable. I said to him, ‘I’m a female, and I’m supposed to be in here.’ After I came out of the bathroom stall, I attempted to show him my ID to show him that I was in the right place, and he just refused to look at my identification. His exact words were, ‘Your ID is neither here nor there.'”


  1. shane says

    Crossing my fingers for Gore, then crossing them that he enters the presidential race and whoops some ass.

  2. says

    Okay, I’m the first to admit I can be as dense as a brick sometimes, but what does wearing two wetsuits, rubber underwear, et al do for you? And the hogtieing?

    Not to diminish the guys ridiculous death, but if getting off was always that complicated, I’d seriously consider celibacy!


  3. davey says

    A friend of mine in class once had a party at the Caliente Cab Company in the village, the place sucks and that poor woman’s ordeal doesn’t surprise me.

  4. Leland Frances says

    Leave it to a Rupert Murdoch rag to refer to nominating Gore for the Nobel as “controversial” and implying that they believe the planet he wants to save is uninhabited.

    “in a controversial move that could place saving the planet above saving people from war and conflict.”

    The article also disses him as a “failed Presidential candidate” and for his “girth.” Keeping throwing retarded mud, Rupy. Gore lost the Presidency, may lose the Nobel, but you and your fellow neo-fascists have lost the argument over global warming and any investments you and/or they have in environment-raping companies will eventually be bad ones.

  5. Bundy says

    Love Towleroad! Keep up the outstanding work!

    Just an FYI comment – your banner ads are all for Rush Limbaugh’s radio show on 770/KTTH. WTF?

  6. Bundy says

    Love Towleroad! Keep up the outstanding work!

    Just an FYI comment – your banner ads are all for Rush Limbaugh’s radio show on 770/KTTH. WTF?

  7. says

    Please email us the url to the Rush Limbaugh ads so they can be blocked. They are popping up contextually. Thanks. Rest assured we are not soliciting them.

  8. Gregg says

    DAVID B: I’m not totally sure, but I believe it has to do with restraint and control. Every inch of your body being restrained, and your breath being controlled by the masks. I don’t get it myself, but I can kind of understand where it’s coming from.

    I really don’t understand how you hogtie YOURSELF though.

  9. jimmyboyo says


    That Gore article has a tabloid esque title but nothing what so ever in it about the supposed controversy. What controversy?

    It only talks about the NOM for the Nobel prize.

    If the reporter meant that if Gore does not run then he will not be in a position to stop the bush madness……….that isn’t controversy.

    Anyway; I and many others hope and think Gore will announce soon after the win.

    Hillary’s and the cult like clintonistas’ greatest fear is a Gore announcment

  10. David says

    Ugly Betty, subversily flamboyant? I think it’s pretty blatantly flamboyant. One of my favorite shows and I love the new story lines for Marc and Justin.

  11. jimmyboyo says


    ^5 leland

    Andy should be ashamed of utilizing a Murdoch rag article. there are tons of other great NON repub biased news sources reporting on the Gore’s nom and possible win this Friday. Murdoch’s own words = he wants to change the world view to his conservative world view

    Then again, some things Andy has posted seem to lean pro Hillary, and Hillary has recieved money from Murdoch. LOL my tin foil hat conspiracy crazyness has kicked in.

  12. Leland Frances says

    I didn’t intuit any partisan intent on Andy’s part in quoting the article.

    In the “Media Hacks Never Change” category, after some conceded in an article in the current “Vanity Fair” that they often spent more time talking/writing about Gore’s 2000 campaign wardrobe than the differences between his issue positions and Bush fils and firing cheap shots at him that were nothing more that Repug propaganda misrepresenting things he’d said [e.g., he NEVER claimed he “invented the Internet”]—all documented in Eric Alterman’s chilling 2003 book “WHAT Liberal Media?”—now many are talking/writing about Hillary’s clothes and her to-them-Machiavellian “laugh/cackle” while still, among other inexcusables, ignorantly characterizing Giuliani as “pro gay.”

    Paging Dexter.

  13. dc20008 says

    No judgement about the Minster-guy’s sex acts. Whatever.

    But there is no way he was doing all that alone.

    Someone–male or female–was involved.

  14. says

    Re: Ugly Betty
    I discussed these issues at the end of last season. “I embrace the lack of politics surrounding the fact that a pre-teen sissy is allowed to express himself. Whether or not the character is homosexual is not the issue. The point is he’s a sissy but a new kind of sissy on television. A sissy whose flamboyance, knowledge of musical theatre, fashion savvy and enthusiasm are not merely cliché pansy personality traits put on for comic relief. His feminine traits are part of his character.”

  15. Joshua says

    No one knows who will win the Peace prize… fact the odd’s on favorite’s never win. This group could and does keep a secret quite well. Every year the media acts like it’s some sort of election, it’s not….in fact the committee won’t even ackowledge who is actually nominated….Gore may have had his name submitted, but after that it’s a total guess because the committee then decides if the person fits the criteria….then they vote, but not until later and it’s a secret.

    As for Murdock supporting Hillary….yes he is….he likes what she did as a Senator and considers her a moderate on most issues.

  16. jimmyboyo says


    moderate = leftwing repub.

    Bush has moved the markers so far right that everybody forgets what a true lib progressive is.

    I am sure Murdoch donated to hillary even more because she loves big buisness over the average citizen. She is no populist

  17. queendru says

    Gore’s nomination is controversial because his film is a questionable. Those more powerful and more frequent hurricanes haven’t materialized, it was just naked propaganda exploiting Katrina. Newer science suggests that won’t be the outcome.

    His personal environmental activities are also attracting attention. Varying accounts have said he buys carbon offsets from a company he’s invested in, he flies in privately chartered aircraft (offsets were paid for by the film distributor, not him), he doesn’t insist on alternative fuel transportation whenever he travels. His electric bill for a day was more than the average American pays in a year. His defense “carbon offsets” as if his gross waste didn’t matter because someone else took action. The list goes on.

    He’s another ex pol hypocrite making himself fat flapping his gums out of office.

    There are many folks doing far more for the environment than he’s ever done so when it comes down to folks actually working on peace between warring peoples and Gore’s traveling circus I’ll side with the real peacemakers for a Nobel Peace Prize.

    I use compact florescent bulbs, walk and use public transportation, recycle, set my thermostat to 80 in the summer and 60 in the winter. I could afford to do none of those things but I’m not like Al Gore; I really do care.

  18. nic says


    do your comments ever make sense?

    and, jimmyboyo,

    your anti-hillary rants were silly from the get-go. what makes you think they’re to be taken seriously now?