Michael Signorile Interviews Obama’s Gay Rev. Andy Sidden

Pam Spaulding has audio of Michelangelo Signorile’s interview with Reverend Andy Sidden, the openly gay minister added to Obama’s South Carolina gospel tour.

AndySignorile also alleges that someone at the Obama campaign may have made an attempt to stop Sidden from going on air:

“He’s a nice guy and was gracious and happy to come on my show yesterday — at least, that was in the morning, when my producer, David Guggenheim, booked him. Later on, he was reticent, almost canceled, clearly getting pressure from the Obama campaign not to do it (he mentioned a name of someone at the campaign — Joshua — and this was shortly after someone called us to cancel for him, but we could not, bizarrely, identify who that was; the Obama campaign later wrote my producer to say that no one at the campaign had called to cancel for him, but the call came on our guest hotline, which general listeners do not have). The question is, why were they trying to stop him from coming on?”

Obama’s Gospel Tour Issues Deepen as LGBT Group Plans Vigil [tr]


  1. Sebastian says

    This is getting old and totally ridiculous, its a church, and, just how many in this country do all these churls, sorry, candidates appear before that espouse anti-gay opinions? And, my question is why did they pick him, the Rev Siddon in the first place? Not as if Donnie’s or Mary Mary fans are going to listen to anything he has to say.

    If, Obama had a clue, he would let it go and call off the big show, yet, he realizes, he will lose votes, and, in the end, that’s all he see’s, votes just like Hillary whose going to the same black churches with the same “love the sinner hate the sin” trash talk in South Carolina for votes, only without a twit like Donnie.

  2. Rafael says

    This is obviously not the kind of leadership we want for America, so why give the Obama campaign this much attention? Lets concentrate in more proactive efforts.

  3. Mick says

    Why do these white gay blogs continue to go on and on about this. We get it, you’re angry and you want all the gays to know not to vote for Obama and to vote for Clinton. You were not going to vote for him in the first place and now you have something to use to say this is the reason why.

    I just hope that all the people that say this country will never vote for a black man means that this country is just racist and not racist and sexist, other wise the Clinton fanatics will be disappointed come election night.

  4. underbear1 says

    Morphing of Candidates

    Hillary = Lieberman with a fake laugh

    Obama = Alan Keyes only taller

    When the Democratic convention looks like Chicago 68 on STEROIDS, with both the LGBT community and the Anti War Activists being tasered and beaten with batons at their demonstrations on NYC streets. Remember this gospel Hate-Fest, (Phelps with a damn tamborine), and Kyl/Lieberman vote (Cheney will use to begin the Iran War.)

  5. underbear1 says

    DUMP McClurkin

    How hard is it to find a gospel singer who doesn’t hate queers?

    Oprah make a call to Patti LaBelle, Geffen call Jennifer Hudson.
    THIS can still be fixed Obama…unless pleasing a dozen ex-gay minister is worth p*ssing off the entire LGBT community.

    btw. when the LGBT community gets PISSED OFF we stay PISSED OFF for decades. I still won’t buy FL orange juice or Coors beer.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    UNDERBEAR1, you are so right. But it’s so late. I say, just do the tour, and get it over with. It was a stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid mistake. Now, move on.
    And I’m not really an OBama supporter. I’m still hopin’ for Young Massa’ Gore to come down on his white horse and save all o’ us Democrats

  7. underbear1 says

    Why stop at McClurkin?

    Have a REALLY BIG TENT, invite Bernice King, Alan Keyes, and Fred Phelps to shake some tamborines at Obama’s gospel Hate-Fest.


    NAIL that CLOSET shut with 9 inch spikes, cuz when the LGBT community catches you tricking with a man,(and we WILL) you’ll think Larry Craig and Ted Haggard got off EASY!

    Rev. Sidden,
    You diminish yourself fronting for this BULLSH*T, be a proud gay man, stand outside the concert with South Carolina EQUALITY’s candle light vigil.

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